To die for love update Wednesday 24 November 2021

To die for love 24 November 2021: Arohi images shooting Virat. Virat turns back and says you here anju? She says don’t be mad at me. She says if I ask you something will you answer? He says of course. Anjali says what happened on 20th Feb? He says we decided we wont ever talk about that night. Forget that night. She says you can’t say. She says you don’t love me. Virat says I love you. she says then why you hide things from me?Deep comes back to room. he says I wasn’t feeling well. Tara says glad you are better now. Please take care. Deep says let me go out.

Virat comes and puts gun on Tara. He says are you ARohi or Tara? She says I am Arohi. Virat says you thought you would change name and I wont know? You are my sister. I always knew you are Tara. Tara puts his gun down and says will you shoot your sister?Arohi says to Chawani I brought Nisha here and asked her to tell her every time someone asks her who asked her to come that its Nisha.Deep says she must have done this to stop engagement because she is Arohi.Arohi says Malik gave me empty gun. When I shot at virat it didn’t work. I wonder what is malik’s connection with deep.Tara says you knew everything still fooled me. Virat says I wanted us to be one team again So? Will you be in my team? She says yes. Virat says we are siblings after all. Tara says always a team. Tara says we wont hide anything from each other now.

Tara calls Virat and says keep an eye on Virat all the time.Arohi is walking. Deep holds her and says are you Anjali or Arohi? Arohi bites his hand and runs. Virat says why are you running? She say did you do what I ask? Virat asys she will be behind bars soon.Police comes outside. They say nisha is missing and she came here last time. We will search in your house. Virat says she ran because she is fraud. Check the house. Police checks everywhere. Tara says can you go now? A policeman comes in and says we have found a deadbody in the graveyard near the house. Someone killed Nisha there. Arohi is dazed. Inspector says virat had the reason to kill her. Where were you virat says you have no proof against me. Inspector says you can’t leave this city. Arohi leaves. Virat says anjali listen to me. Deep says virat stay way from anjali. I know you killed nisha. You can kill anyone. Virat says you must have done this to blame me. arohi says we wont get married until you prove yourself Virat.

Arohi cries and  says someone died because of me.Deep says her body shows Tara did this but she made my work easy to stop this engagement.Arohi gives Chwani juice. He says I am really scared after what happened. we have to be safe from everyone. ARohi says I couldn’t save nisha but I want to save you. I don’t know where to keep you. Surekha says I know you are worried. I know where to send him for safety. You can send him to my place. He will be safe there. Chawani leaves with Surekha. Tara sees Chawani leaving. She says did virat tell anjali? She will leave this house as well.Arohi comes to her room and sees that nothing is there. She says who took my stuff. Deep comes and says here’s yoru luggage. You came here for engagement but thats called off so why do you wanna stay here? If you wanna stay you should have decided that before calling the engagement off. SHe says we are under police safety. He will I get you safety in new house too. Now go.

Virat holds Arohi’s hand and says this house is mine too. She will stay here. I love her. I will prove myself. No matter how you try you can’t separate us. He says lets go Anjali. No one can take you from this house because you are pregnant to my baby. I wont let anything happen to you.Tara says virat is never trustworthy.Tara comes to Virat and says you fooled me again. Virat says see your husband. She says at least he always stands by me not like you.Deep comes to Arohi. She says what game are you playing. Virat says Anjali is pregnant. I can’t let her go. I am not playing any game I am just concerned. don’t tell deep because I don’t trust him at all. Arohi leaves. Tara sees her and says she is pregnant. I got to know this in asylum but at that time Virat was in jail. So is that baby virat’s or?

ARohi wonders why tara hates Anjali. She says and what is virat doing? Is he doing all this for baby or some other reason? And who is this malik?Malik calls Arohi and says I was testing you with fake pistol. He says yes I wanted to see if you are still smart. Virat wasn’t our target. Someone else is our target. Go out and sit in the car. When you meet the target ask them our questions. If they don’t answer shoot any of them.Arohi sits in the car. The thug takes her phone and says malik asked. He also blindfolds her.Arohi comes to a place. The thug says your target is waiting for you. He gives her a loaded gun. Arohi sees the target. She is dazed. Its her parents. she recalls her moments with them. Arohi says papa oh God. This was Anjali’s task. Is this why deep gave me this face? Arohi is crying.

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