Timeless Love starlife update Thursday 14 December 2023

Timeless Love 14 December 2023: The Episode starts with Vidhi recalls Divya telling that she is Divya Dev Raichand. Amba comes there and asks her to have khichdi and asks what is bothering her. Vidhi says I was mad in love with Dev, that I thought you wrong always and says for the first time, I am repenting that Dev ji is wrong and you are right. She says you said right, Divya is Dev ji’s daughter. Amba smiles happily. She then acts and says Dev is no. 1 liar person and says he has betrayed yamini first with whom he has a daughter without marriage,

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and then he betrayed me who used to apply sindoor of his name, and then he married you, but kept you in big betrayal. She says I know what you are going through. Vidhi says she can never forgive him for lying big from her.

Dev recalls their moments standing on the road. Abhi sees the car about to hit him and saves Dev. He hugs him and says handle yourself. Dev says don’t know why Vidhi left, she couldn’t be found. Amba asks Vidhi if she don’t want to eat then don’t eat, but have milk. She adds tablet in the milk. Vidhi refuses.

Bimla and Hariprasad return home. Seema asks if Vidhi is found. Bimla cries infront of Milapni Devi. Satyavati prays to God to return her Vidhi. Amba asks Vidhi to listen to her problem and says I hid you here on your saying, and says if anything happens to you, then they will blame me. Vidhi drinks milk.

In the morning, Dev is in his room. Servant comes there and gives courier to him. Bimla also gets it. Abhi also gets it. Satyavati also gets the courier. Dev reads that Vidhi is with her, if you want to meet me, then meet me at Ujjain farmhouse at 2 pm. Satyavati, Abhi and Hariprasad read it in which the blackmailer ask them not to inform others else Vidhi won’t be alive. Bimla says we shall tell Dev ji. Hariprasad says else we will not get Vidhi. He says Dev will understand our helplessness, we shall go and get it.

Satyavati thinks we shall tell this to Dev. Chitra asks her not to tell Dev. Satyavati says then Vidhi can be in danger. Abhi asks Priya not to tell Dev, and says we can’t risk Vidhi. He says we shall go and bring Vidhi.Satyavati and Chitra comes there, followed by others. Dev also reaches there. Satyavati says we got this letter. Dev says who can send this bad letter. Happy birthday song is played. Amba comes there and says surprise birthday girl. She wishes happy birthday Satyavati ji.

She asks if she didn’t like the surprise and says if I had called you then you wouldn’t have come. She says I have sent the letters. Dev asks if you have gone mad, didn’t you know that our family is going through the crisis. Chitra says who celebrates birthday in such situation. Satyavati throws the cake. Amba says it is destroyed before being cut. Hariprasad folds his hands and says please tell if you know about Vidhi.

Satyavati says she is a cheap woman. Dev says we shall leave from here. Amba says Vidhi is with her. Dev asks did you kidnap Vidhi?Amba asks Vidhi to come down and says your mother in law’s birthday party started. Vidhi comes downstairs. Dev asks if you are fine, Vidhi. Vidhi moves back resisting his touch. Bimla runs to her and asks if you are fine. Hariprasad asks where did you go? Satyavati apologizes to her if she left the house because of her. Dev asks Vidhi to say if Amba has kidnapped her.

Satyavati says we all are with you. Bimla asks Amba if you have heart or not, my daughter can’t say anything. Dev says you are stain on womanhood. Amba asks if anyone wants to say anything and says honest daughter and daughter in law will answer you, and then it will be revealed, who is the home breaker, stainer on relations, betrayal. She asks Vidhi to tell everyone. Dev asks Vidhi to say and is about to hold her hand. Vidhi says please don’t touch my hand. Dev and others are shocked.

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