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Dua tells Haider that you don’t have reason to trust me anymore which is what hurts. She leaves from there. Gazal is outside their room and smirks. She enters Haider’s room and lies besides him while he is asleep. She hugs him and thinks its so beautiful to be with him. She hugs him tightly.

Ruhaan comes outside Gazal’s room and says I want to romance with you.. open the door as I want to talk with you. The door opens and he enters the room but she is not there.

Dua comes to Dadi and cries. She says my family is breaking and I am unable to do anything. Dadi thinks I can’t even share her pain. Dua says only you understood me but she made you like this. Nobody is believing me, I am fighting for them but they don’t understand. She hugs her and cries. Dadi thinks to not lose hope. Dua says she is very clever, how will I fight with her?

Haider feels someone hugging him and whispers what are you doing here? I don’t want to talk to you Dua.. don’t show me love. He grabs her hand so she can’t move. He is about to turn towards her but stops. He says I don’t want to look at you so go away. He goes back to sleep. Gazal thinks I am near him but I can’t be with him yet. Haider thinks I can’t stay away from Dua. Gazal thinks its so beautiful to hug him like this.

Dua tells Dadi that girl is using our emotions, I am all alone in this fight.. I wish I had someone to show support to me. She hugs her and cries. Dadi tries to raise her hand to bless her. She puts her hand on her head and Dua is surprised.. she says you blessed me? I will go and tell everyone but Dadi murmurs to stop her. Dua asks what happened? Dadi hints towards Quran (Holy book). Dua takes it and starts reciting it. Dua gets a hint and says I know I don’t need to be scared of Gazal, I will keep fighting as I trust my God. I am ready to go against my family to save them. I am not alone as I am fighting for all of them. Gazal will have to face a fearless Dua now. She says I won’t tell anyone about you raising your hand as Gazal might do something else.

Ruhaan comes to Hina and says I can’t find Gazal in her room. She says don’t worry, she must be around. Ruhaan says she has a habit ot sleep-walking, I am worried about her. They both go to look for her. They meet Gulnaz, Hina says Gazal is missing from her room. Ruhaan calls her and they hear it ringing. Gulnaz thinks she might be up to something. She sees Gazal hugging a sleeping Haider from the window and is shocked.

Dua hears Hina looking for Gazal and goes to check. Kaynaat comes to Dua and says Gazal is missing, she hugs her and says what happened with you was wrong. I am sorry on their behalf. Dua says don’t apologize. Kaynaat says I am with you, that Gazal is poisonous but I will stop her. She can’t hurt my family till I am alive. She says I have a plan but I need your help. Hina comes there and asks Kaynaat to leave, she leaves. She tells Dua to stop plotting in the house. Dua tries to leave but Hina stops her and says Gazal is not in her room.. are you behind this? Dua says how would I know where she is? Hina says you are always behind her, if anything happens to Gazal then I won’t let you stay in the house. Dua is shocked hearing that.

Hina says to Dua that she will kick her out if anything happens to Gazal. She asks Dua to either pray for Gazal’s safety or pack luggage to leave the house. Ruhan supports Hina’s statement. He lashes out at Dua for always hurting Gazal. He asks Dua to leave and says that she doesn’t matter to him anymore. Dua calls Gazal responsible for everything and says that she won’t spare her today. She calls Gazal. Ruhan warns her to not take Gazal’s name. Hina assures Ruhan saying that Gazal won’t leave house silently. She asks him to stay worry free and hugs him. Gulnaaz wonders when Gazal will come out of Dua’s room.

Dua says that if Gazal has left it’s good for Ruhan only. Though she believes that Gazal didn’t leave. Ruhan says that Gazal is nowhere in the house. Gulnaaz thinks if

Gazal is found in Dua’s room she has to leave the house for real. Ruhan says that he won’t forgive Dua. Hina curses Dua saying God won’t forgive her ever. They leave. Dua wonders Gazal’s whereabouts. She recalls Gazal’s words regarding Haider. Gulnaaz secretly enters Dua’s room and tries to alert Gazal. Gazal does not wish to leave Haider. Dua heads towards her room. Gazal tries to leave but Haider tightens his grip. Dua enters the room and sees that Haider is sleeping peacefully.

Flashback shows that Gazal hid herself under the bed before Dua entered the room. Dua decides to not switch on the light and disturb Haider’s sleep. Gazal hides a piece of paper that Gulnaaz threw at her, with lot of difficulty. Dua kisses Haider and sleeps beside him. Gazal tries to leave the room secretly. Dua learns that Haider feels that she is there with him from a long time. Dua gets alert. She sees a shadow crossing her room. She switches on the light and goes behind her. Haider wakes up. Dua fails to catch Gazal as she hides herself behind a wall. Gazal feels that Dua has left and comes out. She gears up to leave. Dua holds her hand. She slaps her hard and asks what she was doing with Haider. Ruhan sees it. He asks Dua what she meant. He asks Dua to spare her husband atleast.

Dua says that she will prove herself right. She asks what Gazal is doing inside the house when she already left. She claims that Shameless Gazal was there with Haider in her room when everyone was searching for her. She says that Gazal can’t belong to anyone. Ruhan asks her to stop. He says that he has endless love for Gazal and he trusts her a lot. He doesn’t wish to hear anything else and leaves with Gazal. Dua wonders how to prove her point. Later, Ruhan asks Gazal what she was doing in Haider’s room. Ruhan says that he saw Gazal coming out of Haider’s room. He asks her to confess the truth.

Gazal says that she went to talk to Haider. She went to ask Haider if he also opposes their marriage like Dua. Ruhan says it’s not important. Gazal questions Ruhan for doubting her. She says that Haider’s opinion is important for her as she has relation with Haider before others. Ruhan asks which relation. Gazal replies friendship. Ruhan says that Gazal should be friends with Dua as she supported her when Haider was strictly against her and wanted to kick her out of house. Ruhan questions Gazal about her relationship with Haider. Gazal says currently Dua is against her so she needs Haider’s support. Ruhan holds her hand and asks what she was doing with Haider late night. Gazal thinks it’s hard to manipulate Ruhan.

Gazal tells Ruhaan that Haider is just her friend and she is thankful to him for making her meet Ruhaan. Ruhaan says but why did you go to his room at this time? what are you hiding? Gazal says I went there because of Dua. Ruhaan says what do you mean? what are you hiding? Gazal says why would I hide anything? I went there to talk to Dua but she was not there so I tried to leave silently as if Dua found me then she would blame me for being characterless for Haider. Ruhaan says enough.. Dua can’t have that cheap thoughts. Gazal says what about Dua blaming me all the time? He tries to leave but she says you don’t trust your would-be wife but you trust Dua? if you trust her so much then why did you save me? do you trust me or Dua? He says I trust you only, I have always supported you against Dua but I respect Dua-Haider’s relationship. I saved you from Dua because Haider taught me to always take a stand for your partner. Dua and Haider are a strong couple and you know they never lie to each other so I am requesting you to never lie to me. Gazal smiles and says anything else? Ruhaan says go to sleep. He leaves from there. Gazal says I will break Dua and Haider up badly.

Dua comes to her room and finds Haider sleeping. She thinks it was Gazal only but why would she take a risk like that? I can’t be wrong, someone was in the room with Haider. She kisses his forehead and holds his hand. She says you are my weakness and my strength. Haider wakes up and hugs her. He says don’t worry and go to sleep. Dua finds an earring on the bed and thinks it must of Gazal. She asks Haider if anyone came to the room? Haider says it was you only and you tried to hug me to pacify me. Dua is shocked and thinks it was Gazal only. She was with my husband on our bed. She gets angry and thinks I won’t spare her for touching my Haider.

Scene 2

Gazal sits alone and recalls her moments with Haider in his bed. She says I can still smell him and soon he will be mine. There is a knock on the door and she gets angry thinking its Dua. Gulnaz enters her room and says you look chirpy? what are you hiding? she says nothing. Gulnaz says I can see love in your smile. You should be careful though. Gazal says I couldn’t stop myself seeing Haider. Gulnaz says just be careful of others. Gazal says don’t worry. Gulnaz says I was happy to see you with Haider. Gulnaz says where is your other earring? Gazal is shocked and says I might have dropped it on Haider’s bed. Dua can’t find it. Gulnaz asks her to calm down. Gazal says Ruhaan saw me coming out of Haider’s room so if Dua finds the earring then I am gone, we have to find it. She goes to get it. Gazal starts looking around for her earring and comes outside Haider’s room.

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