To die for love update 13 Monday September 2021

To die for love 13 September 2021: Arohi says are we here to talk about her? She makes me very angry. Why is she living in our house? Deep says haven’t seen her in a few hours. I think she ran. Prithvi says to Roma vedika isn’t in her room where is she? Roma says why are you worried for her? You lied to me right. You know what I do to liars. prithvi says she is your daughter too. Have some shame. Don’t harm her. Please leave her. Roma says I forgive you don’t worry.Arohi eats and coughs. She says why so much spices. Deep says you loved spices. She says are you crazy. You know I don’t like spices. Deep says I am and relax.

To die for love 10 September 2021

Roma says she left this letter for you. Read this out of me. Prithvi reads Dear daddy I am leaving forever. Roma says pray to God that i don’t see her again or you know what will I do to her. He leaves.Arohi says you don’t care about me or my child. He says lets go to hospital. She says you didn’t even give me water. Deep gives her water. Arohi says what are you trying to do? You don’t love. Deep says Arohi is dead don’t bring her in between all this. Deep gets a call from Roma.Vedika is tied. She screams help. Deep says to Arohi mom called me for some work. Driver will take you home. Arohi texts Chawani to follow deep and Roma.

Arohi and Chawani look for Deep and Roma. Aorhi says we have to find them out. i cant let this happen to Vedika.
Roma comes to Vedika says look at you. i asked deep not to harm you much but he was helpless too. She hugs her and says you are my blood. But you have to tell me the name of person who made you stand in front of me. Tell me who did all this. Arohi says we have to save her.Vedika says you can’t fool me. Roma slaps her and says that’s how you talk to your mom? You have no manners. She takes current wires and says tell me the name. She gives her shock. Vedika screams. Roma says tell me before your bones melt. Deep opens the door and says mummy ji please don’t do this. She can’t take it anymore. She will die. If she dies you wont know wwho did all this. I will find everything out. Roma says you have just one day or I will kill her.

Arohi says I will expose myself. Chawani says are you crazy. Deep pours on Vedika. She says even if you kill me I wont tell you. deep says I will not kill you but you will have to tell me. Who asked you to do all thsi? Arohi writes a text? Deep says see these cutters? Would you want me to cut them. He is about ot pull her nail. Arohi texts Deep if you wanna know who did all this leave Vedika. he replies I wont leave her i will kill her. Arohi says you can’t find out. You are stuck in Arohi’s big plan. Deep replies Arohi is dead. Arohi says no Arohi is alive. Deep is dazed.deep says someone is lying. Arohi says coming 24 hours will be worst for you. See what I do with you now.Deep calls on her number. Chawnai says I am not understanding your plan. Deep says why is this person not picking phone? Chawani says he will kill us. Arohi says don’t be scared. I can’t back out now. I have to save Vedika at any cost.

Arohi picks the phone. Deep says Arohi.. He says I thought you died but you got stuck in my plan again. You have proved that you are an idiot. You can’t save yourself from me. Arohi says you can’t shoot and kill me that easily. Deep says this time I will make sure that you die. arohi says your stone heart is melting. You couldn’t see me dying so you left that place. DEep says you are nothing more than Tara’s look alike. Arohi says you will see. Deep says your death is coming to you.Arohi say don’t scare me. I have been dead for so many times. You have only 24 hours your game will end. Deep says Vedika will be killed for your sins, arohi says you are a coward like before. Arohi says don’t do anything. If you wanna meet me come where I ask you. Bring Vedika too. Deep says okay.

Roma calls Minister and says all big people are defamed by media. Calm down nothing will happen. Deep comes in. Arohi says deep went for your work. Deep says Tara go and rest. Tara says can’t you talk in front of me? Deep says have to set agenda for press conference. Arohi hugs Roma. she goes to her room. Deep says to Roma Arohi is alive. Roma says what..Arohi says deep is such a fool. Don’t worry I will ruin their lives.Virat says I saw the dead body. It was Arohi. Deep says she is alive. I spoke to her. Virat says someone else was talking to you. Deep says that body could be fake too. roma says if Arohi is alive my life would be ruined. My dream would be gone. Deep says I am sorry it is my mistake. Roma says you have 24 hours and I want Arohi dead in that. He says okay. Deep says she asked me to bring Vedika. she wants to get Vedika free. We will kill her before that. Virat says we have to make a solid plan.

Deep texts Arohi and asks her to come somewhere. Arohi says he will be trapped in his own plan.Deep and Virat leave. Roma says Tara what happened. She says I am not feeling well. I don’t want to come to press conference. Roma says you rest there. I can face the whole world alone.Deep and Virat are at different spots. Virat says she must be coming. DEep says yes be careful. Arohi calls deep and says where are you? He says where are you? Arohi saays is vedika with you? If she isn’t I wont come to see you. Deep looks around. He opens the back. There is a girl with tied hand. Chawani calls arohi and says vedika is there. Deep says come and save her. Come or I will kill her. Arohi says I know you wont dob this. Come to this game. Virat says I will keep an eye on the car.

Deep comes in. Arohi comes in a red dress. Deep recalls his moments with Arohi. He recalls promising Roma that he will kill her. Deep points gun. Arohi runs. Virat sees a girl. Virat says Arohi is going towards the car. Deep says no she is in front of my eyes on the other side. Deep says stop. Virat says stop to another girl.Virat saays turn back. He sees another girl with same clothes. Deep asks someone to turn. He sees another girl too. All of them run. Deep calls Virat and says I saw two girls. Deep says so did I. Deep says turn back. Virat says turn back. Both are different girls. Deep and virat meet.Virat says she fooled us here to get Vedika out. Rush home.

Arohi comes to house. She recalls Deep talking to Roma. Arohi gave Roma sticks microphone when she hugged her. Arohi said good night. She came t her room and heard Deep and Virat talking. Deep said lets go to kill Arohi. We can’t take Vedika out. We should keep vedika here. Its the safest. Arohi hears.Deep and Virat are on their way. Arohi tries to unlock the door. Deep says Virat lets go home. Arohi must have gone there.

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