Timeless love update Friday 30 June 2023

Timeless love 30 June 2023: Hariprasad reminds Vidhi of his condition and tells that he feels that she shall do the job, as she makes him proud always. He blesses her. Vidhi gets happy and hugs Bimla and Seema. Seem asks for party. Hariprasad says he will bring samosa etc for party. Vidhi and Bimla thank Milapni Devi.

Timeless love 29 June 2023

Seema informs Urmila about Vidhi’s promotion and invites her for the party. She tells Bimla that whom Urmila called as pagli film is hit film. Peeli gives gift to Vidhi hearing about her promotion. Laali comes there and gives her gift. Vidhi asks who told you. Seema says she told wherever needed. Laali says she has surprise for Vidhi and shows Neeli. Bimla gets tensed thinking about Hariprasad’s anger.

Neeli says even I have come with the gift and didn’t come empty handed. Vidhi asks what is the need? Neeli says it is a blessing for you, from Pratap and me. Bimla says you know…Neeli says I will leave before Hari ji comes. She blesses Vidhi and is about to go. Bimla apologizes to her. Neeli says our friendship is above everything. She is about to go out with Seema, when she sees Urmila, her husband and golden. She stops and comes back to Bimla. She tells her about urmila and her family.

They get worried. Urmila’s husband says he will have poha made by bhabhi. Urmila is angry that she made the halwa and Milapni devi promoted her. She says she is impartial to them. Vidhi comes out to distract Urmila and greets her. Urmila is angry that Golden didn’t get the job and Vidhi is promoted by Dev. Laali and Peeli come out to stop Urmila. Urmila says she will go on hunter strike infront of Mata, but today she has made matar paneer at home. Peeli says sit tomorrow then.

Just then they hear the sound coming from the kitchen, as Bimla tries to make Neeli leave through the window. Urmila asks Golden to go and check inside. Seema stops her and says Mami is very angry now. Urmila says I will not let Golden harm. She says she will go herself. Vidhi asks them to sit. Urmila says jiji will not get angry today as Vidhi got promotion. She says she will sit and runs to kitchen along with her husband and daughter. They see Bimla helping Neeli escape through the window.

Urmila holds Neeli’s hand and asks how dare she to come here, as bhai saheb hates her.Urmila’s husband goes to call Hariprasad and asks him to come home fast. Vidhi and Bimla plead infront of Urmila to leave Neeli. Seema pinches Urmila and the latter falls down. Neeli manages to leave. Hariprasad comes home. Urmila tells that the house respect is ruined. Hariprasad asks her to think before saying.

He says today is the day of happiness here, and says he will not bear anything nonsense. Urmila says you can’t bear my words, but can bear that woman here who had ruined her family’ s respect and made her escape through the window. Hariprasad shouts at Bimla. Urmila says Neeli had come here. Hariprasad says we can’t stop her from coming to jagrata and tells that the woman is shameful and married the guy who was 20 years elder than her, don’t know with what greed.

He asks how dare she to enter here? Urmila sees Seema hiding Neeli’s gift. She tells Hariprasad. Hariprasad takes the gift from Seema. Bimla says I can explain to you. Hariprasad gets angry and throws the gift outside the house. Vidhi cries scared. Next morning, Bimla promises Hariprasad that Neeli will not come home again. She asks Vidhi to take the gift. Vidhi says if Papa sees this box, then will throw me out of the house. Bimla says people feelings are good.

Vidhi asks shall I take permission from Papa. Bimla says keep it in your office. Vidhi leaves.Bimla tells Hariprasad that it was happy moment for Vidhi and all of us. She says Neeli had married guy 20 years elder than her, and did a big sin in your sight. She says that doesn’t mean that she don’t have right to love our Vidhi. She says you didn’t think about Vidhi once. She was so happy and had done something on her own, some good news had come in this house after so many years and you have ruined everything.

Hariprasad says I did a big mistake. Bimla brushes off his hand and goes inside crying.Vidhi comes to the office and opens the gift box. She sees lens of objectivity and thinks Neeli Aunty and Pratap uncle has given her a good gift. Rishabh sees her and says it was in Dev Sir’s cabin and asks if she has stolen it? Vidhi says no, I didn’t steal and cries. Rishabh goes and calls Dev there. Vidhi says Sir, I didn’t steal. Rishabh says I didn’t see this lens anywhere other than your cabin.

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