To die for love Update Friday 22 October 2021


To die for love 22 October 2021: Deep says we can never go out. We have to look for a way or no one will know. Roma shoves Dilip and says deep’s papa ji.. I will show you what you pay for helping them. He laughs and says I wasn’t helping them. I was helping you. He tells her how he left the key there and left the guards to release them. He says I got Arohi and deep here to lock them. She says well done. Good job.
Deep says there should be a way out. We shouldn’t give up. He holds her hand and looks for a way out.

To die for love 21 October 2021

Dilip says is virat okay? She says yes. He has gone to find Tara. I hope he finds her. Virat comes to the place. He sees Chawwani. Chawani runs. Virat runs after him. Chawani hides. Virat says tara is somewhere here. Arohi sees rats. Deep says there are rats. That means they come from somewhere. They try to move the closet. Deep says who asked you to come here. Let me do something. Arohi and deep move the closet. She falls. Deep holds her.Virat hears police siren. He sees out. He says what are they doing here. If they see me they will doubt. Chawani comes to tara and says your virat came here and ran. He is such a coward. Tara faints. Chawani says get up. She is she dead? He is scared.

Arohi says i know your heart beats for me. He says shut up and let me find out how to get out of here. Arohi falls. Her hand gets cut. Deep says why did you have to walk in the dark? she says but you said you don’t care. He says it can give you infection. Deep sucks the blood and wraps it with a napkin in his pocket.Roma says Virat and Tara must be coming back. Virat comes and says I went there but police came. Chawani was there too. Roma says you should have stayed. Go back and look for her. She says dilip please go. He says only Arohi can tell us where is tara. Virat says we will throttle her and ask her where is she. They try to open the door but they can’t. It has jammed.Chawani gives Tara oxygen but she doesn’t breathe. Tara opens eyes.Arohi says I should look for matchbox. He says there will be more smoke. We will be in trouble. Arohi says I am scared of the dark and closed place. Deep hugs her and says don’t give up. Don’t close your eyes. We are here together. I wont let anything happen to you. He looks for water. Arohi says I am fine. Arohi says if I die with your love I don’t need anything. He says please don’t faint. deep hugs her but she faints. Deep says Arohi open your eyes please.

Deep says i will look for a way to get out. He sees a tap. He tries to break it. It breaks and light comes in. Deep says arohi i found the way to go out.Virat tries to open the door. Deep tries to break the wall. He looks outside. Arohi coughs. Deep says we will go out of here in a few minutes.Virat Roma and Dilip try to open the door. Deep says just few minutes we will go out. The door opens. Dilip and roma go in. Arohi and deep look out. Arohi says we will get out of here together.Deep tries to break the wall. Deep says we have to get out of here. Virat and roma look for them. The whole gets bigger. Roma says what is this noise? They follow it. Deep picks arohi and makes her go out of it. Deep comes out. Arohi holds his hand. Someone pulls in his hand. Virat says where are you going? deep tries to run He puts foot on his hand.

Deep says papa ji you? I should have known you were with them. Dilip says are you crazy that I will be with you and not my family. I am the one who has to do with your past. Roma looks for Arohi. She picks a knife. Arohi comes in from the main gate. She hits roma on head and he falls. Arohhi turns off the torch. Everything is dark. Arohi hits virat and dilip. She takes out deep from there and locks the door. Arohi hugs him. Deep says you were right when we are together everything goes well. Lets go before they come back. Arohi says I don’t wanna lose you. He says there is nothing more important than saving you. Arohi says i suffered so much to listen this. He says I suffered to say this as well. He locks the wall as well. Deep says we should go where tara is.

They come to that house. Chawani isn’t there. Deep looks for chawani. They take out a bag. Its Chawani in it. He is fainted. Arohi says please do something. He isn’t breathing. Deep gives him CPR. He says did she ran. I am sorry. Arohi says don’t worry about her. We are here for you. deep says letss take him to hospital first.Police comes to that underground place. Inspector says they ran before we came.Doctor checks Chawani. Aorhi says in heart I am sorry deep i failed to find about your past. And where is dany? She calls on his number. She hears the ringtone. Arohi sees dany in hospital.. SHe says you here? He says deep told me you are here. She says please tell me what did you find? Dany says nothing more than his college. There was no record of his name in that college. It was all a lie. Arohi says how can ID card be fake? He says maybe roma made it to confuse you. Deep comes.

He says I heard everything. Arohi says I am sorry. I couldn’t do anything. I failed. There is one way we can ask police. Depp says they all ran from the shed when police came there.Roma hugs Tara. Tara says that arohi will pay for her sins. Now see what I do with them.Deep, Arohi and Dany come home. Inspector says be careful. They can do anything. Arohi says I am so scared. Deep says don’t be scared. Now even police knows who did all crimes. It was tara. We will fight them don’t worry.Arohi comes to hall. Blood drips on her hand and face. arohi is scared. Arohi looks up. A dead body falls. She screams. Deep husg her. its a woman with her face and hand burned. Arohi sees the bracelet. She screams. She recalls its Ritu. Arohi says bhabhi.. She cries. Arohi says bahbhi.. She says she is my bhabhi. I thought she was safe. See what they did with her. See how pain she endured. Dany calls police. Arohi screams. She says I am sorry bhabhi please get up. Arohi recalls her moments with ritu.

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