The frontliners Update Wednesday 22 September 2021

The frontliners 22 September 2021: The Episode starts with Vardaan signing the chemist Akash. Akash says a doctor used to sell medicines to me, I m a poor man and needed money, forgive me for my mistake. Vardaan says fine, but tell us the name of that doctor. Akash says I don’t know his name, I can identify him. Inspector says we will find out. Vardaan says it can’t be Sid. Sid says this isn’t happening right. He hits the wall. Doctor says Ishani is stable now. Rahil comes to Sid and says Ishani is fine, you don’t worry, calm down. Constables foricbly get Sid to Vardaan and Juhi. Juhi asks how is Ishani.

Sid says fine. She says its not good that her pulse is falling down.Akash says this is the doctor who sold me medicines. Sid asks what, I don’t even know him. Akash lies. Sid says they are lying, they want to frame me. Landlord comes there.He says I have told the truth, Sid has paid 50 lakhs. Sid asks why are you lying, why are you framing me, I m innocent. Vardaan thinks I know you are innocent, but you are gone. Inspector says we have to take you in remand. Juhi asks him to let them investigate the matter in hospital first. Inspector says fine, don’t run away. Sid asks why would I run if I m innocent. He goes to Ishani. He says you would have fought for me, but now I m fighting alone, please wake up for my sake, I need you.

Rahil comes and says your mum has come. Roshni cries and says Sid’s old patient came to me, I was much upset hearing her. Neeti comes. Juhi asks did Sid prescribe many medicines and kept some with him, is he wrong. Neeti says yes, I have the bills as well. Ishani looks on and says why is Neeti going this, she is like Sid’s sister. Vardaan thinks just come Shashank. Sid says Neeti don’t do this, tell me. Roshni says all the proofs are against you, tell the truth. Sid says no, trust me, I didn’t do anything, trust me.

Juhi says you will get a chance to clarify, but I can’t ignore this, patients are first for me. Sid asks Roshni why are you crying, Asha said someone is trying to frame me and my dad is related to this. Vardaan gets angry and thinks Asha was spoiling my game. Ishani gets stressed. Sid asks Roshni to tell him the name of his dad. Juhi says come on, stop it, don’t burden your mum with Asha’s lie, Shashank isn’t here, so I have to suspend you. Sid cries.Vardaan thinks this is called peace. Sid asks why isn’t anyone trusting me. Sid comes to Ishani and asks are you fine. Ishani says I m much tired. Sid says I feel you aren’t fine. She asks how can I be fine seeing you like this. He says no one is trusting me. She says I trust you. He says my mum isn’t trusting me, do you trust me.

She says yes. He says I will count till 10, you will get up if you trust me. She says don’t do this, maybe I can’t wake up. Inspector says we have come to arrest Sid. Vardaan asks what. Sid counts and asks Ishani to wake up. Vardaan says what about Sid’s mum and Ishani. Inspector says he should have thought of it before doing crime. Vardaan says you mean he is a criminal. Inspector says yes. Sid counts and cries. Ishani says I have no strength in me now. Sid shouts ten, even you don’t trust me, I got my answer. Sid turns to go. Ishani moves her finger.

Vardaan asks Anil to ask questions and also instruct his media friends. Sid comes downstairs. He recalls everything. Philo checks Ishani and asks for Juhi. Sid hears nurse saying Ishani’s health is getting bad. Inspector comes to arrest Sid. Sid saying I won’t let anything happen to Ishani, what happened to her. Inspector says you have to come with us. Sid asks him to understand. He says I can’t come, Ishani needs me. Inspector takes him. Juhi comes to check Ishani. She checks the file and says reports aren’t good, we have to shift her to OT. Sid says please let me be with Ishani, I can’t live without her, she is my life. Vardaan thinks Shashank is missing a good scene. Sid sees Ishani and runs to her. He says open your eyes, please. Juhi says we can’t operate her now, I don’t know her condition. The men get angry on Sid and insult him.

Reporters question him. Sid thinks Ishani get up for my sake. Juhi and Rahil treat Ishani and worry. Sid says I will confess the crime, if you have decided that I did the crime, then finish it soon. He argues with inspector.Neil says Ishani is not in ICU. Rahil and Neil rush and tell this to Juhi. Vardaan asks what, Ishani isn’t in ICU. Sid says I will sign the papers and then meet Ishani. Inspector smiles and asks him to sign. Ishani comes and stops him. Tu hi meri shab…plays…. Sid hugs her. They cry. She says I have fought for you and came to you, I can’t live like this. He asks would you come here directly from the hospital. She gets dizzy. Nurse says I will finish formalities, take Ishani to hospital. Sid gets Ishani to hospital. Vardaan says Sid you are suspended, get out. Sid says I can come here with a patient, right, move. Juhi checks Ishani. She comes to everyone and says Ishani is weak, but congrats, she is out of danger, she is fine.

She asks Sid to go and meet Ishani. Sid goes to Ishani. They smile. He says finally, I m able to breath now. She says I won’t leave you so easily. He says yes, I want this, its our time to become Sidisha, we are of each other, Asha signed annulment papers, we can’t get away now, else I will die. She says we have got a chance to live now and you are saying this, we are one now, all our problems are gone, none will come between us now. He says once this case gets over, everything is sorted. She says I will end all the blames on you, I m very strong, see. He cares for her and hugs. He says I want you to get fine soon. She says no, I won’t be fine if you aren’t fine, I have a plan to expose that man. Sid asks do you know that man and how, who is he. Ishani says Vardaan.

FB shows Vardaan pitying Ishani. He gets inspector’s call and reminds the bribe to trouble Sid. Ishani says Vardaan was outside my room, I heard him well. Sid asks why is he doing this. She asks him to recall the times when he was wronged, everything signs to him. Sid says he would have suspended me, why is he playing games. He recalls Asha’s words. Ishani asks what happened. Sid says Asha told me that she was helpless to do this. Ishani says I have seen Asha talking to Vardaan. Sid says Asha said I should know about my dad, this has a connection with my dad, what’s happening, I asked mum, but she didn’t answer, I felt there would be some reason, but now I want to know who is my dad.

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