This is Fate Written Update – Tuesday 5th February 2019


Tuesday Update on This is Fate

Prithvi thinks this is enough now, he decides to kill Janki in the party right now but in a way that her death appears to be an accident. He turns around to see Janki sitting with Sarla and Bee ji and wonders how he should kill her?

Preeta watches him stare at Janki. Preeta asks Prithvi what he’s thinking. He says he was thinking about Janki, she would have so many questions in her mind. He can’t see her like this.

For everyone, she’s a servant, but for them, she is a family member. He has talked to a doctor friend and he will check her. Preeta says he’s so nice and thanks him. He goes to get soft drink for her. Preeta is smiling looking at him. Karan comes and asks her what’s special in Prithvi that she’s watching him like that.

Then he says, she deserves Prithvi only, she doesn’t have anything that special. She asks what he means by that? Other day he was telling Prithvi that there is no better girl than Preeta and today he’s saying this. Karan says he just said like that. He thought he would get rid off a trouble. She asks he thinks like that for her? a trouble? He says if she can think that he impresses girls for his business benefit, then yes, he can also think like that for her. And anyway he’s happy that she found Prithvi, else she would be around him all the time. She says she doesn’t believe in affair and relationship, for her it’s direct marriage. He teases saying who would want to become her boyfriend.

She says at least she has someone, unlike him – a loner. He teaser her more saying Prithvi is ugly and she deserves that etc, etc. She asks why she’s wasting time arguing with him and leaves. Sameer is praising girls. Shrishti sees him and says he told her that he’s going to Karan and here he’s flirting. She goes to him and takes him on a side and asks what was going on? He asks can’t she see girls were flirting with him and she spoiled everything. She says she saw, they were not flirting, he was flirting with them.

He asks so she was spying on him. She asks why she would spy on him? She just saw and she can’t ignore that. He says so she’s getting jealous. She says she is not jealous of anything and leaves after arguing with him.
Rakhi asks Preeta to go and call Karan.
Karan is in his room. He gets a call from a girl, Sofia. She says he’s selected for something and praises him. Karan also praises himself and complains about someone dumb who thinks he didn’t get selected on his merit. That time only Preeta walks in. She thinks he’s talking about her and says how dare he. She hides to listen what else he talks about her. Sofia says they should meet. He says tomorrow. She says no, today and she wants to hug him tight.

He asks only tight hug, nothing else? Preeta says so disgusting. Karan asks her to meet later in night saying he wants to meet her only.. alone. Preeta says she should just leave telling him that his mother is calling him. Before Preeta comes out, he gets a call from another girl and Preeta hides again. She too wants to meet him. Karan also praises her and says he will be meeting her only. Preeta says such a liar. He gets more calls and he tells same thing to every girl and ask them to meet him at a different time. He praises himself that he’s like a magnet, all girls get attracted to him. Only that dumbo Preeta ignores him, He will also not talk to her. He goes to get fresh. Preeta decides to teach Karan a lesson. She checks his phone and it’s unlocked. She calls all girls and asks to meet Karan in his bedroom.

Karan comes out. Preeta hides. Karan searches for his phone which is in Preeta’s hands. He calls his phone from landline. Preeta throws it on bed. He says why he couldn’t see his phone? Preeta has screwed up his brain. Rishabh comes there to call Karan. Karan drops his phone and it goes where Preeta is hiding. Rishabh says he will pick it up. Karan says no as it’s his phone and he dropped it. Rishabh says he will pick it up. Preeta hopes Rishabh doesn’t see her. Rishabh sees someone hiding behind curtain and thinks it’s Karan’s girlfriend and he was stopping him, so he doesn’t find out. Rishabh stays quiet. Rakhi also comes there and says everyone is waiting for them. Karan and Rakhi go.

Preeta hopes Rishabh doesn’t move curtain. Rishabh refers her as Karan’s girlfriend and apologises for spoiling their moment. He says he’s leaving now and she can come out of curtain.
Preeta tells this to Srishti. She says poor Karan. Preeta says he’s no poor, he deserves that. But now she feels bad doing this. Srishti says not to worry, he had to learn a lesson one day. Janki comes there and asks teach lesson who? Srishti by mistake take Karan’s name. Janki says she knows how to make such boys right and asks Preeta if she needs any help. Preeta says everything is fine now. Janki leaves.

Preeta tells Srishti that she gets tit-for-tat feeling with Karan only. Otherwise, she is so nice to everyone. When Karan teases her, she gets so angry and all her evilness comes out. Srishti says, childishness, not evilness. Srishti teases Preeta saying she thinks if her and Karan weren’t fighting, then they would have been together long ago amiss Karan’s girlfriend. Kareena asks Janki to serve her something to eat. Kareena taunts if Janki doesn’t remember anything, then reminds Janki she always respected her a lot and wandered around her. She used to be Janki’s favorite guest.

Janki says she never remember anything. Kareena says she recalls so, and would like to see the old Janki. Janki first go to bring juice to Kareena, then sends it through waiter. Kareena was annoyed at Janki. Janki says she doesn’t remember any hospitality towards her, she is actually feeling hatred for Kareena. Preeta was excited as she waits for Sofia. She goes to send Karan to his room. Karan takes a leave from Rishab as he introduces Karan to some bankers. Preeta comes there and tells Karan someone was waiting for him outside his room. Karan was excited. Preeta says soon he will be beaten up badly; and thinks it was all in hatred.

Rishab comes to Preeta and says he has seen Karan’s girlfriend in her room. He had seen her sandals. Preeta hides her feet behind and takes a leave to meet Dadi. She goes to see how all girls were treating Karan. Karan wonders which girl is waiting outside his room. He gets a call from Sofia who was in his bed room. Karan was excited to meet her there. He comes to his bedroom. Preeta hides herself behind the curtains.

Sofia locks the door and hugs Karan. There was a knock at the door again. It was Malishka who came with a bouquet. Karan shuts the door worried. Sofia was irked. Karan explains he didn’t invite Malishka, but Sofia needs to hide somewhere. He opens the door for Malishka and calls her inside. As he was about to greet and hug Malishka, there was a knock at the door. Another girlfriend came in, the other two were irked. Preeta thinks this flirt is worth it. Priyanka comes in by then. All the girls finally comes out from behind the curtain. They all blame each other and fight with each other. Karan shouts that he is for none of them, why they came into his bedroom. He had given them separate places and five minutes for each.

They say his secretary called them, and changed the timings of their meeting. Karan tells them to leave; but everyone insist on them to listen to him. The girls finally break up with Karan. Preeta crawls from out of the couch and leaves the room. Outside, Preeta shares with Shrishti that the girls fought amongst each other. Shrishti says he is a great star, Karan Luthra. Shrishti says like she herself is straight forward, but Preeta’s heart doesn’t share her secrets with herself. Sameer comes to announce about the dancing time.

Prithvi asks Preeta for dance, she goes with him. Rakhi asks Rishab to go with Sherlin. Sherlin also insists for it. Sameer dances with Shrishti. As Preeta swirls, her hand comes into Karan’s. There was a confrontation, then Prithvi leaves. Karan dances with Preeta wildly. Preeta was nervous and at a verge of crying.



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