Timeless Love Starlife update Saturday 6 January 2024

Timeless Love 6 January 2024: The Episode starts with Receptionist telling Dr. Trehan that Nurse had come from clinic and she made me talk to you. Dr. Tiwari comes there and asks where is the nurse, no file is on its place. Dev thinks if Vidhi is in problem? Rakesh’s wife asks Doctor to give her husband’s file. Doctor says it is missing and asks her to return the medicine till then. The receptionist sees Vidhi and tells both doctors. Vidhi gets tensed as they follow her.

Timeless Love 5 January 2024

Just then a patient is brought on stretcher by his family. Vidhi takes advantage of the situation and goes inside the door, which turns out to be hospital medical store. The chemist asks if she needs anything. Vidhi says I came to get the medicines. She sees Rakesh’s wife coming to the chemist and asking him to take the medicines back. He says all the medicines will be returned, except one medicine which is not prescribed by the doctor. Rakesh’s wife asks him to have shame and says my husband is dead, and we don’t have money. Vidhi hears them and starts taking their recording. Rakesh’s wife tells that the compounder Kishan had brought this medicine, and told that it will be added in bill.

She says I asked for the bill, but he said that it was emergency. She asks him to ask him. The chemist says I am sorry for your loss, as it is not purchased from our hospital. He says your patient was allergic to sulphur and this drug can’t be given to him. Vidhi records everything and comes out. She asks Dev to come fast. Dev asks what has happened? Vidhi says we will be caught, first come. They sit in the car and goes. Dev stops the car on the way and asks what has happened? Vidhi shows Rakesh’s file and says there is a big problem.

They come home and show the video to the lawyer. The lawyer says this is fantastic, and says it is clear that Rakesh was given the wrong medicine, and appreciates Vidhi for collecting the evidence. He says I will appeal for the postmortem report and will show the video in court. He says we will call Kishan also in court. Dev says Vidhi has brought proofs, now it is your turn. Lawyer says I will not tell anyone that we are doing this, and you all have to make sure that this thing shall not happen.

Dev tells everyone that Vidhi has risked her life and brought the proofs, and says this thing shall not be leaked, else we can’t bring Abhi back. Mausi ji says Abhi is my nephew. Priya says we will not let Vidhi’s hardwork go waste, and this thing will not come out.

The court trial begins again. The lawyer tells that they have appealed as they have a reason and tells that they have proofs to explain to the court that it is a conspiracy to trap Abhimanyu and someone is behind Rakesh’s murder. The judge asks him to continue. The lawyer tells that the compounder Kishan was the last attender who saw Rakesh, is missing from the hospital. The prosecution lawyer says it is not related to the case. Judge asks do you have proof. The defence/Abhi’s lawyer tells that he will show the video to the court, in which Rakesh’s wife is talking to Chemist

and that Rakesh was given un prescribed drug. The prosecution lawyer says there is no value of video in court. The defence lawyer tells that he wants to show the proofs to him, to show him innocent.Judge sees Rakesh’s file and also video of Chemist and Rakesh’s wife conversation. The lawyer tells that he wants to present postmortem report and says he was allergic to sulphur, but there was high dose of Sulphur in his body.

Judge reads that Rakesh’s died due to Sulphur overdose. He says the fight between Abhimanyu and Rakesh is not the reason for the latter’s death, and frees Abhi from the case, and asks the Police to start the investigation again. All the family members get happy and hug each other. The reporter says Abhimanyu Raichand is freed of the charges. She asks Dev, how is he feeling? Dev says we are relieved and happy that court also accepted that Abhi is innocent. He says we shall let Police investigate the case and says we will share with the Police about the doubtful person names.

He tells Media that because of Vidhi, they are able to take Abhi home.Amba watches the news and gets angry. Abhi comes home. Mausi ji does his aarti. He says I didn’t win any war. Mausi ji says for us, you have won a battle. Satyavati and Dev hug him. Priya tells Vidhi that because of her efforts, her family is together. She asks Abhi if she shall make his favorite herbal tea. Abhi smiles. In the room, Dev and Vidhi are together. Abhi comes there and asks if I can talk to Bhabhi. Dev says surely. He goes. Abhi thanks Vidhi. Vidhi says you are my family too and asks him not to thank her. Abhi says I never supported or appreciated you.

He says when Bhai had handed over the company to me, you have encouraged me and showed me much trust and I thought that you are ruling on me, though you are younger than me. He says real battle was fought by you, and says I am really thankful. Vidhi says the trouble is of all the family and not just me. He asks her to come out with him.

Mausi ji tells Priya that Vidhi must be flying high now. Abhi brings Vidhi there. Dev asks why you messaged me to come. Satyavati also comes there. Abhi says since Vidhi Bhabhi came here, one thing is not completed, that’s respect of our bhabhi. He says he wants Priya and him to touch Vidhi and Dev’s feet and take their blessings. Priya looks on.

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