Lost in love starlife update Monday 24 June 2024

Ishan tells Savi that he wants to tell her something and says whatever happened to her family is actually.. Nurse informs doctor that one patient is still alive. They all rush towards Harini. Nurse says Harini coughed just a minute ago. Savi tries to wake her up. Ishan recalls all the recent incidents with Chavans.

Doctor checks Harini and says she is really alive with a weak pulse. Nurse says she didn’t have pulse when she was brought here. Savi pleads doctor to save her sister. Doctor shifts Harini to an ICU and checks her. Savi asks him how is her sister. Doctor says she got a deep skull trauma and is in coma. Savi pleads him to save her somehow. Doctor says her condition is critical and survival chances are very grim. Savi sits crying and asks Ishan why Bappa snatched her family from her.

Ishan thinks he should inform Savi that he is her culprit and not Samrudh. He tries to inform her about the incident again when a wardboy walks to Savi and asks her to sign her family’s postmortem consent form. Savi throws away form and says her family is alive, they will not do anything. Wardboy asks Ishan to explain madam that this is the usual procedure. Savi walks into morgue and seeing her family’s dead bodies recalls the quality time spent with them. She asks each of them to stop their drama and wake up. Ishan recalls Ninad telling him that Ishan saved Savi, now he is ready to die. He tries to comfort Savi and asks her to accept the truth that her family is gone. Savi says like Harini, they must be alive. Doctor walks to her and asks her to sign postmortem form as they can’t proceed without it. Ishan makes Savi sign the form. Savi tries to stop wardboys from taking her family’s dead bodies. Ishan tries to control her. Savi collapses.

Surekha scolds driver for not picking his call and orders him to get the car out. Yashwant asks what happened. Surekha says Ishan is in Ramtek and is not picking Reeva or her call, Isha and Savi must have trapped him there. Yashwant says Shantanu and Isha must be in flight as their phone is not reachable. Surekha says Isha’s puppet Savi must have trapped Ishan there then, she will go to Ramtek and bring back Ishan. Doctor checks Savi and says she collapsed due to the shock and low BP, it’s good that her family member is with her. Ishan says he is Savi’s professor. She says he should be with her in this situation. Ishan says he will be with her.

Ishan’s inner voice emerges and says he shouldn’t have gone there as a savior or else Savi’s family would have been alive. He says he didn’t know that there was gasoline in canisters and would catch fire with a bullet shot. Inner voice that he is responsible for their death and should inform about it to Savi. Ishan gets Reeva’s call. Reeva asks where is he, everyone are trying to contact him since yesterday. Ishan says something really bad happened here. Reeva asks if he is fine. Ishan says he is fine, but Savi’s whole family died in an accident. Reeva in shock asks how did it happen. Ishan says Samrudh had kidnapped Savi’s family and then killed him, even to some extent he is responsible. Reeva asks Savi is fine. Ishan says she is unconscious. Reeva asks how will he manage alone. Ishan says Savi’s condition is more vulnerable, he needs to handle her right now. He disconnects call.

Savi dreams about Samrudh kidnapping her famil and threatening her to reach a paint factory as a bride or else he will kill her family members one by one, etc. She opens her eyes. Reeva informs Surekha that Samrudh kidnapped Savi’s family and then killed her. Surekha recalls exposing Samrudh and asks if it’s rogue Samrudh who wanted to marry Durva. Reeva says she doesn’t know. Surekha says whatever happened with Savi is really bad, may god rest her family in peace; they shall go to Ramtek right now and bring back Ishan from there. Reeva says Ishan strictly warned her not to come there and let him manage alone. Surekha insists.

Yashwant says Reeva is right, she should trust Ishan and wait here. Ishan returns to Savi’s room and doesn’t find her there. Nurse informs him that a constable took her along to identify the culprits. Ishan thinks if Savi had gone to identify Samrudh; if she learns from Samrudh that he is responsible for her family’s death, she will never forgive him; he shall inform her first before Samrudh informs her.

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