Timeless love update Thursday 21 September 2023

Timeless love 21 September 2023: The Episode starts with Vidhi telling Dev that she doesn’t know what is happening, and that she has to resign. Dev is shocked and asks what? Vidhi tells Dev that she wants Maa and Papa to accept them with respect and says may be they would have accepted us, if this thing haven’t come out infront of them like this. She says they are very simple people and couldn’t understand, got scared. She says I couldn’t understand how I hurt so many people and says you are my strength and weakness too, and I am scared thinking how I will stay without you. Priya calls Amba and tells her that Vidhi has put her hands in wrong house. She says she is very angry. Amba asks why your mood is bad. Priya says she is irritated with Vidhi like girls. Amba ends the call and says even me. Vidhi tells Dev that she never tried to get him, but didn’t hope to get this insult. She says many people unite and separate, why Milapni Devi made us meet. She says I have taken two decisions, one is to resign and other one is that I will not marry anyone else except you. Dev says Vidhi. Vidhi says I am agreeing to Maa and Papa and resigning, but marriage shall be my decision. She says she can’t carry the fake relation, has loved him and will always love him all her life. She says I will go. Dev calls her.

The reporters bombards question on Kanika about Dev and Vidhi’s affair. Kanika says I thought you work in reputed media house, but it will be shameful thing for me to answer your vulgar questions. The reporter asks if the women employees are safe here. Kanika says this company is women friendly and the women employees feel safe here. She says if you do character assassination of Vidhi, then I will not bear. Later Yogesh tells Kanika that Vidhi has trapped Dev and talks about her character. Kanika gets angry and asks if it was not Dev’s mistake. They argue. She asks him not to talk bad about them.

Bimla comes to Vidhi and asks why is she working. She then realizes and goes. Vidhi prays to Milapni Devi for her parents. Abhi comes home and asks Dev why he didn’t have food, made by him. Dev asks about his tour. Abhi says good and says he heard the news. He asks him to give him 1 minute to warm the halwa.

Vidhi gives prasad to Chacha ji and Urmila. Urmila says if you are done, then go to a corner. She says Bhai Saheb will go to ICU again seeing you. Chacha ji says it is matter of few says. Urmila asks him to go and clean Jiji’s room. Vidhi says I will help you. Urmila stops her and asks her to make tea. She says I am tired being in the hospital, and you had called your lover here. Vidhi says tea. Urmila says I am worried that she might take Bhai Saheb away, and says I have to handle everything, as the family is mine and I can’t leave anyone.

Abhi brings warm halwa and makes Dev have it. He asks which one is better. Dev says better. Abhi says your wife became better after Vidhi came in your life and says your decision to choose Vidhi is right. Dev says things just happened. Abhi says I am happy and approves her. Dev feels shy? Abhi says what media will do, you both are adult and love each other and that is just what matters. He says sorry. Satyavati comes and says I am the team leader and not that aged that you are partying without me. She says she heard Abhi. Dev says it seems like he is my elder brother and not younger. Priya sees them happy and having halwa. She gets Amba’s call. Priya says she never get love and respect and Dev-Vidhi ios getting so much love. She ends the call. Amba says Vidhi has to bear so much.

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