To die for love Update Friday 24 December 2021


To die for love 24 December 2021: Arohi is about to attack Tara but ma comes in front. She faints. Deep says ma are you okay? Arohi runs. She says what did I do. Tara follows Arohi and says you will pay for attacking deep. Arohi hits her. Tara says I wont leave you alive. arohi shoves her and runs. Tara sends her men after Arohi.
Deep says to the doctor save my mom. He says she is fine. Please relax. Surekha says the girl who attacked ma fled. Guards are after her. The guards stop Arohi. Arohi beats them down. She runs but Deep comes in front of her. He says I will kill her with my hands. He brings the sword and says I just wanted to know who this woman was. But now this fight is between us. You made a mistake by hurting my mom. I wont forgive you. I dont hit a woman but you deserve it. Arohi says in heart he ruined my life and is talking about not hurting a woman.

Deep and Arohi pick sword. Deep says no one will come between us. This life and death fight will end between us. Deep says in heart why do I feel like thats Arohi.
DEep and ARohi fight with each other. Deep throttles Arohi. She recalls when she was coughing. Deep gave her water. He said you can’t each things that would make you cough. Deep hugged her and says please take care of yourself and this baby.
Deep says I want to know who is behind this veil. Arohi shoves him. Abhi comes in between them. He fights with Arohi. Deep is confused. Arohi says in heart why is he fighting with me? Arohi runs. Deep says why did you intervene in my fight? I would have defeated her. Abhi says you would have died. She would have killed you.

Doctor says to deep take care of your mom. Tara says I will bring the medicine. Deep asks Abhi what do you do? He says i protect jungle. Deep says will you be my body guard? Arohi stops Abhi and says you trained me then why did you save that deep? You attacked me. Abhi says he is equally skilled. He would have killed you easily. I saw his attacks. Tara and Virat could shoot you too. You have to be calm and use your mind. He has given me offer to be his friend. We will be in front of them all the time to keep an eye on them. Arohi says sorry I got you wrong. Thanks for saving my life. He says it is not easy to win from deep. You have to win this fight.


Arohhi says I am ready. Deep says why do I feel like that girl is Arohi. Arohi says deep will die.Guru ma says to Aroi deep is rich and powerful. You have to be careful. ABhi says you have to change your appearance completely. Deep says he will never recognize me. Tara gives ma medicines. Ma says my blessings are always with you. I am lucky to have a daughter in law like you. Tara says you have to eat this medicine now. I have to give deep coffee. Ma says Tara is such a nice girl.Deep is in his room. Tara touches is wound. she says I brought coffee for you. Let me dress it. He says I will do it on my own. She says this medicine will heal you. He says i will do it. She says I am your wife. We have to be with each other and you promised your mom. Deep gives her the medicine. Deep says I am going. i have to find out who that girl and why is she in my life. He leaves. Tara says Deep one day you will only be mine.

Arohi dresses as a sikh guy. Abhi says that’s a risky dress. Arohi dresses as a bai. He says they aren’t that stupid. They will know who you are. Arohi dresses in a veil. Abhi says tara can see your face. she is a woman. She says what do I do. Abhi leaves.Arohi dresses as a nerd woman and comes to Abhi. She says can you please tell me where this is? He says I don’t know. She says but I will take you with me. He says Arohi is that you?Tara takes her parcel. Abhi stops her and says I will check everything coming in this house. Tara says this is mine. Abhi says I am responsible for Deep’s safety. Tara says don’t interfere in my work. Deep says that girl can come back here. that is why Abi is taking care of everything. He will keep an eye on everything. Deep says when will Ma’s doctor come? Tara says she should be coming anything soon. Maa says deeppp.. Deep says what happened. She says the glass broke. Deep says you wont have any pain. Your doctor is coming soon. The doctor comes. Abhi opens the door. Arohi faints her and their men take her away from the house. Arohi enters the house. Arohi says deep your end is here.



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