To die for love update Wednesday 1 December 2021

To die for love 1 December 2021: Arohi says give me my letter. Tara says pandit gave you this letter. Arohi says mind your own business. Tara says this is my house. You got him here as pandit but let me also see why.Tara reads it. pandit nods at Arohi. Tara says what is this? What does this sign mean? pandit ji says anjali is worried these days so I gave her this. Tara says to Arohi keep it. She leaves. Pandit gives the real letter to Arohi and leaves. Tara saw them.
Arohi comes to her room and reads the letter from a laser. It says come to bus stop at 7. Arohi says is this deep’s game. I have to go there.

Shahbaz and inspector that we got Zara and Kabir’s message and picture. Shahbaz is stunned and asks him to send on hus number, inspector asks to locate that number. Arohi says I have to go there.Deep comes to his room and reads a chit meet you at shed at 8. Tara says to Virat there was something on that letter that I couldn’t read. Virat says we will know what she is hiding. Someone comes to her room and see the letter. Arohi comes out and sees Deep is in her room. Arohi says what are you doing in my room. He takes off her towel and holds her. He says Tara would be mad to see us. Arohi says go from here.

Virat says I have a way to keep an eye on Anjali. They see Deep trying to come close to Anjali. Tara says why is she not shouting? They are both cheating on us. Deep picks a cockraoch. He says I was just picking it. Arohi looks at the drawer. He says why are you looking there? He leaves. Arohi wonders why he came here. Tara says something is going on between them. Virat calls inspector and says keep an eye on Deep. Tara says wont you do anything else?

Deep calls someone and says we have to do it before 8. Arohi hears. She says what is he doing at 8? She says that is why he came to my room? The pooja is going on.
Arohi says I wont let anything happen to ma and papa.Arohi is leaving. Tara comes and puts a sword on her. Tara says I know your reality. Whoever comes between me and deep gets killed. Arohi says I was going out for my work. Tara says no one challenges me. If you love your babby then fight with me. She gives her a sword. Tara attacks Arohi. but Arohi defends herself. Arohi shoves Tara and puts something in her eyes. she leaves. Tara says I wont leave you.

Arohi looks for deep. she sees hsi car and follows him. Arohi sees Deep talking to someone in shed. Deep says I gave you anjali’s face as well. I will kill everyone if I don’t get what I want in 24 hours.Arohi hides. Deep says who is there. Arohi calls police station and says there is a dead body here. He says who are you? Arohi hangs up.Arohi follows Deep. He comes home. Arohi says soon your game would end. Arohi says I have to go now.Pooja is going on. Arohi joins them.A man comes in. Surekha asks who are you? He says want to talk to deep. Virat asks that man to keep an eye on Deep and Arohi.

Arohi takes arti from deep and does pooja. Virat comes. Arohi leaves the arti. Deep gets a chit. He reads and says finally I know where you are. Arohi sees him leaving. She follows him. Tara stops Aroh and puts something in her eyes. Arohi screans. Tara says I want to kill you right now. Arohi tries to run. A vase falls down. Everyone looks up. Tara leaves Arohi like that. Arohi washes her eyes. Arohi comes out and sees that Deep is gone. Arohi sees a phone. It rings. Its mausi. Arohi reads Malik written on it. Mausi goes to kitchen. Arohi puts gun on her head and says you have to tell me everything. She says deep is looking for his mom. He is a monster. I am forced to help him till he finds his mom. He will kill everyone. Mausi leaves.

Arohi sees the article and wonders what is going on. She says what does his mom know? What should I do. Arohi is leaving. Pandit says to her where are you going without parsad? He gives her a chit and says it has what you are looking for. You don’t haave much time.Mausi gets a call. Arohi hits her head. Arohi says deep will know what i tell her.Deep meets someone in dark and says I waited so long to meet you. He hugs her in tears. Deep says Anjali’s face will end forever. Surekha says to Arohi deep called and said he has arranged a grand face.


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