To die for love Update Thursday 23 September 2021

To die for love 23 September 2021: Arohi says to Deep are you coming to London with me? He says I can’t go. You have to go from here alone. I have a wife who I promised to spend my whole life with. I am going far away from here. Take Niku from here. Look for a new life partner. She says will you be able to live? He says I am taking Tara london to make my life better. he leaves. Arohi laughs and says so I am going to London with him. I will meet Bhabhi. Deep and Arohi fly to London.

They reach home. Deep says we are far away from all troubles and Arohi. He saays you stay here I am coming. Deep looks. Arohi looks around for Ritu. She says its so cold. Arohi comes to a room. She gets a call. Its Ritu. Arohi says bahbhi where are you? I will come. Ritu says an address. Arohi says where is that? Deep comes back home. Arohi says I wanna go out for walk. He says okay you go I am home. She leaves. Deep calls roma and says we are here.

Arohi comes out to look for the address. She is lost. She tries asking people. A man guides her. She feels lost. Arohi says where could she be. She asks more people. Arohi reaches to a place. she says to a man is she inside? She shows him picture of Ritu. He says I run this restaurant. I don’t know any such woman. Arohi recalls what deep did. she says you will pay for your sins deep. Chawani calls Arohi. He says we are both fine here. Niku asks about Ritu. Arohi says I will find her soon and we will come back.Chawani says please find her soon. Arohi says I am trying. Its a new city and everything is new.

Deep texts Arohi name of a place. He says Tara I am going there come there. Deep pats on her shoulders. She gets scared. he says why didn’t you come? She says I was seeing the city. He says when did your change your dress? She says dress? I was wearing the same dress all day.. Deep says lets go. He says Tara wait here I am coming. Deep says have this burger. You love it. We always try it in London. He says why are you not smiling? What happened? I feel like you don’t wanna start anew. Arohi says you are right. We should try to fix our relationship. I feel like you will leave me after all those things. He says what are you saying. You said you those were of Arohi. Arohi says but she is dead right? We are here to start a new life? Deep says yes.

Deep says I wont lie to ever again. Lets have this burger. A clown is keeping an eye on Arohi. A child comes to her and says there.. Arohi says what? She goes in that direction. Arohi says what is this? She sees a man. He says I didn’t do anything. Please forgive me. He runs. Arohi says what is all this? Is someone fooling me? Is that deep? Arohi gets a text come straight. Your bhabhi is waiting. Arohi turns back. Deep is there. He says where did you go Tara? she says you left me alone. He says lets go there. Arohi wonders why is he taking me to that direction? He says lets go. Arohi sees a man singing. Deep stands with him.
He says let me bring something to heat. Arohi sees Turn around written on guitar..

she sees a joker. The joker says hello Arohi. Arohi is scared and lost. Arohi says Tara.. she is shocked.She turns back. The joker is Tara. Arohi is in a shock. She says welcome to London.Arohi says you died. Tara says I only kill. Arohi says you got shot and that body. Tara says that’s so easy for me. You will now see how I take my life and deep back from me. Your game is over. I will kill you. Aorhi says he loves amd he will never be yours. Tara says he only mine. He is playing this game with you. Tara grabs her and is about to stab her. someone comes and takes Tara with him.

Deep comes and says Tara where were you lost? She says where were you.. I was so scared. He says let’s go. Arohi says in heart is deep fooling me too? Tara says Arohi you have ot pay for taking my love from me.Arohi and DEep are asleep. Aroohi wakes up and goes downstairs. She says why are lights off. she sees makeup there. Deep comes. He says what happened? Arohu says why are lights off and what is all this stuff? He says this is of mummy ji. Lets go sleep.Next morning Arohi sees fainting medicine in Deep’s bag. Deep comes nad says you will find what you are looking for. Its a surprise. Deep takes Arohi somewhere. Its a restaurant. He says its the same place we came for our first date. She says thanks for this surprise. They sit down and have lunch.

Arohi mixes the fainting medicine in Deep’s coffee. Deep picks the cup but doesn’t drink. A waiter falls. Deep says are you okay? He takes the coffee. Arohi faints. deep says are you okay? She says I.. She faints. Deep takes her home. He says do you want water? She says I wanna sleep. Deep goes out.Virat comes to Roma’s room. She says you are mad at me. you will hold all our projects from now. Its all yours I am sorry. Prithvi steals the file. Roma says where is the file. It was on bed. Roma says what. Virat says you are fooling me again? She looks everywhere. Prithvi says there was no file here. She opens locker, File is there.Deep is jogging. Deep says you.. I asked you to stay home and rest. She says lets sit. Our life is being played. He says I wont let this happen. He says I loved to jog with you. She says lets do the next favorite thing. Deep says lets go for long drive. She says you still remember? He says yes but you forget things. She says just like you can’t see things. They go on the walk.Virat says to Prithvi roma thinks she was fooling me with these papers not knowing that we replaced the file. Prithvi says we need to be careful. He says I am always ahead of her.Deep drinks and says all jogging waster. He sits with Tara.

She says are you the same deep who loves me or have changed? He says what do you see? She says there is a change don’t know good or bad. He says why I feel like I met you after long. she says your heart wants to tell me a truth. He says you think I lie to you? He is about to kiss her. She says true love is about doubts. He says we are here to start anew. Cheers to that. you wanna know whats in my heart.. I love you, Arohi. He falls asleep. Tara is angry.

Arohi wakes up adn recalls everything. She is dazed. She says this means deep is with tara. Where is he? Aorhi comes out of house to look for deep. Someone informs Tara. Arohi faints on the road. She wakes up dazed and looks around. tara says arohi.. This was all my game. She says this is my trap. why don’t you understand that you can never win from me. You didn’t come here I brought you here. You are in the trap now.Tara says in ritu’s voice Arohi save me please they are killing me. arohi is dazed. Tara laughs and says I was calling you as Ritu. Arohi says where is bahbhi. Tara says you brought deep here as well. Tara says I forgot to tell you she is dead. She shows deep shoot her. Arohi screams and falls down.

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