To die for love Update Friday 10 September 2021


To die for love 10 September 2021: Roma says I was so scared. I thought Arohi is back. Roma says Virat thinks Arohi is alive. Deep comes in and says we can take tara home. Roma says my daughter is this way I don’t know what to do.Pritvi says to Vedika please go. Tara will kill you. She says Tara doesn’t know anything.Deep brings Tara home. He sits with her. Deep says I was so scared. My baby was in danger too. I will play with him. I will give him all the happiness he deseves. Whoever did this, I will kill him. Arohi says don’t do this. Everyone thinks Arohi is alive. Deep says I killed her. arohi says then prove it to everyone.

Vedika says to Virat has called Tara. He is taking Arohi’s name. Arohi comes downstairs. Deep says what happened now? Virat says do you wanna prove that Arohi is dead? Where is her dead body? After investigating for two days I found out she is alive. Roma says deep killed her. Virat says yes deep killed her. i found her dead body too. Arohi syas what to do with her dead body? Virat says why should we care? Arohi says deep will do her funeral. He has to show that he doesn’t caare about her anymore.Everyone goes to Arohi’s funeral. They burn her body. Arohi says to chawani look at them laughing. They don’t know they killed their own daughter. I feel bad though. I can’t be like them. Deep burns the body.

Deep hits punching bag. He says I killed her and burned her body. Why can’t I believe that she is dead. I killed her. Arohi sees him. she says is he upset for killing Arohi? deep hits punching bag. Arohi says whats in his mind. I have to find out. Arohi comes. She slips. Deep holds her. Arohi says you fulfilled the promise. You gave me proof as well. But there is one problem. You look upset ever since. You loved her? Deep says i killed her for you. Arohi says mom was with me and you were here crying for Arohi. You still love her right? Deep says yes you are right. I loved Arohi. Arohi is dazed.

Deep says you are my responsibility. I never loved you. I think I actually loved Arohi. Virat comes there too. Arohi is dazed. Deep looks at Virat. Deep says you wanted to say this right? Happy being fooled right? i did everything for you. I prove every time that I love you but then you say things like these. Virat says forget what happened. Lets forget and celebrate. AArohi says he is such an actor. You fooled me like earlier. You can never love anyone. I will kill everyone you love Deep.

Roma shouts. She says they all got this printed that I have an illegitimate child. Who did all this. She gets angry. She says now all this media is calling me. My dream of becoming minister is shattered. Deep says calm down. We will prove this is wrong. Roma says when a women is defamed you can reverse it. Arohi says to Virat what if this is true. Virat says mom is it true? Roma says do you have any shame? you are accusing your mom? Go and ask these channels. Don’t ask me. She gets call from minister. Roma says they are defaming me. Give me time till evening I will fix everything.Roma says deep come to my room. Virat says but.. roma says go and find truth. Arohi says we want to know truth. Roma says you better stay out of it. She goes to her room. Vedika smiles at Arohi.

Chawani says I am really worried. Aorhi says they can’t find who sent this. Deep calls media and asks them who sent you this info. Vedika says what if they find out who I am. Arohi says they are all childhood pictures.Roma says to Prithvi this is the price I am paying for my mistake. I helped and allowed you to keep her alive. Then how did this news get on media. prithvi says what about that girl? She is your daughter too. roma says I will kill her if she comes in between my dreams. how did this get to media. Prithvi says I don’t know. I kept this secret for years, Roma says I want to know who did this. Does she know i am her mom? Pritvhi says no she doesn’t. Roma says her name is Vedika right? Pritvhi says are you crazy? How can she be vedika? Chawani says deep knows. What if he tells Roma. Arohi says he wont tell her. He thinks Roma can never do this. Deep will try fixing all this for roma but it will only get worse. What will roma talk to deep about it her room?

Roma says why you look so nervous? Your heartbeat was high too. She breaks vases. Deep comes in.Arohi follows deep. He collides her. Arohi says how is mom? he says mom is calling a press conference I dont’ know what will she say in it. Arohi wonders what will she say in the press conference. Arohi says I don’t know what she can say. She is very clever.The press conference starts. Roma comes out. Roma says I was born in a poor family. You all know what poor girl goes through. Life is full of pricks. You all did the same by accusing me. You all know I have two kids. Tara and Virat. Arohi says where is deep? Is he in Vedika’s room? She rushes upstairs. Roma says if you have any proof? Where is my daughter if I had an illegitimate daughter?Deep tries to faint Vedika.Roma says if you have accused me of this then only you can get me out of this.Deep faints Vedika. Arohi comes to the room. She says vedika? Roma says wewill meet in tomorrow’s conference.Vedika and Deep are not in room. Arohi looks for her everywhere.Roma and everyone is on dinner. Roma says to Virat why are you worried? Tomorrow’s press conference will clear everything. Arohi says where is vedika.

I hope she is fine. Virat says I am ashamed of what they said. roma says Tara come here and eat. You were not in press conference. Arohi says I wasn’t feeling well.Roma says the girl who tried defaming me.. Her neck is in my hands. I will show it to everyone in the press conference. Arohi says who did this? Roma says you eat the food. Arohi says I am not feeling well. Roma says deep your wife is not feeling well. What to do? Deep takes her hand and takes her out.Arohi says where have you brought me? He orders pani puri for them. He says this is your favorite spot. He says what do you think about Vedika? Arohi is dazed.

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