Strange Love Update 11 Saturday September 2021

Strange Love 11 September 2021: The Episode starts with Niranjan doing the work in the office. He thinks how can Shlok leave him like this, did he think what will happen if his Baba, he always said he will support me always. He thinks of the pandit’s words and how Shlok chose him over Astha before. He thinks how Shlok jumped in the fire to save him. Mahesh comes and says its his meeting time. Niranjan says he will come later. Anjali’s parents feel tensed as if Anjali is in pain. Anjali comes to them with Astha. She hugs her mum and cries. Shlok looks on. They ask Astha is everything fine. Astha says we have left that house. They are shocked and see Shlok.

Astha says Shlok and I will make our new identity. She cries and says we will prove it to Niranjan, we don’t want Aai to be here as we can’t keep her wandering on road. They talk to Shlok. Shlok looks upset as he has dishonored them before and could not meet their eyes.Shlok apologizes to Anjali’s parents, his Nana and Nani for always speaking with disrespect. He says you always wanted to give me love and I never valued it. They ask Shlok to find the job staying with them. Shlok says thanks, but I have to go. Anjali says she has to make him have food by her hands and asks him to come. They make Astha and Shlok have food with their love. Anjali’s emotions overflow and she cries. Shlok wipes her tears. Shlok says Aai please, don’t cry, I will come here once I get the job. He greets the elders by touching their feet and Astha hugs Nani ji. They bless them.

Anjali hugs Shlok and cries. Shlok says bless me Aai, that I can stand on my feet and become something. Anjali nods yes and hugs Astha. Suman gives a phone to Astha which she gifted her. Astha says she can’t take it. Anjali says keep it, we can be connected. Astha thanks them and leaves. Ankush comes to Kalindi and throws the papers asking whats this. She says your mind shows the temperature outside. He says tell me what I asked, show your plan to anyone else. She argues with him and says she does not have any way to tell him, so she wrote Sudhar Jao on the paper. She says how did you think I don’t know English, my son is so innocent, I m not just SSC pass, but I did double M.A in English Literature.

She says its your property and you will get it, have patience and change, then everything is yours. He says he will twist all her fingers, this will be proved costly to you. She says fine, we shall wait and watch. She smiles making him angry. He goes to his room. She asks him to come for lunch. She says she will change him. Niranjan scolds Mahesh asking how can so many meetings come in one day, how will he manage. Mahesh says Shlok used to handle all meetings, I don’t know how, he did not even take any help anytime, he said he likes to help you so he did your work. Niranjan asks him to leave.

Niranjan says you have to come back Shlok. Varad asks Sid to do his work and gives all files. He says sit in my cabin, and you will be managing this branch. Sid asks where are you going. Varad says as Shlok is not there, I have to manage the company. Sid asks what are you saying. Varad says we have much problem at home, I m very stressed out, Shlok, Anjali and Astha have left home, every house has problems, I know it was big this time, but Shlok should have not done this, Baba is broken, I m here to manage Baba and business, and my broken home.He asks him to manage office and help him. He says he will get back Shlok. Sid is worried knowing all this. Varad says don’t tell this to Jyoti, she will worry, you have to take all imp decisions, I trust you the most. Sid promises that he won’t give him chance to complain. Varad looks at his cabin and says all the best. He leaves.

Shlok and Astha walk on the road. Shlok thinks what to do, but he has to find job. Astha asks what will we do. He says lets find a place to stay overnight. She says we can go to a small lodge and will tell we can pay later, I m so intelligent. Shlok smiles and says you are Nautanki.She says we will find the lodge and I hope its not like that decent. She laughs. Niranjan attends a meeting and comes to know about pending work again. Varad comes there to help him. Niranjan is blank about the work and says discuss everything with Shlok. The man says but Shlok is not here, can you say when will he come. Niranjan says what do I know when will he come, is he small kid to drag him by his hand. Varad calms him down and apologizes to them. He says he will manage the office till Shlok comes back, as he went for some work.

A man says he has four cars and has two drivers. Astha and Shlok hear him. Astha says I think it’s the lodge, lets talk to them. She says Kaka…. He says what, tell fast, don’t waste my time. She says we want room for few days, can we get it. He says its lodge, you can stay. He asks the man to find two drivers soon. He leaves. Shlok looks at the car. Astha sees him and says Shlok, you are so educated, you won’t drive taxi, I m sure you will get good job. He says I know, but I have nothing to justify my degree, maybe Lord want me to do this, we need money and you are my responsibility. Niranjan fumes in his cabin. Varad comes to him and sees him angry.

He asks is he fine. Niranjan says yes, I m fine. Varad gives him water glass. Niranjan thanks him. Varad says I will manage office for few days, you take rest, and then Shlok will come back in few days. Niranjan says yes. Varad says lets go home now and takes his coat. Niranjan takes his coat from him and leaves.Kalindi seeing Ankush upset. Shlok drives the taxi and the girls asks him to switch on the radio. He says hmm, I will do and plays the radio. She asks him to lower the volume. Shlok drives beside Niranjan’s car and sees him. They stop at the signal. He thinks how Niranjan used to care for him, and love him always. He thinks of her real face seen recently.

The signal turns green and Niranjan’s car passes away. Shlok is thinking. The girl asks is he sleeping, come on drive. Shlok starts driving. Ajju comes to Kalindi and talks to her.Kalindi says she is thinking about Ankush, I think he is planning something in his mind, you try to find it out. Ajju says what, you are sacrificing me, asking me to go to tiger’s cave. She is scared and says if he was with us since childhood, he would have not been like this, or maybe he was like this only. Kalindi says no, our upbringing would have made him good person. Ajju says don’t praise me much, I m going to make tea, will you have. She goes.

Anjali is sad at the Vridh Ashram. Her parents come to her and talk to her. Anjali says I m fine here, don’t know how are Shlok and Astha. Her Aai says so they have left you here, they are smart, don’t worry, call them and talk to them. Astha says we wanted room in less money and they gave the godown, but I have to clean it. She does the dusting and coughs. She gets Anjali’s call. Astha says I knew it would be your call. Anjali says I m worried for you two. Astha says we got the room in lodge. Anjali thanks Bappa and asks for Shlok. Astha says its good day, you know Shlok got the job. Anjali gets glad and asks what job. Astha lies saying he is managing accounts. Shlok cleans the car and starts driving again.

Astha says he has AC in his office. Shlok is shown sweating in hot weather. Anjali asks how is the room, is it clean. Astha looks around and says yes, its very good, don’t take tension, we are fine. Anjali says I will come to meet you. Astha says no, we will come to meet you. Anjali says take care and ends the call. Astha cleans the room and arranges it. She sees a man cooking in kitchen and says what a bad kitchen, my husband will work all day and have such food, no I have to cook something, else he will refuse to have food. She talks to the man and asks whats in food. He names good dishes and she smiles. She says great, so much variety.

He asks do you know joke, it’s a joke. He says you did not come in big hotel, here you will get daal roti sabzi chawal. No one is allowed here. She thinks she can’t have such food and Shlok does not like food without Raita. She asks him to cook Raita and add in bill. He says please leave, I have much work. She says ok.Astha catches the man keeping an exclusive plate and confronts him. He says its for me. He says the owner is a miser, don’t tell anyone, he does not give me food, you can make the Raita. She says I promise I will keep your secret. He helps her and she cooks food for Shlok. She takes all the food and he asks her not to tell anyone. She says your secret will be secret, thanks, you are very sweet. She goes to the room. Sid is worried. Jyoti asks him what happened.

Sid says nothing, I have work deadline. Jyoti says she is worried for her family. He thinks how to tell her and when she comes to know this big thing happened, don’t know how she will react. She asks him to call Shlok, and he makes work excuse and delays the call. She asks did anything happens, swear on me and tell me, you look worried, maybe I can help you.Sid says Shlok has come to know your Baba’s truth. He has left the home. Jyoti is shocked.She cries. He says we don’t know where they went, Varad tried to stop him, but Shlok left saying he has to make his own identity. She says she wants to go home. He says no, see the time, Varad asked me not to tell you. She say she is afraid for them. He says Aai and Astha are with Shlok, he is strong, he will be fine, calm down, I will take you home tomorrow. She says why is this happening with my family. He hugs her. Astha comes to the room with the food plate and says the room is cleaned, but has a strange smell as it was shut since many days, what to do.

She comes to the reception and sees Bappa. She says sorry Bappa and takes the incense sticks. She lights it and puts it in room. Shlok comes and hugs her. She asks how was the day. He says he got something for her and gifts her a saree. She likes it and thanks him. She says Shlok I love you. He says its cheap saree, I got it as you can have something to change. She says you don’t know, its valuable than jewelry to me, as its form your hard earned money. She asks him to freshen up.She places the food plate on the newspaper and cleans his face with her saree end. Khuda……………….plays……………She makes him have food by her hand. He says first you. They have food together. Shlok looks at the room and feels hot. She waves her saree end to air. He asks whats this. She says its wife’s duty to serve food to husband and take care of him. He says good wife does something else too. Khuda……….plays…………… They have an eyelock and smile.

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