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Meet in Love 3 January 2023: Raj raises his voice at Shlok as he sees him hug Sumeet. Filled with anger, Raj lunges towards Shlok, but Sumeet intervenes, explaining that Shlok is Abhay’s cousin who has arrived to share the news of Abhay’s mother accepting the alliance proposal for Vani. Sumeet advises Sumeet to go inside and share the good news with everyone. Raj apologizes to Shlok and extends an invitation for him to join them inside,

Meet in Love 2 January 2024

but Shlok decides to leave. Masum, filled with excitement, expresses her disbelief that Vani is getting married to the one she loves. Vani suggests that Abhay’s mother agreed due to Sumeet’s influence.Shagun stumbles upon family photos of Meet and contemplates her plans. She believes that she has held onto these pictures for years and now intends to make Sumeet endure a lifetime

of challenges, even with Raj unable to help her. Sumeet ponders over Shagun’s remarks about her inability to sell flowers, contrasting it with Meet’s determination. Just then, Shlok calls Sumeet, praising her and encouraging her never to give up. Abhay and Vani, on the other hand, try on their engagement outfits.Abhay arrives at the engagement ceremony accompanied by his father. Masum inquires about his mother, and his father explains that she has taken an oath not to attend any of the functions until they are completed, to ward off any ill omens.

Abhay clarifies that his mother is his stepmother but cares deeply for him. Masum expresses concern to Raj, who assures her that he will ensure nothing goes wrong for Vani. Abhay’s father asks Shlok to fetch Shagun’s belongings from the car.Sumeet follows him and shows him Meet’s bike, expressing her desire to ride it just like her mother. Meanwhile, Dadi informs Raj that one bag of Shagun money is missing.

Sumeet approaches Shlok, requesting his assistance in learning how to ride the bike. Agreeing to help, Shlok accepts a money bag with 51 r upees from Sumeet’s earnings as a token of good luck. Raj spots the money bag in Shlok’s pocket and jumps to the conclusion that he stole it. The priest announces that Vani and Abhay’s horoscopes match and sets the marriage date for seven days later. In an unexpected turn, Shagun asks the priest to match her horoscope with Sumeet’s. The priest predicts a favorable birth time for Shagun but warns of future hardships. Shagun envisions Sumeet as her maid and mocks her fate.

During the bike-riding lesson, Sumeet falls down when attempting to ride alone. Wonder boy’s photos fall out of her bag, prompting Shlok to playfully tease her about being a fan. Sumeet recalls that Shlok works at the same office and asks if he knows who wonder boy is. Engaging in a delightful conversation, Sumeet eagerly asks Shlok to reveal his identity. Shlok mischievously tricks Sumeet into believing that he is the wonder boy.

Later, Shlok’s friend confides in him, revealing that Sumeet will discover the truth in just two days, after the event. Shlok believes that two days are ample time to fall in love.Sumeet dances with joy, expressing her excitement about the gifts she has for wonderboy. Shlok’s face lights up with happiness as he reads Sumeet’s message.

Sumeet warmly embraces Vani and shares the news that wonderboy will be joining their party. Intrigued, Vani asks Sumeet where she met him, to which Sumeet replies that it was pure luck that brought them together. Both Sumeet and Shlok dance joyously. Masum inquires about Mrs. Choudhary, who has decided not to attend any of Vani’s wedding functions due to a personal oath. Raj suggests arranging a meeting with her, and Masum agrees.

Sumeet meets Shlok, who closes her eyes and leads her to a place where local people are playing music on the streets. Sumeet finds it incredibly cool and thoroughly enjoys the experience. Shlok refers to it as his outhouse and reveals that it’s his secret place where he goes whenever he feels down. Sumeet presents Shlok with a gift and asks him to wear it during his concert the following day. However, Shlok’s friend’s words about Sumeet finding out his true identity in two days trouble him, and he feels guilty.

Sumeet wears a matching jacket and requests Shlok to autograph it.Shlok playfully asks Sumeet to autograph his jacket as well, claiming to be her biggest fan. Suddenly, some guys arrive and start leering at Sumeet. Shlok questions Sumeet about what she likes most about wonderboy, his voice or his face. Sumeet mentions that she has brought something for him and goes to retrieve it. Meanwhile, the boys continue to harass her. Shagun is taken aback upon learning that Raj and Masum have come to meet them.

She recalls her past with Raj and realizes that her plan will crumble if they recognize her. Raj and Masum are surprised to see Shagun wearing a facemask and fail to recognize her.Shagun manipulates Masum with her sweet words and praises Sumeet for her bravery and boldness. Raj remarks that Sumeet is a reflection of their mother. Shlok fights back against the boys who were teasing Sumeet, leaving her deeply moved.

Sumeet realizes that no one, other than Raj, has been so protective of her. Raj asks Masum if her fear has subsided now. Shagun plots to target Sumeet. Sumeet asks Shlok if he would have truly broken his arms, and Raj happens to pass by the street, witnessing Sumeet and Shlok laughing together.Raj becomes upset, but Sumeet reassures him that she won’t allow anyone to enter her life without his permission. She also reveals to Raj that Shlok is wonderboy.

Though Raj finds it hard to believe, she invites him to attend the concert with her and see for himself. Sumeet and Vani prepare their outfits and jewelry. Meanwhile, Shlok contemplates telling Sumeet the truth about him not being wonderboy and quietly enters her room. Sumeet is taken aback by his presence, but he becomes captivated by her beauty and recites romantic lines, comparing her to the moon. Raj enters the room and is shocked by what he sees.

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