Evil Affairs starlife update Sunday 23 June 2024

The Episode starts with Nikki holding Daayan’s hair strand. The divine mark activates and Daayan feels the jerk, pushed, and falls down on the floor from over the dining table. Everyone is shocked. Vikam asks Chaaya ji if you are fine. Daayan starts laughing and goes.

Everyone is surprised. Saudamini thinks Nikki has pushed and made Daayan fell down, but she didn’t do anything and went laughing. Sumitra asks Nikki how did she do this? Nikki says don’t know, just as you don’t understand, even I don’t understand and says I held her hair so that you don’t get hurt. Vikram says everyone saw what happened, Daayan laughed and left and didn’t do anything. Piyush asks Nikki if she is fine. Nikki says yes. Piyush takes her from there and asks Nikki if she is feeling some power in her, that made Chaaya fall down so badly. Nikki says she doesn’t know.

Malik asks Kapalika’s statue if she had not gone against him, and haven’t attacked Nikki, then she would be fine today and not frozen in the stone and would have heard his heart beat. He says nikki’s two drops of blood made the dead heart alive, and says his heart calls only Nikki now. He says he made Chaaya as Nikki’s protector, and if she tries to harm Nikki then he will make her condition more worse.

Nikki goes to the bathroom and checks her back. She says everything is normal here, then what was it? Vikram asks if it was not magic then what was it, if Nikki knows magic. Piyush says even she was shocked, she doesn’t know. Aarohi says Nikki has special power. Prateik asks if she has shaitaani powers like Daayan and Malik. Sumitra says she can be Devi.

Daayan thinks what was on her back, which threw her down on the floor. Nikki sees the divine power sign and gets shocked. Daayan says I have to see her back and tries to see her back. Nikki thinks this is the power which made daayan fell down. Daayan tries to see Nikki’s back through the mirror, but she couldn’t see the sign and turns her face. Just then the sign gets visible, but Daayan couldn’t see.

Nikki thinks this power is protecting me from Daayan, but how come it came on my back and what does this power means. She comes to the room wondering about it. She hears Baaldevi laughing and asks her if you are here. She asks what it is doing on my back. Baaldevi says I have out this Maha Suraksha Yantra, to protect her from darkness and evil. She says if you do any sin then it will be destroyed. Nikki asks Baaldevi to come infront of her. Baaldevi comes infront of her and says she has answered her. She runs and vanishes. Nikki opens the door to find Piyush.

The Daayan’s friends provoke her to kill Nikki and drink her blood. Daayan gets angry and asks them to go. Saudamini comes there and tells that Nikki made you fall down. Daayan asks who is the informer of Malik. Saudamini lies that Malik has sent invisible informer. Daayan says I am also as old as Malik and ties her in the air. Daayan sends someone to call someone.

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