Timeless love update Saturday 1 July 2023

Timeless love 1 July 2023: Vidhi opens the box and finds the letter written by Pratap, in which he is blessing her and telling that he has sent a small gift lens of objectivity for her, so that it can be useful to her in her professional life. She looks at the lens of objectivity. Rishabh sees her holding it and asks if she has stolen this. Vidhi says I didn’t steal it. Rishabh says you are so shameless and have stolen this from Dev sir’s cabin, she looks innocent and this stealing. He says he will go and report this to Dev Sir.

Timeless love 30 June 2023

Chitra says it is unexpected, Amy Mausi will not take approval for a new girl for the renovation. Yogesh says Dev has applied this rule on everyone including him. Dev comes out of his cabin. Rishabh says it is lens of objectivity. Vidhi says no, I didn’t steal it. She says Neeli Aunty and Pratap uncle had given this gift to her and has given her a letter too. Dev asks Rishabh to go and check in his cabin. He tells Vidhi that he is just checking and asks her to show the letter.

Vidhi says if you want then I can make you talk to Pratap uncle.Dev says you have to call him and asks about his age? Vidhi says he must be near 65 years. Dev shows his pic on his mobile. Vidhi says yes, he is the one. Dev says I want to meet him, you have to call him. Rishabh comes there and tells that the lens is in your cabin, says sorry to Vidhi. Vidhi signs its ok. Dev asks Rishabh to double check before accusing someone. Rishabh goes to his desk. Dev tells Vidhi that the world is small, and says your Pratap uncle is my father’s college best friend and I am trying to meet him since so many years.

He says may be I can meet him and asks will you make me meet him. Vidhi says yes. Dev asks do you know about the lens of objectivity. Vidhi nods no. Dev explains to her that when you do you duty, you shall take decision based on truth and facts and getting above relations.Chitra says my Amy Mausi will not submit file to Vidhi for approval. She says Dev bhai has to give this exception to her.

Dev asks Vidhi what she will do, if some file came to you,which is signed by me already, then what you will do. Vidhi says you have signed, so you have approved so I will approve it too. Dev says you shall not do this, and says you have to take decision based on truth. He says it doesn’t matter that the file came from me, without thinking about relations, your work is to see, check and approve it with honesty. Vidhi says bhagawat gita. She tells that a Pandit ji had come and told that just do the karma.

She says sorry. Dev says you don’t understand without a good story and asks her to fix his meeting with Pratap.Vidhi looks at Amba and Chitra through lens of objectivity. Chitra and Amba are upset seeing her. Chitra says how he can give such a big responsibility to Vidhi. Chitra asks Dev what is it, that Amy Mausi has to take her file to Vidhi. Dev says there is no problem in the calculation, then let her check 10 times. He says I will take file to Vidhi. Chitra says ok, we will leave. Chitra goes out. Amba asks did you appoint someone to handle your personal issues, to handle your emotions, happiness, sorrows and marriage etc.

She says we have to take permission for our marriage. Dev looks shocked. Amba invites him to the house warming party.Vidhi comes to Yogesh’s cabin. He calls Sangeeta and tells that he needs stapler pin. He asks if he needs to take Vidhi’s permission for that. Sangeeta is still standing there. Vidhi tells Yogesh that the final amount is written and all the calculation is not there. Yogesh asks her to just sign. He says you have written your economics exam 4 times, will read my proposal and will understand. Vidhi recalls Dev’s words. She checks the papers and tells Yogesh that staff bonus is written for last 3 years, but when I checked…

She asks him to check. Yogesh checks and asks Rishabh to come. Rishabh comes there. Yogesh asks Rishabh to check it and asks Vidhi to talk to Rishabh directly. Rishabh comes to Anaya and says Vidhi has catch account’s mistake, and says yogesh has put blame on me. He says I can’t fight with Yogesh, can’t leave the job and can’t tell truth to Vidhi that yogesh is behind this. He says we have planned this altogether.

Anaya says it was my mistake, and says now I am with Vidhi and not with Yogesh Sir. She says she will support only truth from here on.Satyavati asks Amba, why she always thinks that Dev and her knows each other before Chitra’s marriage. Amba says yes, I know him since 15 years. She asks did you hear Vyakund Mehta, he was big supplier and I am his daughter.

She says Papa had suffered big losses and had a heart attack, then dev helped us and handled our business. She says dev had handled our family. She says Papa was at peace at the time of his death and that peace, he got due to Dev.Satyavati praises Dev. She asks why didn’t you marry till now? Amba says once I get away with my responsibilities. Satyavati says I will search a good guy for you. Amba says actually I am waiting for someone.

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