Titli Starlife update Friday 24 May 2024

The Episode starts with Inspector Ankit Patel arguing with Manikant and Titli. He says you are blind in love and can’t see your husband’s true face. Garv says don’t cross your limits. Titli says don’t take stress. She asks Inspector to leave.

Manikant asks who filed the police complaint against Garv, I want the name of that person. Inspector says that person’s name is Gunmaan/anonymous. Hiral thinks I got saved, but Titli ruined my plan. Adi asks Sushma to let Monica meet Garv. Sushma scolds Monica. Monica goes. Sushma says she will reform if she stays away from her family.

Titli brings Garv to their room. He holds her hand. She smiles. He says you can punish me, I have hurt you. She stops him. She kisses him. She sees the gift and shows the nightie. He holds his heart. He pulls her close.

Jaane ki baat na karo…. Plays… Dhara and Dhrishti come and see them close. Garv and Titli get away and hide the nightie. Dhrishti says we got the milkshake for Garv. Titli asks them to enjoy. He says I wish Monica was with us like old times. Dhrishti says its okay, we are here. Titli thinks Monica didn’t come to see Garv. She goes to Koel and says I will help you. Koel says no need, I like to work. Titli says I didn’t file the complaint. She hugs Koel.

Koel says but someone has filed it. Titli holds her feet and says don’t get angry now. She says you will teach me everything. Koel says no, leave me, fine, I will teach you. Titli makes her promise. Koel says you are very clever, I was not wrong about you. Titli says I will make it, you teach me everything. They cook together.

Manikant asks the commissioner to find out who lodged the police complaint. He doubts Titli’s family. Maina says Monica’s inlaws can also do it. Titli comes and hears them. She says I will come later. She drops the tea cups. Maina asks are you fine. Titli says sorry, I will clean it. Manikant says no need, servants will do it. Maina says don’t worry, Divya will clean it. Titli says I know, I will take time to become a part of this family, I will keep trying, its my family also, I want your love and faith. She goes. She thinks of Monica. She comes to meet Monica’s inlaws. She gets bouquets there. Sushma acts annoyed. Titli says I didn’t come to take Monica along, don’t send her home, but accept these flowers.

Titli says Garv’s anger is too much, it doesn’t matter if he is caring and thoughtful about others. She counts Garv’s good deeds. She says this doesn’t matter, right, just words spoken in anger matter, you shouldn’t forgive him. Garv looks for Titli. He hears Dhara and Dhrishti talking about Monica’s inlaws not allowing her to come. He asks what. Sushma says impressive lecture, Titli, I understand everything, Garv won’t get proved right, he is wrong. Titli says yes, he did wrong, but he is not a wrong person. She explains Sushma. Garv says you all didn’t tell me. He hears Monica’s audio message. He asks who is she to stop Monica, I will go and get her. Dhara says you relax, no. He says you both stay out of it. He leaves. Dhara and Dhrishti worry. Titli says Garv respects you a lot, he never wants to hurt you, trust me. Door bell rings.

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