Timeless love starlife update Wednesday 14 February 2024

Timless love 14 February 2024: Vidhi coming home and thinks what happened to light. Just then light falls on her. Dev walks towards her and congratulates her for her first bid. She thinks if Dev ji left the tender for her victory. All the family members come there and congratulates her.

Priya takes Vidhi to the room. Vidhi comes back ready in a different clothes. Dev makes her wear tiara and sash. Satyavati tells that Dev has lost to his wife and says she is proud of Vidhi. Chitra gives her something from her niece or nephew. Vidhi tells dev that she wants to talk to him, and takes him to room. She says we have decided that we will not hide anything from each other, and asks him if you have lost this tender for me, and says Jai was upset and was thinking that you lost the tender intentionally. Dev says you mean to say that I have kept this celebration to make you believe that you have won in reality. He says you have won, as your bid was better than ours. He says I have lost many times, and has lost the company and home due to my wrong decision. He says I will meet you as a competitor and says next time, I might weak. Vidhi says I know that you will not do anything which will make me doubt on my capabilities. He says your victory and my celebrations are real, and we will party whenever you win. He hugs her and thinks jai’s intentions are not good, and he shall find out.

Yogesh and Amba come for the board meeting. Yogesh asks Amba not to say anything and tells that he will handle. Vidhi searches for Dev. Abhi searches for Priya. Simmy comes there and tells that Dev and Priya are on call. Dev tells them that they didn’t tell anyone until they are sure. He says this is everywhere in the news. Priya says now we have to go and ends the call. The reporter talks about the board meeting of Mehta group of industries. Abhi says something big is going to happen.

Dev and Priya come for the board meeting. Amba thinks of doctor’s words. Yogesh asks her to control. The board members asks Amba if she is fit to handle the business, what is her strategy for the business. Yogesh shows her medical reports, and says she is perfectly fine physically and mentally fine, and asks them to give her 2 months time, till then he will be CEO. Kaushik tells yogesh that he is not trustable and Amba had accused him of money laundering. Yogesh asks Amba to say something. Amba asks Dev to give her sometime. The board of director asks her how much time she needs and says even we will drown with you. Dev gets up and says you know me since the company was Raichand industries and I always kept this company in profit zone, until I was thrown out of board of directors by cheat.

He says nobody knows the company as me and I can bring the company back on the profit zone. He says the risk is big, and the project is big too. He shows his business proposal to them that they shall make the airport near Ujjain as the airport is very far. He says I have talked to the aviation dept and if we take our proposal to them, then can be profitable in 2 days. He says I am ready to put my stakes in this project. Yogesh asks sheikh chilli dreams have started and asks if you think that we will implement this plan. Dev asks if you have any plan then say, else we will be bankrupt in 1-2 months. The board of member says you don’t have this much stake to implement on this proposal. Yogesh says you don’t have that much shares. Priya says we have that share to make plan and convince other directors. Dev says when we were thrown out of our company, I had 9 percent shares, then Kaushik gave 19 percent shares to me, and I have acquired 10 percent shares from the bank using some investments. Priya says we have 38 percent now. yogesh is shocked.

The board of director welcomes Dev to be back on board. Dev explains that govt outsources the flyovers, bridges, metros, airports to different companies. He explains to them that he has talked to the aviation dept, and tells that after making the airport, it will be under us for 20 years, and says we will recover our money in 2 years, and will profit for 18 years. The directors say it is good, but risky. Dev says yes, and says we are ready to put our stakes in this. Priya says if we can do this, then our company will be very profitable. The board of directors make him chairman and says we all are with you. One of the director asks Amba to leave the chair and says you are not fit for this post. Amba gets up from the chair.

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