Timeless love starlife update Monday 19 February 2024

Timeless love 19 February 2024: Dev thinking of Vidhi’s words that she will wrap all her office work and come to him. He thinks of Amba’s taunts that Vidhi don’t want to waste her time. Vidhi comes home late in night and keeps her hand on his head. Dev holds her hand and asks why you didn’t come Vidhi.

Vidhi says that….Dev asks her to say and says you had said that you are leaving, sitting in cab, then what happened? Vidhi says Jai. Dev asks if Jai had locked you in cabin and threw the keys. He asks her to say, what Jai did. He says I don’t want to go and meet Amba, but you forced me to go there. He says you should be there, Amba has messed up with our lives. Vidhi says she was sitting in cab when Jai met with an accident. Dev says whenever our family or I need you, Jai comes inbetween us and I feel strange about him, he is not right. He asks her to test the person for her own good. Vidhi feels pity on him and says he is in hospital. She says he is not a bad person, it is my mistake and apologizes to him. She gets vomiting sensation and then asks Dev what Amba said. Dev says she is a mad woman. Vidhi gets vomiting sensation again and runs to bathroom. Dev calls Doctor. Yogesh and Vikram are upset that Amba went to meet Dev.

Amba comes home. Yogesh asks Amba if she met Dev and returned sad. He asks her to face reality, else she will lose everything. Amba asks how dare you and breaks glass. She threatens him and asks did you forget who am I? She says I will throw you out of the house and asks him to leave. Yogesh says you can’t understand, I will be ruined if I stay with you. Amba asks him to get out. Yogesh says you have gone mad fully and says all the best. Amba says I am ruined, Dev left.

Vidhi comes out of bathroom. She says she got the test done, but can’t see the result. Dev asks her to keep it on the table and says we will see together. They see the pregnancy kit together and says it is positive. Dev says he will light up all in the city. He says he will tell everyone. Vidhi says not know, first let the doctor confirm. Dev says ok, we shall celebrate. He takes her to khao gali and sees the gol gappa shop closed. He politely asks the gol gappa seller who is about to sleep to make golgappa for his pregnant wife. He asks her to just make for his wife, if not for him. The seller says I will make seeing your love for your wife. Dev and Vidhi enjoy the golgappa. Dev says you have given a good gift today. Vidhi recalls Bimla’s words and kisses on his cheeks.

Next day, Vidhi is on the bed. Dev asks her to give her leave application for few days. Vidhi says Jai is in hospital. Dev says you are a professional. He says he will give. Vidhi asks him not to tell about baby to Jai. Dev asks if I will tell this to Jai. Vidhi comes downstairs. Chitra asks if there is any good news. Vidhi says no and thinks she shall tell once the doctor confirms.

Door bell rings. Vidhi opens the door. Inspector comes there and asks about Chitra. He informs her that Vikram is missing since night. Chitra says she didn’t know. Satyavati says she stays with us. Inspector asks her to co-operate. Vidhi says I know that Amba has filed this complaint, we will co-operate.

Obsessed Jai is in the office and thinks to Vidhi. Dev comes there and asks Jai, how are you? Jai keeps his leg down. Dev says I thought you had serious accident, but you are recovering. Jai says it was serious and says someone was there to help me. He asks if you came to drop Vidhi to office, and tells that she can handle to come alone. Dev says yes. He says I thought you have dangerous accident, but you are fine. He tells that Vidhi is unwell and that’s why she can’t come to office today. Jai thinks why Vidhi didn’t call me, Dev must have trapped her.

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