Radha Mohan update Tuesday 1 August 2023

Radha mohan 1 August 2023: Kadambari informs Damini knows it very well she is the bride and about to get married, so it is not auspicious for the bride to leave the house, Damini asks what sort of a bride informing she does not want to get married, Gungun starts clapping but Ketki stops her instructing she should not do anything. Kadambari gets worried asking what has happened that she is so tensed, Damini replies when no one wants her to get married with Mohan and is trying to stop it so why should she marry him, Kadambari asks what has happened and who said that they do not trust her, Damini explains Mohan thinks she is the enemy of the house and so he tried to blame her for it, she reveals she got a call from Ketki who informed that she is the wife of Hriday, and then she demanded the money from her, Damini replies she thought she was glad they might be able to catch Hriday’s wife so she also called the police but then Radha came there and started beating the police, Damini exclaims if Mohan himself does not trust her then she does not want to get married.

Damini tries to leave when Mohan stops her accepting that she was not involved with Hriday but what about the medicine which the doctor gave Radha, he replies he is glad he managed to cross check it with his doctor friend who revealed the medicine should be given under extreme circumstances as it might have caused her condition to get even more worse, Damini asks how would she know when Ketki called the hospital, Ketki replies she just called the hospital and did not knew who would they send to treat her, Damini mentions they should call the hospital to confirm, Mohan asks then who asked the doctor to give the medicine, the doctor standing at the door explains it was just a mistake, he entering the house accepts he would not have done it if he had checked her properly but requests them to not file a complaint against him, Mohan angrily asks how is it possible when Damini assures they would not file any complaint against him so he should leave now. Mohan turning back questions why she let him leave knowing what might have happened to Radha, Damini angrily explains why he is still worried about only Radha, she exclaims she is going to leave.

Kadambari stops Damini asking who said they do not trust her, she vows that Damini will only get married to Mohan. Damini hugs Kadambari mentioning she does not want to marry Mohan but now it is up to them to see what would happen to their family after this, Kadambari gets scared thinking about the threats but is not able to stop Damini.

Kadambari immediately asks Mohan what has happened which caused Damini to be so furious, Radha informs she is going to reveal the true reason behind it however Kadambari asks her to not interfere in their matter. She mentions everything which has happened in their house in the past starts and ends with her, Radha is shocked. Kadambari asks how she managed to come out of the room when Mohan tied her to the bed.

Damini sees Kaveri on the floor from the window, she yells her name which worries everyone, Damini rushes to help Kaveri asking what has happened to her, Mohan and Kadambari both rush to see what has happened. Kadambari also asks what has happened to her, they immediately try to help her.

Kaveri blames Radha for trying to escape, and then she was trying her best to stop her, but Radha beat her a lot, hearing this Radha is stunned so questions Kaveri why she is lying when it is not what happened. Kaveri blames her for lying mentioning she always says she does not lie but she should reveal if she pushed her, Radha accepts that she pushed her, Kaveri then does not let her explain herself. Kaveri blames Radha for beating her a lot, she tries to clarify herself when Damini asks if she does not have a heart when she raised her hand on an old woman. Mohan explains that he is going to call the doctor however Damini thinks that if he calls the doctor then it would prove her mother is just acting, she explains those who cause pain should not act as if they are worrying for them, Damini mentions even a stranger can call the doctor but asks if they all questioned Radha why did she beat her mother, Radha tries to argue that she has not done anything wrong.

Mohan angrily asks them both to shut up as they must call the doctor first, Damini stops Mohan mentioning she does not need his help anymore and can still take care of her mother.Kaveri requests Radha to not beat her as she is begging her, Damini hugs her when Kaveri thinks that she just mixed the Haldi with quick lime which caused the color to change from yellow to red, she smiles thinking that her taking part in Ram Lela during her childhood really helped her a lot. Kaveri while applying it pleads with Radha to not beat her, exclaiming she has really caused pain to her. Kaveri is still blaming Radha for beating her, thinking this is how she will act.

Damini exclaims the problem is that everything is happening because of her, but not anymore, she exclaims they are not going to live here anymore as everything is going to end. Mohan tries to help Kaveri, but Damini warns him to stay away and not even dare come near her mother. Mohan leaves angrily. Ketki thinks Damini is a good actor and she knows Damini would not leave this house so easily.

Damini and Kaveri are leaving with their bags when Kadambari tries her best to stop them, Mohan also requests her to stop but Radha asks why he is stopping Damini as they should not stop the evils from leaving this house. Kadambari angrily asks Radha to stop as she knows what is best for her Granddaughter. Kadambari turning Mohan hands him the papers, he asks what is written in them when Kadambari says he can check for himself, he exclaims that these are the papers of the custody and the hearing is after three days, Mohan tries his best to stop her when Radha mentions there is no need to stop her. Mohan mentions it is now relating to his daughter, Damini asks if this was the only reason, he desired to marry her, Gungun mentions Damini is right as her father was marrying her just because off her but now that she is leaving, Gungun exclaims she would get Radha and Mohan married.

Mohan mentions he will not lie as he said he would marry Damini only because of Gungun, she asks if Damini wants to leave then why is he stopping her. Mohan angrily asks Gungun to stop, he explains neither of them were able to find a proof against Damini, he apologizes to Damini for whatever happened requesting that she should not leave this house, everyone is tensed while Damini smiles.

Mohan apologizes to Damini accepting that it was his mistake, Damini says he should let it go as this is not his apology but his helplessness since he is also doing it for Gungun. Tulsi mentions he should let Damini go if this is what she desires, as this is all an act so Mohan should not stop her. Mohan accepts that he made a mistake but is not such a wrong person that he would marry her for Gungun but is just apologizing to his friend who has been by his side throughout his entire life and took care of his family, business and even himself. Mohan mentions he has understood that Damini can never wrong his family as she really loves them, he begs her to forgive him,Damini replies these are such small words, because he first suspected her of wrongdoings then seeks apology or make fun of their feelings and then apologize. Damini mentions she will not believe him so they should end it all as this is what they all desire that she should not marry Mohan. Radha agrees when Damini congratulates Radha mentioning today, she lost, she mentions she is not going to marry Mohan. Damini mentions now Mohan would have to deal with everything, but she has had enough of it and is going to leave, Kadambari explains that this is not the case and they all want that Damini should get married to Mohan. Kadambari requests Kaveri to talk some sense into Damini but Kaveri exclaims the way Radha has beat her, after this she is not going to say anything so they must leave. Mohan explains that he understands it is all very wrong but promises that it will never happen in the future, she is only going to get love from them, he promises to make it up to her mentioning after today he is going to accept Damini and this relation with a complete heart. Damini and Kaveri both smile thinking now their plan is about to be fulfilled, Kaveri whispers to Damini that now it is time for them both to turn back, Damini mentions he should not have talked about their childhood friendship.

Tulsi informs Mohan made a very big mistake by once again inviting the person who is responsible for destroying their home. Damini turns back asking if Mohan really accepted their relationship with his whole heart, she agrees that she is not going to leave but has a condition, that Radha is not going to stay in this house. Gungun informs that Radha will not go anywhere when Damini replies then this wedding will also not happen. Mohan asks what sort of question this is, Damini inquiries why he is still believing Radha even after whatever has happened to her mother, she questions what would have he done if this happened with Kadambari. Damini exclaims what should she think that her mother does not have any respect. Damini replies she has not said anything when Radha blamed her and even slapped her, but she is not going to bear anything against her mother.

Radha immediately requests Mohan to not believe Damini as this is her new plan, Damini replies Radha made the right choice by talking about the truth, she is also going to show the true face of Radha.

Damini plays a video in which Gungun asks Radha if she performed the rituals with the help of Bihari jee, Radha replied that Bihari jee did not help her due to which Gungun replied that there is a ghost. Radha thinks that if she tells Gungun there is a ghost then she might get scared or rather if she accepts that Bihari jee indeed helped her, Gungun will stop putting efforts into her work so she apologizes to Bihari jee for lying, Radha then accepted that no one helped her during the rituals and she was just acting. Kaveri smiles thinking that Radha has helped her, she is going to play the video at the right moment.

Radha immediately apologizes to Mohan jee explaining it did not happen like this, Dadi calls Radha standing at the door, she gets emotional so rushes to hug her. Kadambari also greets her, asking what are they both doing here suddenly. Damini replies she has called them here so they can take Radha home. Dadi asks Radha to come back home with her but Radha refuses mentioning she cannot go back home until she reveals the true face of Damini.

Damini turns to Mohan informing he must decide what will happen, either the friendship with Radha or the love of Damini, he has to choose between Radha and Damini. Mohan gets emotional but Damini asks if he trusts her or Radha, Mohan gets really tensed. Kadambari also agrees with Damini mentioning Radha would have to leave this house, Ketki requests Mohan to not let Radha leave this house, even Ajeet requests Mohan to not let Radha leave. Shekar also explains that this house and Mohan need Radha, Mr Trivedi explains he completely trusts Radha for telling the truth.

Tulsi says that Radha is the one person who manages to ruin the plans of Damini but if she leaves then Damini would be able to fulfill her plans without any worry.Mohan takes the blessings of both Dadi and pandit jee, he asks them both to take Radha with them.

Radha hearing this is shocked, while the entire family also is shocked by this decision. Dadi replies she has come here to take Radha but now he has also said it so there is no point for Radha to stay here so she is going to take her. Radha refuses to go back, Dadi scolds her mentioning she has to come, as they have already made a mistake of letting her live here but will not make the same mistake again. Dadi explains she should have taken her back when she accepted that she loved Mohan.

Mohan is shocked asking if Dadi knew about it, Kaveri replies she would have known as this is what she was saying, and they sent their daughter to marry a rich person. Radha angrily turns explaining that she can say anything to her but must never think about insulting her Dadi and father. Dadi asks Radha to come as she made a mistake by allowing her to stay here and saw that the entire family is asking her to leave so it is enough. Radha tries to reason that she cannot go as Mohan needs her. Dadi replies in what battle did not need Radha, but he did not have her in that previous battle neither would he have support in this battle, Radha is shocked.

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