Timeless love starlife update Thursday 15 February 2024

Timeless love 15 February 2024: the board members telling Amba that she is not fit for the chairperson’s post and has to leave the chair. Amba gets up from the chair. Everyone claps for Dev. Amba also claps. Yogesh is shocked. Amba continues to clap. She then stops. Dev thanks everyone for the honour and tells that Raichand Group of Industries’ CEO will be Priya Raichand.

Priya gets happy and gets up to sit on CEO’s chair. Yogesh gets up. Priya sits on his chair. Dev tells Amba and Yogesh that their stake is almost zero in the company, and that’s why they can’t do decision making. He says I will not show you the door, as we are Raichands and know take back our rights, and we will let you be in our company. Amba forwards her hand and asks Dev to take the congratulations. Dev folds his hands.

Amba says you got the company back, now talk to me for 5 mins. Dev thanks her and asks her to leave. Yogesh asks Amba what happened to her, and tells that we have lost the company. Amba says Dev got it, if I don’t get Dev then I don’t deserve anything. Yogesh is shocked.

Dev and Priya call Satyavati, Abhi and Chitra. Dev tells them that they got Raichand Industries back. Priya says we did it. Dev asks them to come to office fast. Satyavati, Chitra and Abhi get happy. Bimla and Hariprasad call Vidhi and invite them home. Vidhi says Raichands got the company back. Jai says I saw the news. She says she has to go. Jai says some work is pending. Vidhi asks him to cut her salary and tells that she will do overtime later and goes. Kaushik hugs Dev. Dev thanks him and tells that you are the captain.

Kaushik says you deserve it. Priya thanks him. Kaushik says he is my friend. The board of director that they have given the company in the original owner’s hand. Vidhi, Satyavati, Abhi and Chitra come there. Vidhi hugs Dev. The reporter asks Amba how is she feeling? They ask yogesh if he wants to say something. Yogesh says my good wishes is with Dev always. They leave. The reporter asks Dev, who is responsible for his win. Dev says Vidhi is responsible for his victory. Jai watches the news and says he will make Vidhi sit at home. Vidhi says it is my familt’ly leave. The reporter asks Dev, who is responsible for his win. Dev says Vidhi is responsible for his victory. Jai watches the news and says he will make Vidhi sit at home. Vidhi says it is my family’s efforts which is paid off.

Amba and Yogesh is leaving from the office. Raichands Industries get back its original name again. They all have a hug. Dev writes in his diary that they have won Raichand Industries back. He talks to his father’s portrait and says today he can talk to him, looking in his eyes. He says when your photo frame was removed from the walls of office and home, I felt as if I am a loser. Vidhi comes there and says you got it again. She says sorry for reading his diary, and tells that not just Papa, even I am proud of you. She says I told you that you will get back your company before the year ends. She asks him to fill her maang with sindoor. He fills her maang with sindoor and hugs her.

Yogesh comes to Amba and asks why she was behaving madly there also. Amba says my decision was right, and tells that it is proved that Dev is the perfect match for me, and says she is so impressed that he came out of her trap and says she didn’t do any mistake by loving him, it is a clean sweep, says I love you dev. Yogesh is stunned.

Abhi reads the newspaper news about Raichands. Satyavati says it is our win, Raichands’ win. Vidhi says we shall thank the people helping us in our bad times. She asks Priya and Vidhi, if they have sent the invite. Priya tells Dev that she is sending the invite with his driver. Satyavati asks Dev and Chitra, if everything is fine. Chitra says our work is done. Dev says Chitra’s life will change now. Satyavati sees the divorce papers and gets shocked. She asks when did this happen. Vikram asks what Chitra wants to prove, by sending these divorce papers, and says I will make her life hell. Amba says Chitra is not here, so he shall not shout. Vikram says how she will raise the baby alone. Amba asks him to cry infront of lawyer, and tells that Yogesh is bringing the lawyer. Lawyer comes there. Amba asks the lawyer if they can file case against Raichand? The lawyer says the law is favorable for females, and says the girl is educated, from a good family and she is pregnant too, so the case will be in her favor.


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