To die for love update Friday 3 December 2021

To die for love 3 December 2021: Virat says so you were Arohi doing this drama of being Anjali with me. Arohi says God give me enough power to end this sinners. Tara picks her knife. Virat stops her. Tara says i wont leave. Virat says stop.Arohi recalls what Deep said. she says I dont’ care about the accusations you put on me. You ruined my life for money. Arohi sees the messed up room and the clothes. She says Virat came here and did something with me?
Virat is in his room. Arohi comes there. Virat recalls he said to Tara we have to use our brain. I have a plan how to kill her. Deep and Arohi will fear every moment. Virat says come Anjali I was waiting for you.

SHe says you came to my room? What did you do? You fainted me. He says I came to spend time with you. You look pretty when you sleep. I saw you an left. She says I can’t trust you. He holds her and says like I trust you. Arohi says leave me. He says first tell me who you are. He comes close to her. Arohi shoves him and says I am not feeling well. She leaves.Tara comes to Deep’s room. sHe says look at this room decorated. Does this remind you of your wedding night with Arohi. She was waiting for you that night here. Deep says why are you remining me all that. Tara says you love this face right? She says you like flowers right? Deep smells it. Tara comes close to him. Tara turns off the lights. Deep is fainting. Tara says are you okay? Is your throat burning. Drink this water. Deep tries to take water but Tara breaks the glass. Deep coughs. Tara says it hurts right? She pulls his hair and says I felt the same pain when I got to know you cheated me. You are a cheater. You said you burned arohi but you changed her face. You will also get what she got. Tara burns his room. Deep coughs.

Arohi comes to Deep’s mom’s house. She gives the keepers a sweet and they all faint. Arohi says deep your game is over.
Tara says deep no one can save you. Deep says this is all Anajli’s game. Tara says your doctor told me all that. He says I got to know what Anjali has with that doctor. She asked that doctor to tell you all that so I can’t live with you anymore. Tara says don’t tell me these stories. You can’t fool me this time. Deep says she wanted this to happen. She is using you as her puppet. Tara says you will leave me? Deep says I can never leave you. Tara hugs him. She says in heart that Anjali or Arohi can’t live anymore.

Tara says to Virat you didn’t do anything. Virat says she will have the worst death. Just waiting for the right moment. Tara says don’t give her another chance. We don’t have time. Tara shows Virat a bracelet and says we found this bracelet in the video of Anjali’s death. Arohi killed her. Tara left that bracelet there. Tara says arohi killed Anjali and took her place. What will you do now.Arohi is in hall. virat points gun at her from behind the door. Tara says kill her virat. He dosn’t shoot.The pooja starts. Deep comes to his mom and sees that she isn’t there. Deep hits the keepers and says is tis why I paid you. Where is my mom. They say a nurse came. Deep says go and look for her or I will kill you both. Deep wonders who could take her. He says whereis am. Arohi comes and says I ave her. Deep is dazed. Arohi says you will never know where. Look at your helpless face

Aroi sits down and says kneel down and beg my pardon for all that you did with me and my parents. Beg pardon for what you made. Apologize for touching me and fooling me with your love. Beg for your mom. If I feel mercy I might not be as bad to her as you did to my parents. Tell me where my parents are. Or.. Deep says or what? I know you wont hurt my mom. I know Arohi who can’t hurt anyone. My mom is innocent, I am your sinner. Not her. Arohi says that Arohi is dead. She loved a man who burned her and changed her face. You did all that for money. Arohi is Arohi. Don’t even expect anything good from me. Arohi says tell me where my parents are or.. I shot you once before too. I can shoot your mom too. Deep says if you do anything.. Arohi says don’t dare threatening me. She takes out her gun. Deep says where is my mom? Arohi goes out. Arohi says you have 24 hours tell me where my parents are. Deep says I will find my mom. Arohi says you loved me once. He says its still there but you can’t see it. Arohi leaves.

Arohi drives her way back. She says Deep my love is only hate for you now.
Deep calls someone and says end this game now. I can’t play it anymore. Arohi comes to Deep’s mom and says eat. Why didn’t you eat. She says I want to know who are you. Why is it dark. Arohi shouts eat this. She leaves. Deep calls all his thugs and asks them to look for his mom. Deep opens closet and sees Mausi there. Mausi says to Deep I want to tell you something. Before I could tell you Arohi locked me here. You will be shocked to know it. Arohi is trying to her but she can’t. Mausi tells Deep something. She says I told you everything. Deep says this can’t happen. Arohi wonders what it was. Tara writes Deep’s name on the mirror. She says Deep should I kill you with that Arohi? Deep comes and shoves her. He says you like all this right? Enough of your craziness. He wipes the name from her face. Deep says I have to tell you something and you will do what I ask. She says I always do. But you cheat on me. Arohi is hearing. Deep says I can’t tell you here. Arohi wonders what it is. She calls the reporter and asks him to find out what deep is going to tell Tara.

Deep Arohi and Tara come to a place. They start digging and find a body. Deep takes the chit out of it. He tells them an address. He says the gold of the plan is at this place. Tara says then we don’t need Arohi anymore. Virat you will kill Arohi. She killed Anjali. Tara says I know Deep you wont kill her. Tara says one of you has to kill her or I will. I will end her forever. Once we get that gold. Arohi and her parents must die. She shouldn’t live. Reporter comes and says there would be four partitions. Deep points gun at him. He says just came here to know how you are doing. He says once check your phone before shooting. He has recording everything and sent them the recording. Deep says so you recorded us. He says sent it to someone too. Only I can stop it from going to media. Arohi is outside in the car.The reporter says once media has it the gold of Adi Lakshmi finance wont ever get to you.

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