Timeless Love update Saturday 24 June 2023

Timeless Love 24 June 2023: Satyavati asks Dev if he is scared that Mata Rani will bless him immediately and will land your life partner in your lap. She says Mata rani will not do this immediately and asks him to go there. He asks if you are done with pulling my leg? Satyavati laughs and asks why you don’t want to go. He says he don’t go to crowded places. Servant comes there and says a girl came from your office, and insisting to meet you.

Timeless Love 23 June 2023

Dev asks her to tell her, that he don’t want to meet her. Satyavati asks who has come? Dev says Vidhi must have come and says ask her to go. The Servant says she is Sangeeta. Dev comes to hall and asks Sangeeta why did she come? Sangeeta says she came to talk about Vidhi, whatever happened today. He says you came as her lawyer, tell her that my decision is final and will not change. Sangeeta says I haven’t come for Vidhi, but came for you.

Seema asks Vidhi, Dev sir is not coming. She says don’t know what is breaking news, that you have lost the job or dev sir not coming here. Vidhi asks if she is teasing her. Seema says I am cheering you up so that we can think how to tackle with this problem. Vidhi says we will tell them truth. Seema asks her to tell tomorrow about her job.

Vidhi asks what about Dev sir? Seema says big people are busy, we will make an excuse? Vidhi says she can’t like to her parents.Sangeeta tells Dev that there is a difference to work in other company and in his company, the difference is Dev Raichand, you are our role model and your respect is always high in our sight. Dev says you want to say that I did wrong with Vidhi. Sangeeta says Vidhi got this job due to her honesty. Dev says she is spreading fake rumours that Chitra’s inlaws Amba is my wife and invited her.

Sangeeta says the staff members made her believe that Amba Maam is your wife, and she invited you both so that the problems get solved between you both. She says it is Vidhi’s mistake that….Dev says she is innocent. Sangeeta says I didn’t come here for Vidhi, if you have known this later, then you couldn’t have forgiven yourself. Dev says you are right and says he will call Vidhi tomorrow. Satyavati comes and asks him to rectify his mistake today itself.

She asks him not to break her hope and asks him to go to jagrata. Dev says there will be so much crowd there. Sangeeta says I have an idea.Vidhi prays to Milapni Devi to do some miracle that Dev Sir comes here. Dev says I will go to Jagrata. Satyavati and Sangeeta smiles. Vidhi thinks she is getting mad and thinks why Dev sir will come here, after all that happening.

She apologizes to her, for asking the wrong thing, and asks her to give her strength so that she tells truth to Maa and Papa, and gets less scoldings.Hariprasad and Kalumal get happy seeing the welcome idea of the neighborhood boys to welcome Dev. The photographer clicks their pics. Vidhi comes to hariprasad. Hariprasad says your Dev Sir will remember this all life. Vidhi asks him to listen to her. Just then the guy plays the music. Hariprasad asks him to keep the volume down.

Kalumal says you have grown old. Hariprasad goes to him. Vidhi thinks to tell Maa. Dev gets ready. Satyavati asks Servant to keep badam halwa in the car. Dev takes her blessings. Satyavati asks him to take God’s blessings. She prays to God to make Dev’s Jodi and bless him. Priya comes there and says touchy touchy, you have asked blessings for your son, but I don’t think that he will get this blessing, as he don’t want this, Mata Rani will not give him forcibly. Satyavati says you will always talk bitter and says Mata Rani will not listen to you.

She says my heart says that Dev will get something today, which he needs the most, a true life partner, which will lighten his burden and bring happiness in his life, like Dev wanted.Peeli says it is good that we got utensils from outside to make food, else halwai would have asked more money. Bimla says it is good to do something for the Goddess. Laali does poetry for Dev. Everyone laughs. Vidhi tries to say.

Neeli asks her to come and says they are making Chana bhog. Vidhi tries talking to Bimla. Someone calls Bimla and she goes.Dev and Sangeeta are in the car. Dev recalls firing Vidhi angrily, and regrets his actions. He thinks I didn’t let Vidhi speak, not even once. Sangeeta tells Dev that Vidhi was very excited that you and your Mrs. And then says that you will attend jagrata there. Driver says it was problem when we had gone there, and says there is jagrata today, if he can park the car.

Dev asks driver to stop the car at the clothing store, and asks Manoj to park the car at other lane. He asks Sangeeta to wait outside the store. He goes inside.Urmila tells everyone that Golden came. Vidhi says hi and hugs her. Golden says she is lovely. Vidhi says you have forgotten Indore. Urmila says she had gone to a big academy, to do beautician course. Seema asks what you do? Golden says it is Cosmetology.

Vidhi asks why did you wear this sunglasses in night? Golden says this is fashion. Urmila says this pagli film don’t know fashion.Amba calls Satyavati and asks if Dev is fine, as he was upset in office. Satyavati says he has gone to jagrata. Amba thanks her and ends the call. She thinks God wants them to go to jagrata together, Milapni Devi’s jagrata who makes jodis.

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