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Timeless Love 5 January 2024: The Episode starts with Abhi telling his family that he wants Priya and him to touch Dev and Vidhi’s feet and take their blessing. He says we want everyone to realize that we are very thankful to you for becoming our shield in this tough times and supporting us. Priya and Abhi touch their feet, while they try to stop them. Vidhi says I pray that you get all the happiness of the world. Abhi says you are our Bhabhi, can’t refuse to bless us.

Timeless Love 4 January 2024

Satyavati says all my family is together again, we will celebrate Dev’s birthday tomorrow. Abhi says we will have party. Mausi ji takes Priya to side later and asks why did you touch that Vidhi’s feet, and asks her to dance on her tune. Priya says didn’t you see that Abhi was very happy, and says if he is freed from jail then it is because of Vidhi. Mausi says Vidhi is fooling everyone on the pretext of saving him and says that she will rule in this house and you will be sitting on the corner and will just see.

Priya asks if you can think something good and says frankly speaking, the way Vidhi has handled me, Abhi and Simmy, as a mother I will be very thankful to her always. Mausi says she is ruling here and getting respected here, and asks did you get that respect.Dev comes to his room and asks Vidhi if she is tired.

Vidhi says no, and says I am happy that everything is fine. Dev says we shall rest, so that we feel that we are a human and not machine. He says you are not taking care of yourself since some days and risked your life to get evidence to save Abhi. He says if you are not here, then we couldn’t have saved Abhi. He says he is very much thankful to her and says I love you. Vidhi says I love you too. She says our family and you are my everything and life. Dev opens the window and sees the breaking star.

He shows his promise band to Vidhi and says I had given this to you before marriage. Vidhi says I am sorry, but my band is lost. Dev asks really, then what is it? Vidhi asks from where you found it. Dev says when I was searching you, I found it on the road. Vidhi says sorry and asks if it was broken. Dev says when I didn’t let the relation break then how I would let it break. He makes her wear it again and says I love you Vidhi. He says if anything good has happened in my life then its you, I want to say that I will love you always.

Vidhi says we will be with each other always. Dev hugs her.Vidhi comes to Amba’s house and meets Chitra. Chitra says I know tomorrow is Dev Bhai’s birthday, but I don’t know if Amy Mausi will let her come. Amba comes there and tells Chitra that she can go, and asks her to bring tea/coffee and snacks. Chitra goes. Vidhi says did you hear that Abhi got freed of charges. Amba says I heard and feels pity on him. Vidhi says someone tried to take his advantage of his innocence, and asks who can do this, may be someone who wants to destroy Raichands. Amba says who could be, who is inauspicious for Raichand, specially you.

He says since you went there, inauspicious effect is there everywhere. She asks her not to think about it. Vidhi says I don’t think all this, but I have decided that whoever has done this, shall start the reverse countdown. Amba asks her not to forget that they are living on her company and says I am company’s owner. Vidhi says that company is of Dev ji and you might be that inauspicious person, you have done so much to get him, my fake illness, take over of company by cheat, Divya’s scandal and asks if you was behind to send Abhi to jail.

Dev comes and sits in Yogesh’s farmhouse. Yogesh gets sweating and asks what you are doing here? Dev says Police has started the investigation and I promise that I will make sure that the murderer gets rigorous punishment. Yogesh says how did you come here, this is trespassing. Dev raises his hand, but stops himself. He says trespasser and betrayal guy shall not speak about trespassing and says if you are involved behind abhi’s arrest then remember that you are not my friend anymore and will not be saved. He goes.

She says I get angry on myself for doubting my husband, believing lady like you. She says I know that you are behind Abhi’s arrest and says you will soon be caught. She says I feel pity on you, what have done so much to get Dev ji and become Mrs. Raichand, but couldn’t become. She says it was in my destiny to become Mrs. Devrath Raichand, so that’s why Mrs. Vidhi Devrath Raichand is inviting you to my husband Dev’s birthday. She says you are Chitra’s mausi saas so we will respect you with honesty. She goes.

Amba thinks Vidhi is flying high. She says I got some peace, but she did foolishness. She says Amba will go and will give such a gift to Raichands that the land will be pulled away from under their feet.Vidhi comes to the room and keeps the cake and lights candle. She wakes up Dev and wish him happy birthday. Dev says so cute and says you have stayed awake to wish me. Vidhi says we shall wait for everyone. Dev says everyone wishes me at the breakfast table, I am 46 years. Vidhi says you are bringing age difference between us.

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