To die for love Update Friday 24 September 2021

To die for love 24 September 2021: Tara says she is dead now and so you will be you. I have decided everything. She throttles Arohi. Tara says no one can save you today. Arohi shoved her. She throttles arohi again. Arohi hits her. She hits Arohi’s head on wall. The hoodie man comes and takes Tara from there. Deep comes from that direction and says Tara.. Arohi says again deep is coming form same place. The shoes are same. Deep says are you okay Tara? Who was it? Was is some thug. I wont leave you alone. Lets go home. Arohi runs. Deep says Tara stop.

Virat and Prithvi look in Roma’s room. she says my charger. Prithvi says what are you looking for? She says I put my phone on charge its not here. She loks in other direction. Pritvhi places it ther and says its here. She says i wasn’t there I just saw. He says I think you are in stress. Roma says I am not crazy.Arohi recalls moments with Ritu. she is in tears. Arohi says who is doing what I can’t understand. Deep is he in all this? Bhabhi.. SHe is in tears.Roma says Virat pleas eat. What has food done. He leaves. Prithvib says my son was so good to me. He doesn’t even respect me now. I have to get my role back. I will get my position in society back. She sees Virat going back again. She says virat just left how can he be in again? He says are you crazy virat just went once.

Deep reports in police. Arohi comes in. He says where did you go. Whats happening. I was so worried. I called police. You were acting as if I attacked you. Aorhi u is dazed. He says please relax I am coming back in a while.Arohi sees badge on deep’s jacket its the same as that hoodie. Arohi says he is with Tara. SHe calls Chawnai and tells him everything. He says this is so complicated. Aorhi says deep and Tara are one. He says why did deep keep you alive then? There is something. Maybe tara is fooling again. Arohi says I have seen everything. He shot bhabhi. I will kill Deep. Deep comes in. Arohi is dazed. He says change we are going for dinner.Roma meets minister and says you have to get me my right. He says just give me money everything will be yours. Virat looks at heer.

ARohi takes Deep somewhere. He says where are you taking me? He says wow this place is very pretty. She says let me get you something to eat. Deep and Arohi dance together on streets. Arohi says I brought your fav dish. He says lets eat it. He eats the dinner. Arohi says in heart this is y9our last dinner deep. She makes him eat. Deep coughs and sasy my stomach hurts. arohi says what happened.The minister is leaving. Virat stops him and says don’t even try giving mom seat again. I will give you double the price she is paying. He says what of she gets to know. Deep says I am always ahead of her.

Arohi says in heart Deep should know that I am arohi in his last moments. Arohi says do you know why you have stomach? he says the pain went away. I can’t believe how is that possible. It feels like magic. He says what wer you saying? She says nothing. Arohi looks at the food. She says is deep playing this game again?Roma meets the minister again. He says yes why have you called me? She says you came this morning. you said you will help me getting the ticket. He says I never came here are you crazy. Roma is dazed. She says you came and told me youw ill take money. He says are you mad. I can never take money. He leaves.Tara calls arohi. She says I and deep changed the food. You thought you could kill him. Arohi says you will see on right time who wins. Deep will die. And then your viratt and mummy ji will die too. Tara says you can’t go back because i have your passport.

Deep stole it. You can only go back only if I want. All your people in India have died too.Deep calls to someone and says okay I will be there for that work. Arohi hears. He goes out. Arohi calls on that number but no one picks. Arohi gets a text from Tara you have only few hours then you will die. Aorhi says you both will die. No one can ssave you from me. Deep goes out. Arohi follows him. He gives a white envelope to a man. Deep calls Arohi. He says where are you? She says home? He says why can I hear traffic then? She says walking outsside the house. He says i will be home in a while.deep comes home. Arohi says lets go. She blindfolds him and takes him to a cruise. He is dazed. He says this is so pretty. This is so beautiful. She says your day will be the best. He gives her a gun and says I purchased it from steve for your safety. Keep it with you. WHy is this cake?

She says we are together. Lets celebrate. He says you are right. She says today we sent that Arohi to jail. Lets celebrate. He says don’t talk about her. She says because of her we are happy and together. In jail people are sent to prostitution and kept hungry. Because of you we could do that to Arohi. Lets cut the cake. She cuts the cake. Deep says I don’t want to eat the cake. Please eat it. He says you say we should forget Arohi. Lets not eat the cake of her name. He throws it. They both take champagne. Deep gets a call. Deep takes Arohi’s hand and dances with her. He comes close to her. The day turns into night. Deep and Arohi are asleep in cruise. Arohi goes out. She checks Deep’s coat. Deep comes there. He says what are you doing? She says nothing. Your ruined the day with Arohi’s name. why you take her name all the time. SHe says you hide things from me. You hid a message too.

Arohi texted you. He says Arohi is not in London. She says then who called you over and over again. He says I don’t want you to be worried. There was poison in that cake and champagne. Worried now? he says Someone called me and informed. someone is after us. She says I am sorry. Lets go and sleep. Deep goes to sleep.Arohi says Deep knows everything.Arohi calls Tara and says lets end this game. Tara saays tells me where to meet?Arohi comes to meet Tara. Tara says I am a bad girl. Aroohi says shut up. Tara says I and deep fooled you again. Arohi says you are the one fooled. you can’t see me with deep but you can’t do anything. Because if you come deep will think you are Arohi. He will kill you like again. Tara says but I didn’t die because he shot me on leg. Arohi says he shot on leg because he doesn’t want to kill Arohi. He loves Arohi. Tara says I will get my deep back. She hugs Arohi and gives her an injection. Arohi faints. Tara says now you see what I do. I feel pity for you. No one can save you. I knew everything. In a while police will come here to pick your dead body. And then your dogs Niku and chawani I will kill them too.If police doesn’t come animal will come and kill you. Tara leaves. She planned all this to make Arohi feel that Deep is behind all this. She gives money to the man who helped her.Arohi is on the road and she closes her eyes.

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