Timeless love update Monday 10 July 2023

Timeless love 10 July 2023: Later in the night, Vidhi prays to Milapni Devi about being unsure of her feelings for Dev. She asks her to give her a sign. Laali sees her praying in night and wonders why? Vidhi recalls Amba’s words about love. Vidhi gets up and and turns to go, when Milapni Devi signs her that she is on the right track, by throwing flower down. Vidhi doesn’t see it and thinks to enquire what love is? She questions Bimla about love. Bimla tells that they used to understand and respect each other. She says he gave me strength to get away with my weakness. Vidhi recalls dev asking her to get confidence like he has in her. Vidhi thinks even Dev sir does this.

Timeless love 9 July 2023

She asks what more happens in love. Bimla says singing, dancing around the trees are not done like it happens in films. Bimla asks why are you asking? Vidhi says she is getting late and goes. Bimla gets worried and comes to hariprasad, asking him to see the alliance for her. Hariprasad asks why are you asking? Bimla says every girl has some dreams.Amba meets Priya at a restaurant and asks her to choose between two envelope. Priya asks if you called me to make fun of me. Amba asks her to choose. Priya chooses job satisfaction envelope and finds work with me inside.

Amba offers her to work with her and have full authority, and offers work from home facility. Priya says Mummy ji will not agree. Amba says it is up to you, to decide what to tell to your mother in law.Hariprasad appreciates Bimla for sweeping well in the house. He takes broom from her and sweeps the floor. Vidhi looks at them. Bimla tells him that his respect will increase if he wants learn. Urmila’s husband comes there and shows how to sweep the floor. Seema asks him to show his other art too. They laugh.

Vidhi says Chachi handles parlour and Chacha ji handles home. Bimla appreciates Urmila’s husband for his true love.Dev calls Arjun to his cabin. Arjun thanks him for giving him opportunity to work with him and for calling his name. Sangeeta asks Vidhi to go to Dev Sir’s cabin, if she wants to talk to him. Vidhi says there is nothing. Anaya comes to her and asks if she saw the new intern, and says he is cute. Vidhi asks whom.

Hariprasad asks Kalumal what he shall do, Vidhi’s marriage or MBA. Kalumal asks him to get her admission in MBA, along with searching alliance for her. Arjun tells Dev that he is in India for sometime, but will work with full dedication as the intern and not as his son. Yogesh says nobody shall know that you are our son. Arjun says it is cool. Kanika says you will not get special treatment in office. Arjun says ok. Dev calls Vidhi and asks her to come to his cabin.

Vidhi gets happy and tells Sangeeta. Sangeeta says you would have gone there and tried to please him, and asks her to accept that. Vidhi asks her not to say. She says she will prove that it is not like that. Vidhi comes to dev’s cabin. Vidhi gets lost seeing him. Dev calls her. Kanika calls her. Arjun asks if she was dreaming in front of boss. Dev asks her to brief him work. Arjun asks him to tell someone else and calls Dev as Dev. Vidhi says first she will teach him to give respect and refer Sir/Madam.

Yogesh and Kanika say ok. Vidhi tells Dev that they have many employees who takes long leave during festival,and the company effects and suffers 8 percent loss. She says if they work overtime for a minute then can reverse the loss. Dev says i will read it. Vidhi says I want to talk to you. She then says no. Arjun says interesting. Vidhi takes him outside, and shows him his desk. He thanks and hugs her. Vidhi pushes him and he falls.

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