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Wedding planners 21 November 2021: The Episode starts with KT and Preeti taking Buasa’s blessings. Preeti gets up. Their heads strike. KT says sorry, once again. He strikes head again. He says I heard this in childhood, we should strike head again else we may fight. Everyone smiles. Buasa stares at him and smiles. She says you are funny, tell me one thing, why did you touch my feet. KT says I thought your blessing is the biggest fees, it should not be just for bahu, but for son also, we are partners, so everything is half, I will come to Palana and make the special day the best. Buasa smiles. Preeti says you can’t come there. They ask wny?

Preeti says there would be cold temperature in village, KT can’t tolerate, there are no facilities there. KT says I have become superstar by undergoing all this, I run when Rajasthani soil calls me. He boasts of himself. He says I will manage everything, I m coming. Buasa says then come, we will give you all facilities and comforts. She asks Kusum to get her entire family and come. Kusum says we will surely come. Buasa says we will celebrate it grandly. Kusum says sure. KT says Palana trip….

Rati asks Tarun not to vent anger on things. She says I feel bad on your insult, you won’t have any respect now, if everyone boycotts you, then… Tarun gets a message. He says Buasa invited us to Palana village for her wedding, it means she has forgiven me, we have another chance to show mum her right place and break her ego. Rati asks how. He says you have to go there and win everyone’s heart by becoming a perfect bahu. She asks shall I become perfect bahu in village, no… He says you have to do acting for few days, everyone should take your name, Rati, instead Preeti.Its morning, Preeti asks Sheena to talk to vendors. She says I will manage it, but how to stop KT without hurting his heart. KT comes and says everything is ready, my staff will come with me to manage my work, relax, your work will also he handled. She says you can’t get your staff there, we are going for our work, not for your shooting, you have to come alone if you want. He says I was a superstar, how can this happen, how shall I explain. He explains about staff.

She says you think how will you manage, its fine, I will understand. He says you are not understanding.Preeti says KT won’t be coming, I didn’t hurt his heart and stopped him. Kusum asks how did he agree, he is like a kid, who gets upset when his wish isn’t fulfilled. Preeti says he can’t do anything without staff. She acts like KT. Kusum laughs. Kusum and Preeti pack their bags. Kusum asks why did you refuse to him, you have removed entertainment, tell me the truth.Rati wears a saree. Her mum helps her. Rati practices to touch feet. Preeti says Palana is my village and Sasural also, Buasa made me wedding planner, I m bahu for others, they won’t understand my work and partnership with KT, he doesn’t think of anything, village customs will be there, he is hero of his world, I was afraid that anyone can take his behavior wrong. Rati says something is wrong, we insulted Preeti, Buasa slapped Tarun and then invited Tarun and me, she would not forgive us, is there any reason behind this, does she want to insult us.

Preeti says I don’t want to insult my and KT’s partnership, you know women aren’t treated equal in village. Kusum nods. Preeti says they see me as good bahu, maa, wife and other relations, I don’t want to lose my respect there. Rati says Tarun asked me to do a good bahu work, I can’t handle a pallu. Her mum says focus on making your Saas pallu fall, do something that Preeti’s character falls down. Rati says right, she is regarded ideal there, I can ruin her image.Kusum and Preeti greet Buasa. Tarun asks Rati to touch everyone’s feet like Preeti is doing. Juhi introduces the relatives to Kusum. Tarun and Rati come. Rati says I have respect in heart, but I don’t have a habit to touch feet. Buasa says its fine, just greet. The ladies talk that Rati had ousted Preeti, why did Buasa invite her.

Preeti asks is the setup ready. The man says yes. Buasa asks her to take some rest. Preeti says its my responsibility, I will rest after work, be ready for the first surprise, congrats for the wedding anniversary. The men play dhol. Everyone smiles.Preeti thinks I m managing first function without KT, villagers can’t understand his unique function, I hope the function goes well. KT comes there in disguise playing dhol. He thinks I m your partner, I can’t let you stay alone, you will get a dashing surprise today. Buasa makes Preeti wear garlands. She says you deserve this respect, you earned it yourself. Everyone claps. Baldev says don’t know what did Buasa see in you, that she feels your work is to earn respect, else we are against this, I have seen when bahu steps back and comes back, she gets defamation, what if you spoil the innocent girls here, who is responsible, its not right. Buasa says I have seen something, Preeti isn’t a cloud to move here and there, she is calm like a mountain, I trust her.

Buasa praising Preeti. She says I have full faith on Preeti. Preeti says I will never break your trust, there is another surprise for you. She shows the beautiful carpet. She says you had a long journey of 50 years, you might had thorns in your way, but now there are just flowers in your way, you have to walk over the flowers. KT sees a nail in Preeti’s way. He runs to save her. He goes to her and picks the nail. He pulls her. She falls in his arms. Everyone looks on.

KT asks are you fine Preeti ji. She says KT ji. They get under the same garland. Preeti gets away. Baldev asks how dare you touch our bahu. He raises hand. Preeti says he is my partner KT, not any dhol artist. Baldev asks partner. KT says yes, partner. Kusum smiles. KT removes his disguise. Buasa and everyone smile. Kusum claps and says you have made a good entry. Baldev’s wife says KT sa is here, I m so happy, I m your big fan. KT asks really. Kusum says I m his biggest fan, I m his Meera. Baldev asks them to control it. He asks why did you come in disguise, if you are her partner. KT says it was a surprise, how did you like it, Preeti felt I can’t adjust in a village, so I wanted to surprise her, I don’t turn away from my commitments. Kusum says yes.

KT says she understands me. Baldev asks is this way to come, I don’t understand your work, touching the lady this way. KT asks are you Phuphaji. Baldev says Tarun and Juhi’s Phuphaji. KT says I had seen Preeti going to step on a nail, I thought to save her. Baldev says whatever. KT says sorry.Baldev asks why did you come in disguise. KT says I said it was a surprise. Baldev asks what is it. Suman says like you had come home to surprise me on Teej. KT says you are romantic. Baldev says I m your husband, KT isn’t Preeti’s husband, does anyone have fun in work, I can’t understand this relation, he looks young and handsome, he was a hero in films, he made housewives mad after him, who will get saved from his magic. KT says I m so happy that a real man has praised me today. Preeti says its nothing like that, he is my business partner, we just work, he has a wife, he loves his wife a lot. Baldev says where is his wife. Preeti says London, she is with her children, he is very happy in his married life, everyone knows it. Buasa says they just have work relationship. Baldev says fine, Preeti is safe, else people don’t delay in bringing shame to the family.

Buasa says you got the answers, shall we start the program now. KT thinks Preeti doesn’t know my marriage truth, I shouldn’t hide it. Preeti thinks I didn’t wish him to come here, he has to understand village thinking. Rati recalls her mum’s words and says I will fuel the fire and defame Preeti.Buasa asks everyone to take rest, then there is haldi ritual also. Kusum says everything is good, villagers are also good, I wanted to ask, why did you call Tarun and Rati. Buasa says they had to come, I respected Preeti, I wanted them to see that Tarun’s relatives respect Preeti, maybe they get some sense, no son insults his mum. Kusum says you said right, elders are right. Buasa asks her to come.

Baldev stops KT and asks where are you going. KT says I have work with Preeti. Baldev asks why will you go with her, men and women don’t stay together, you have to stay there. KT says understood, but I will go with her. Baldev asks is it partnership or something else, you are with her like a magnet. KT says we work together. Preeti says we have to keep talking, we are preparing for function, KT ji its fine, we will talk on phone. She asks KT to see where to put the string. They go.Preeti asks KT to remove her garland. KT says I look good. He moves it. Preeti says I will be tested here, this village is my in-laws, I have to keep my image, stop calling me Preeti partner. He says fine, I will call you Preeti ji. She says stay away. He says social distancing. Baldev looks on. She goes. Rati hears them. She says we will see how long you stay away from KT. Kusum says you got readymade saree today, the men will be troubled by dhoti. Kusum teaches them to wear saree. KT says Baldev you are also staying here, we are room partners. Baldev says no, you are in hurry to make partners. KT says I just understood that you have no problem if Preeti works with a married man.

Baldev says a married man is controlled by his wife, man can’t do anything wrong, single man is like a bull, he is ready to get any woman, Preeti is a lonely helpless widow, people create troubles for them, society doesn’t respect such people. KT says no, I think something else, I believe that a married man doesn’t prove his character, if heart is true, then work will be good, its my own thinking, not my film’s line. Baldev says you don’t know village’s thinking, we believe so, Preeti also believes so. KT thinks did Preeti think the same.

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