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Ruhaan and Dua come back home. Gulnaz asks Ruhaan how did he get hurt? Hina asks what happened? Ruhaan says I am okay. Hina asks Dua if she is okay? she nods. Hina asks where is Haider? Dua says he went to drop Gazal home. Hina says it means he is in trouble.

Rahat says he will come back soon. Dua asks her to calm down and says Haider is totally fine, if he doesn’t come in 10 minutes then I will go and bring him back. Hina says I promised to tell the complete truth if my kids come back. She is about to tell her but Dadi asks Ruhaan to go and help the servants. The kids leave.

Gazal and Haider come outside her house. She is shocked to see her whole house destroyed and fallen apart. Gazal falls down and cries, she says this house was everything for me, how will I live now?

Haider consoles her and says I don’t know what to tell you right now but I know God has something planned for me, don’t lose hope. Gazal tries to run inside the house but Haider pulls her back and hugs her. She cries in his arms. Haider says you can’t stay here, come to my house. Gazal says I have to live alone. Haider says you are not alone, please come with me. Gazal looks on.

Dua asks Hina to share everything with her, at least it might give you peace. Hina is about to tell her but Dadi says I thought that secret will go to my grave, I wish Gazal would have died.. Hina says please don’t say that, that girl is in pain for years because of us only. Dua says what pain? Hina says 22 years ago, Haider was ill so I took him to the doctor. Dua says you already told me that.

Gulnaz says let her speak and complete. Hina says we went to the shop first. Gazal’s parents Zeenat and Rahmani were there. Gazal was 1 year old only. Rahmani asked for water so went to take it. When I came back, I saw Rahmani and Zeenat taking Haider away. Rahat came there too. I saw Rahmani leaving with Haider and I couldn’t find him but I found Zeenat. The flashback shows how Hina blamed Zeenat for stealing her child, she tried to plead but the mob started attacking Zeenat.

Before Hina could stop them, the mob kicked and beaten her up. Zeenat died on spot. The flashback ends. Hina says I tried to stop the mob but they didn’t listen, then I saw Rahmani coming out of the hospital with Haider and a doctor. The doctor told us that Rahmani brought Haider in time otherwise he would have died. Rahmani saved my son’s life and then we tried saving Zeenat’s life but she was already dead. I was responsible for Gazal’s mother’s death. I did a big sin. Gulnaz says I never thought but you are a killer.

Rahat says Hina tried to stop the mob but couldn’t. Dua says Hina didn’t do it deliberately, you did everything for Gazal, you gave her education and you did a mistake, you are not a sinner. Hina says Rahmani came to us 3 years ago. The flashback shows how Rahmani came to Rahat and Hina. He said that he didn’t have much time as he is on last stage of cancer. Rahat says you should have told us before. Rahmani said that I have nothing more to ask for but I am just worried about my daughter, she has no one but me.

I remember Hina promised that if I ask anything for Gazal then she will give it. Hina says ask for anything and we will give it. Rahmani says then give your son for my daughter, get him married to Gazal, she will have a family and then I can die in peace. The flashback ends. Hina tells Dua that I couldn’t fulfill my promise again because your marriage was already fixed with Haider and I wanted you to become this house’s daughter in law and already accepted you as my daughter. That’s why I became their sinner again.

Haider tells Gazal that you are my responsibility, our responsibility after your father’s death. We are all with you. Take that family and house as your own. They both share an eye lock. Haider says maybe God wanted me to this, maybe your future is tied to that house? come with me to that house. Gazal says how can I.. Haider says if Dua finds out that I left you here in this situation then my life will have a problem and I am very scared of Dua. Gazal smiles. Haider says lets go from here. Gazal tries to walk but her slipper is broken so Haider asks her to just take them off. He holds her and takes her from there. Gazal keeps staring at her.

Hina tells Dua that we told Rahmani that we will find a good guy for Gazal but we can’t Haider. Rahmani was sad and left the house in anger.. then he died after sometime and Gazal was all alone in life. I never wanted bad for anyone but I have done a big sin. This burden has been killing me. Gulnaz thinks if Haider’s marriage was not fixed with Dua then Gazal would have been our daughter in law. Haider enters the house with Gazal. All are shocked.

Gulnaz says if Dua and Haider’s marriage was not fixed then Gazal would be our daughter-in-law? Dua looks on. Haider comes back home so Hina asks if he is okay? he says I am okay, don’t worry. Hina asks how is Gazal? Haider says you should ask her. Gazal enters the house with muddy feet and leave her feet marks on the entrance, all look on. Haider asks Gazal to come forward. He says Gazal’s house was completely destroyed so I thought to bring her here. Dua goes to her. Dadi says we will get a hotel room for her. Dua says that’s not needed, she is not a stranger. Dua tells Gazal that you might have lost your house but you have found a family, your father is always with you with or without that house. Gazal nods. Dua tells Gazal that I told you that Haider might Look a little rigid but he has a big heart. She tells Haider that he did the right thing. Gulnaz smirks and thinks I will make this wrong. Dadi tells Rahat that this Gazal has come to the house with dirty feet. Dadi tells Hina that if Gazal is as clever as Zeenat then she might destroy your son’s house, maybe Gazal is here to take Zeenat’s revenge.

Hina panics and gets dizzy. Dua and Haider rush to her. Dua says everything is okay. Hina tells Haider to protect Dua at all cost, don’t let anyone snatch your happiness. Haider says what are you saying? Dua says everything is okay. Hina cries and says no.. my kids might get hurt. Rahat asks Hina to rest, Dua and Haider take her from there. Gulnaz tells Gazal that they might have left you but I am here. Ruhaan comes back and asks Gazal if she is okay? She nods. Gulnaz says I will take her to the guest room. Dadi asks Kaynaat to take her instead. Gazal goes with her.

Dadi takes Gulnaz from there, Rahat asks what happened? Dadi tells Gulnaz that I don’t trust you but I want you to promise that secret will not go out and will stay with the 5 of us only. Gulnaz says what will you do if I tell others about this secret? Rahat grabs her and says I don’t know about her but if you tell this secret to anyone then I will divorce. Gulnaz is shocked and says what are you saying? Dadi says he should have controlled you before only. Rahat says she is my wife so please respect her, he tells Gulnaz that Hina is my first wife so don’t dare use this secret against her.

Gulnaz says fine, this secret won’t come out because of me. Rahat asks Dadi to calm down. Dadi says Haider took away our peace, why did he bring her here? Rahat says he didn’t like her so don’t know what happened suddenly and why did Dua allow her to stay here when she knows the secret, we should talk to Dua.

Haider and Dua sit with Hina, he asks what happened? I am okay so what are you thinking? Dua says she must have gotten worried because of the incident and the news. Haider asks her to rest and leaves from there. Hina is scared, Dua says I know what you are thinking but you didn’t do any sin, you did a mistake so don’t burden yourself. You should be proud of Haider helping Gazal even if he doesn’t like her, he did right by bringing Gazal here right? Dadi comes there and says no, that girl can’t stay here, go and tell her to leave this house asap, Dua is shocked.

Gazal sits alone in the room and recalls losing her house. She cries but someone comes and holds her tears. She says Haider? Ruhaan says no its his brother. He says your tears are expensive so I am saving them. Gazal says don’t joke at this time. Ruhaan says I can’t even begin to feel how you must be feeling right now but I promise to stay with you always. Gazal thanks him, he says I will go and make tea for you, don’t cry anymore, he leaves.

Dua tells Dadi that Gazal has no place to go, we can’t throw her out right now. Dadi says I don’t care, she can go anywhere or die. Dua says don’t say all that, why are you bitter abiut Gazal? you are scared that Haider will find the truth that Gazal had to bear a lot of pain because of us, even if he finds out so what? Hina didn’t do any sin so we should tell everything to Haider, he will help Gazal for life and protect her. Dadi says why can’t you see what I can? Hina is most important for Haider and if he finds out that Hina is Gazal’s sinner then he will do anything to get her forgiveness, listen to me and don’t tell Haider or Gazal about the secret. Dua says till when we will hide it? he has a right to know it. Dadi says because after knowing the truth, he will agree to anything that Gazal asks for. What if she asks for father’s last wish to be fulfilled, what if she asks for Haider himself? Dua is shocked and says I know Gazal and Haider. He would never agree, I trust him completely. Dadi says I have more experience, if you want to save your married life then throw her out of the house. Dua looks on.

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