Anupama starlife update Wednesday 22 May 2024

Anupama asks Anuj to see the syllabus and says how the children will study. Anuj says there will be so much competition in future, if they don’t study then how they will be progressive. He asks why you are studying? Anupama says if I don’t study then how I will teach her. Anuj asks her to come and sleep, else will get unwell. Anupama says Pakhi haven’t come till now.

He says Pakhi is not a small girl, she had gone to watch movie with her husband and then will spend some time and come back. He asks her why you are worrying, they are not small children. Anupama says she is not small, but my daughter. Anuj says you are strange and tells that when she is infront of you, you scold her and when she is away, you get worried for her. Anupama says this is my habit. Anuj says he will wait for his wife. Anupama says I am fine.

Pakhi and Adhik come there. Adhik asks Pakhi not to over react. Anupama asks what happened? Pakhi tells they have gone to watch movie and saw some other movie on the way. Adhik says stop it. Pakhi says the hero is Tapish and heroine is Dimpy, and tells that the movie name is Anu ji Dimpy ka Titu. She says it is proved how cheap Dimpy is and says they were doing moon walk in moon light. She asks Adhik to say, and not to divert.

Adhik says Dimpy and Tapish were talking normally and Pakhi misunderstood them. Pakhi asks if they were doing jagrata there and says she is now 100 percent sure that they are having an affair and that video was not fake. Everyone comes there hearing her. Malti Devi asks what she was telling? Anuj tells that they had fight with someone on the road. Pakhi tells that Dimpy is having an affair with Tapish. Baa asks what? Pakhi repeats. Anuj says it is not truth.

Baa says Dimpy told me that there is nothing between them. Pakhi tells that she has seen with her own eyes, and says they were romancing with each other. Anupama says even you used to go out with guys in college and asks if you was wrong. Pakhi says I didn’t go with them in night. Anupama says people go out for work also. Baa says they might have gone to some program. Pakhi asks Baa if she is fine not to taunt Dimpy and take her side. Adhik asks Pakhi to be quiet and tells that she has dragging the matter and making it big. Pakhi asks if I was dancing with Titu then what you would have told. Adhik says Dimpy is single, but you are committed. Pakhi says she is pregnant with my bhai’s baby and says widowhood and pregnancy couldn’t stop her from having an affair. Baa sits in shock. Pakhi asks Adhik to say.

Adhik is silent. Baa says I was stopping her from working. She says I came here, and she went there. Pakhi says there is a saying in English, when the cat is away, the mice will play. Anupama says it is not like that and says Dimpy went to take care of Kavya, as she was alone. Pakhi says when she takes care of Kavya, as she is in academy in day time and roams with Tapish in the night. Anupama argues. Malti Devi says when the elders are not at home, then all this happens, and tells that she should have told this before leaving them alone. Anupama tells that the elders are not guards of the house and they have their own lives. She says I trust Dimpy fully.

Pakhi says even now you trust Dimpy and not me, and says Kinju and Dimpy try to be in your good books, as everything happens as you want. Anuj asks Pakhi, to be careful and says it is enough. He says whoever talks to my Anu like this, can’t stay here in my house.

Anupama tells that she will talk to Dimpy tomorrow and asks everyone to go and sleep. She asks Baa not to worsen her health. Malti Devi says may be that guy is trapping Dimpy, as she is young, beautiful and alone. She says test that guy and see if he is suitable for her, and if he is good then get them married. Baa shouts no and tells Anupama that she shall not think about this. She says you are not trustable and asks her not to go against her. She says Dimpy is having Samar’s baby and the baby will play in our lawn, if Dimpy goes then baby will also goes.

Anupama shouts enough and says Dimpy is our bahu and not an animal which is tied to the clip. She says it is her decision. She tells that I trust Dimpy fully and says there is nothing for now, and if such thing arises in future, then we will see. She asks them to go. Anuj asks Babu ji and Baa to go and rest. Anupama says Baa, take rest. Anupama says one night shall be such that we shall sleep peacefully. Anuj asks Anupama if she believes on this. Anupama says I trust her fully, if there was something then she would have been happy.

Tapish drops Dimpy home. Dimpy thanks him and says it is special for me. He says I do it usually, but it is special for me. He says all these things make us happy. Dimpy says you are very mature. They shake their hands. Dimpy says I will leave. They turn and see Vanraj standing on the door and Kavya is also standing inside.

Adhik tells Pakhi that if she had focused on their relation then their lives would be set. Pakhi says if you understand our relation than understanding Dimpy, then our life would have been better. She says Dimpy got the partition of the house, snatched mummy’s dance academy and everyone is praising her. She says even God thinks about her and that’s why she is pregnant and I am not. Adhik says so you are jealous. He says what is wrong if she is having an affair, and says what you want that Dimpy shall live life alone, and says she is of same age as you, and asks if you can roam out then why can’t Dimpy. He says you used to praise Titu before. She says I didn’t know that she was such. She says one day Dimpy will elope with Titu. Adhik feels disgusted and goes.

Dimpy goes inside the house. Vanraj comes out and closes the door. Dimpy tells Kavya that she didn’t do anything wrong, but is scared. Kavya says even I am scared to see old Vanraj. Vanraj threatens Tapish and tells that Dimpy is pregnant with his son, and asks him to stay away from her, else he will make his condition so worse that he will yearn to dance. He goes inside. Dimpy tells Vanraj that she has not done anything wrong. Vanraj asks her to just concentrate on work. Kavya says Titu is a good guy. Vanraj says but he is a guy, and we don’t know what is in his mind. He says I shall not see him around my house and don’t want to see him on my doorstep. He tells Dimpy that same thing will not happen, if it is clear? Dimpy says no.

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