Titli Starlife update Sunday 23 June 2024

The Episode starts with Titli defending herself. Garv says you got the order, complete the work, you don’t leave it, else I will get the blame. He gets hurt by a thorn. Titli worries. He goes. She says I didn’t use Garv to get this work, I got this because of my talent. She prays. Garv thinks why aren’t you able to understand me.

Maina stops Garv. She asks what was all this, why did you eat til laddoos, knowing you have a problem. He says I m fine. She asks why are you hurting yourself, you do this when you remember the childhood accident, calm down, you don’t want Titli to work, tell her you aren’t happy with her work. He says you are right. She asks what’s the problem. He says I couldn’t say no to her, because I didn’t trust her, when I apologized, she asked me permission for job, you could have refused her. Maina says clients would not respect you if you say your wife won’t work. He says yes, but what shall I do now. Maina says I will handle this, just relax, don’t hurt yourself.

Dhara comes to help Titli. Titli says I got the order because of my talent, I didn’t get good chances to prove myself, I trusted myself. Dhara says your order will complete, I know you cant do this here, we have a garden, terrace and servant quarters, order fresh flowers quickly. Titli nods.

She orders the flowers. Dhara thinks I won’t tell you anything about Chintu’s job, you will worry. Koel sees the breakfast ready. Titli comes and says I have made the breakfast. Koel is surprised. Titli says I have made preparations for lunch also. Koel asks did you do all the work alone. Titli says yes, I promised you, I will keep my responsibility, I have to complete Kapadia’s order also, Garv won’t have any problem, don’t worry, Kapadia is their special client, if we complete this order, our respect will be intact and I will get some money to help Kaka, you will be proud of me, I know you get happy when family is happy, please let me complete the order. Maina comes and says you have to do it, you can’t upset our special orders, take Bapuji to clinic for treatment, I have some work. She sends Titli. Koel asks what’s the need. Maina says I know what my son wants. She goes.

Titli thinks after Dada ji’s checkup, I will complete my order. Maina looks on and says I have made Bapuji wear GPS watch, I can’t let Titli win. She asks someone to call Titli. Titli gets a job interview call. She goes out. Maina asks the ward boy to send Dada ji to parking. She tells her name Titli. Ward boy goes and tells Dada ji. Bapuji goes out. Maina thinks sorry to use your bad memory, I will find you with the watch’s help. Titli goes back and asks for Dada ji. Nurse says he left. Titli looks for him. Dada ji is lost. He goes to cross the road. Maina looks on.

He gets scared. Maina sees Titli. Koel says Titli didn’t get Bapuji till now. Garv calls Titli. He asks is everything okay. Titli says Dada ji is missing. Everyone worries. Garv goes. Koel calls Manikant and tells everything. Maina thinks I will call Manikant here. She goes to get Manikant. She comes home and acts. Alpa says you send Bapuji with Titli, why, you are responsible. Manikant scolds her. Jaishri calls Titli. Titli says I will call her later.

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