Titli Starlife update Monday 23 June 2024

The Episode starts with Titli saying I got a call and Dada ji left. Garv scolds her and says just your work is imp, Dada ji is lost. Manikant scolds Maina. Koel asks what will we do if we don’t get him. Maina says we will get him, I make him wear the smart watch always, luckily I made him wear it today also, its tracked in my phone, I also worry for him, I m his bahu.

She shows the location and says we should go there. Alpa says tell Titli also, she will be around. Maina says no, I made a mistake sending her, I will take the responsibility myself. They leave.

Dada ji stumbles. His watch falls off. Garv scolds Titli. He says if anything happens to my Dada ji, then nothing will be worse than me. He asks Titli to just shut up. He goes. Hiren says he is worried and angry, don’t feel bad. Titli thinks its my mistake to take that call. Sandy and Dhrishti romance. Chintu looks on. She asks Sandy to sit right. She says sorry, driver is there. Sandy says so what, its my car, my GF, I will do whatever I want, don’t think about him. The car stops at the signal. Sandy asks can’t you drive. Chintu says red signal. Dhrishti says we will play a game and give him a chance to save his job, he will get a job if he goes and gets water. Sandy says the game is over, run and get water for her. Chintu runs.

Everyone looks for Dada ji. Maina says he isn’t here. Manikant says check location again. Koel gets the watch and shows it. Manikant scolds Maina and asks her to find his dad. Alpa says we will check in the hospitals also. Manikant says just pray nothing happened to him, else you don’t know what I will do with you. Chintu gets the water bottle. He crosses the road. Titli doesn’t see him. Shrishti says his job got saved today, we will play this game again. Sandy says yes, drive now, the game is over. Titli gets a message.

She looks for Dada ji. Dada ji is lost. He crosses a road. A man asks who are you, where do you want to go. Dada ji says I don’t know. The man asks his name. Dada ji says I forgot. The man asks where do you stay. Dada ji says I forgot that also. Titli doesn’t take Jaishri’s call. Jaishri worried. She prays. Titli asks the man about Dada ji. He says I made him sit there, go and check. Jaishri calls Hiren and asks about Titli. He says Dada ji is missing, Titli is fine. She asks what. He says yes, Titli and Dada ji went to hospital. She asks did he go to the old sweet shop, you had told in college that he often goes there, I will pray you find him. He thanks her and goes there. Garv, Hiren and Titli come to the sweet shop and find Dada ji. Dada ji says I always have jalebis at this shop, its tasty. He asks Titli to have it. Koel says Hiren called, he found Dada ji, they are coming home. Manikant says I m so scared.. Dada ji comes home. Koel asks are you fine. He says yes. She asks him to come. Manikant scolds Titli.

He shuts the door on her face. Titli calls out Garv. She cries. Garv asks how can you do this, she is my wife. Manikant asks what shall I do. Garv says its her house also. Manikant says no, I will decide who will stay here. Titli cries. Dada ji gets jalebis for Titli. She cheers him. He says this isn’t a family, no one has time for me, everyone is busy. She says everyone loves you, so they are angry on me, you got lost because of me. He asks what. She says nothing, you should go inside. Manikant says learn to control your wife, she doesn’t value our name and prestige, she is living his lavish life because of you, she should be obedient to you, be a man, live a man’s life like your dad. He goes.

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