Gangaa Written Update – Tuesday 5th February 2019

Tuesday Update on Gangaa 5th February 2019.

Ganga is trying to fix the chain of her cycle but in vain. She is getting late for college. Pulkit offers to drop her off. She says you will get late. He replies that he isn’t going to court or some office. I am going to my shop only. Ganga keeps her hand tightly around his waist when he applies brake suddenly.

He asks her if she is fine. Ganga nods. She insists on him to wear helmet first. He does so. Janvi and Yash see them from upstairs. Yash remarks who will believe they are brother and sister. It seems as if a girlfriend is scolding a boyfriend. Weird people stay in the house!

Janvi agrees. They look like two lovers. We have been waiting for a great trick to throw Ganga out of the house. You showed me a way. We will make everyone believe that something is going on between Ganga and Pulkit! He reasons that they both are brothers and sisters. She knows it too. We have to do something to make them believe that they both meet outside stealthily. He likes the idea. Ganga will be deeply hurt when her character will be questioned. I have to take an answer of that slap too! She gives him a handy cam to record something spicy today. He wants to keep it. She allows him for the same once the task is done.
Supriya is tensed as Prabha’s word ring in her ears.

Sagar brings pakoras and jalebis for her. Ganga and I used to eat them a lot in childhood. She absentmindedly picks one. He understands there is something bothering her. Think of me as a friend and tell me. She shares the morning incident when Pulkit left abruptly and Prabha spoke of Supriya. Sagar says now you should know of your Soutan. Prabha Mami was not wrong. There is someone in Bhaiya’s life, even before you came in his life. She is in tears. He suggests her to meet that girl. I will take you with me.

Pulkit is driving the bike. His father’s words haunt him. Ganga tells him that the auto driver is honking since long. What have you been thinking? They were about to collide with a car the very nex moment.

Ganga asks him to stop the bike. He obliges. She questions him on what’s going on in his mind. He does not share is with her. She asks him if he is thinking of Saloni Didi. He denies. She thinks did someone say anything to him. He shares that he is trying his best to settle down in life. His elder son does not need his younger son to manage him. I have been doing my best to make him realise this!

Sagar brings Supriya to a room. It is Pulkit’s office. He calls it her Soutan. She ends up smiling. He calls it Pulkit’s love, passion and ambition. He continuously thinks upon how to expand it. I am sure this is what was bothering him at the moment. This is why he left without having breakfast. I can swear if you want, I know he will not look at any other girl now.

You are in his life. It is togetherness for life. He understands it very well. I told you that he takes his own time in speaking his heart out. You will have to try hard to make space for yourself in his heart. Ganga advises Pulkit not to over think. Babu might have said it just like that. He denies. Papa has no hopes from me. I understand the difference. She remarks that now he will also have to prove himself to everyone, just like she is trying. You have to prove everyone you don’t need anyone’s support. He asks her to sit. I will drop you off at college. She says it is nearby. I will walk till there. Don’t think while driving. He agrees. He is turning his bike when a car hits him. He falls down.

Ganga runs back to him. Are you fine? They both help pick the bike back. She is super worried now. I told you to be careful. What if something had happened to you? He wipes her tears. Relax, nothing happened to me. She tells him to think of his family. They all love you so much. He hugs her so as to console her. Yash records it all. On this valentine Day, it is surprising to see a sister hugging her brother in an isolated spot! People will obviously find it wrong. Wait and watch Ganga how I will ruin your respect now!

Janvi gives extra money to Yash for the awesome work. Sagar calls out for Janvi just then. Yash hides behind the bed. Sagar drops the chocolates by mistake. You did so much for me on V-Day. I thought I could do this much for you. I will bring more now as they are spoilt. He bents down to pick them up. Yash picks up the fallen handy cam. Sagar goes out as Madhvi calls out for him. Janvi wants to throw a party tonight. She asks Yash to record the comments of the family members on love and relationship. We will put the video in between. He happily agrees for more money.

Janvi does not mind it. Tonight I will bid goodbye to Ganga! Ganga finds an old rose in her book. I used to think that one day Sagar will give me a beautiful rose. You were in London so I gifted this rose to myself from you! Now I cannot even expect it from you. You don’t love me so why will you give me anything. She hears an old lady asking for money. Ganga gives her money. The lady blesses her. The rose falls from her hand. Ganga bends down to pick it up when some kids run over her hand. A flower seller advises her to take the fresh flowers which have fragrance. Ganga thinks that lady said right. Why hold onto the relations which have grown weak and lost its fragrance? Sagar is right.

I have to move on in life. She leaves the rose in a flower pot kept nearby. I will not let my dreams and wishes become the chains on my feet. Madhvi has packed Niru’s bags. She tells him where she has kept what. He says I can blindly figure out what you have kept where. Janvi comes there with chocolates. This is what love means. You should treat aunty with chocolate on V-Day. She refuses to leave from there till Niru will feed chocolate to Madhvi with his own hands. He does so. Janvi thinks to talk to them about the party. She seeks their permission for the party tonight. Sagar and I will head back to London after a few days. Why don’t we all enjoy together? Madhvi allows her for the same. Janvi thanks them both.

Yash watches everything from outside. Janvi is very smart. She got green signal for her plan in no time! Janvi leaves. Madhvi says Janvi is so cute. Niru nods. He gives her a gift. Not just the kids but I also remember V-Day! He makes her wear the bangles. Love is not bound by time. We are not that old. She happily thanks him.

Yash compliments Janvi on her smartness. Your charm works on everyone. Janvi wants to wait till Niru leaves for Delhi. No one will take Ganga’s side then. She will be thrown out of the house!


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