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The ladies discuss that firstly the married couples will take the rounds, then the engaged one. Karan asks what about those like him? Preeta suggests him to call each of his girlfriend with a difference of five minutes. Karan says there must have been his girlfriend’s here, had she not misbehaved with them last time.

Preeta asks Mahesh if it isn’t a lie when he says the same line to all of his girlfriends. Rishab defends Karan in front of Mahesh. Shrishti supports Karan against Preeta. Preeta tells Shrishti to come home, Shrishti changes her side at once. Everyone laughs at their confrontations. Sherlin goes to have a glass of water and signals Prithvi to come inside. While everyone was busy talking Prithvi cautiously leaves from behind.
He comes inside and comes across Sanjana and Kareena.

He explains he was going to have a glass of water in kitchen. Kareena says even Sherlin went inside to have a glass of water as well, why go inside then. Sanjana explains they must have wanted to go to washroom, it sounds strange to ask for it. She was worried if they are meeting each other.
In the kitchen, Prithvi asks Sherlin if there is some problem.

Sherlin tries to get close to him. Prithvi was angry that she is being stupid, her mother is also here and even Preeta and Karan have kept an eye over them. Sherlin clarifies to Prithvi that she won’t take any rounds with Rishab, and nor would he take any vows with Preeta. Prithvi asks if she has lost her senses. Are they a couple? Were they married? Sherlin reminds that they were about to get married, and she has accepted him as his husband. Sherlin breaks a glass over the floor, Prithvi clutches her neck.

Sherlin tells him to kill her, but if he takes the rounds with Preeta she will shout about their affair. Prithvi clutches her neck even tighter.
Shrishti comes to Dadi asking about pooja thaal. Dadi sends her to decorate one herself. Kareena asks about Sherlin then goes to check in her in the kitchen. She finds Janki send a waiter to get some food to the guests. Kareena asks what she is doing. Janki says she is getting cool air, if feels warmer as soon as Kareena came here. She tells Kareena to smile, being curt brings wrinkles on one’s face.

Kareena orders her to go inside and get Sherlin, they are getting late for Pooja. Janki replies to Kareena that she won’t abide by her orders, but would only go and call Sherlin to hurry the event up. Kareena was curt over Preeta and her family.

Karan goes finding something to eat and comes to Preeta. She turns to avoid him, and asks if he wanted to speak to her? Karan asks if she is angry with him. Preeta says Karan is the ruler of Mumbai, she doesn’t dare be annoyed with him. Karan says he never heed those who doesn’t value him. She ignored him and it was a tit for tat. Karan says he was waving a hi to her, and she ignored him. She turns around fuming.

Prithvi leaves Sherlin’s neck when she had begun to choke. He pours her a glass of water and apologizes as he loses his senses when angry. Sherlin asks him to promise he will fulfil her wish and drinks from the glass. Prithvi says she must understand that he can’t take the rounds with her. She wasn’t ready to understand. Prithvi promises to do something that they won’t have to take the rounds, but he can’t do anything more than that. Janki had come looking for them.

Sameer was angry over Shrishti for laughing out with the waiters. Shrishti says she only complemented their Punjabi dresses. Sameer says she could have spoken to him, even when he was giving her a smile. Shrishti senses he was worried for her. He wish he shares his feelings for her, but she will make fun of him. Shrishti also wish he expresses what she also feels for him sometime. Sameer casually says she is a guest for him.

Shrishti wish he had said something else. Sameer thinks she is much more than a guest for him. He says he understands they don’t want anyone to mistaken their frankness and decide to marry them.
Janki comes to the kitchen and watches Prithvi kiss Sherlin’s forehead. Sherlin also watches her approaching. She pretends to have got something in her eye and asks Prithvi to get some lady from outside. Janki comes to help her. She asks Prithvi what he is doing here.

Sherlin explains she was having a glass of water, Prithvi was just passing by and stopped to help her. Janki tells her to relax, she is racing so much as if covering lie. She laughs that it was only a joke, and tells them to stay happy. She takes both outside for pooja. Sherlin slips at the door while Prithvi holds her. Janki could sense some memory recall and wonders what was it that she can’t remember. She wonders what this all is, her head banged badly as she tries to focus.

Dadi and Roo tease Kratika for texting Akshay. Kratika chases Roo playfully. Sarla says daughters are blessings at home. She gets emotional at discussion of daughter’s wedding. Rakhi says every girl has to leave their mother’s house. She was excited about the upcoming weddings, and asks Sarla to take her consent whenever she fixes Preeta’s date. What if Rishab and Preeta’s marriage fall on the same day; they joke about the change of bride if in a single stage? Rakhi says she will be happy to get Preeta as her daughter in law, Prithvi’s mother however might mind.

Karan comes to Preeta. She taunts at him to go to that hot girl he was waving a hi. Karan says that wave was for Preeta which she couldn’t digest, if he is a fool to flirt someone else when Preeta is around. Then qualifies she is his best friend, he can’t even look at another girl when she is there. He turns to leave, then returns and explains that he also believes Preeta is really pretty.

Preeta is annoyed that he has nothing to say. Karan stops her by holding her braid and says he was annoyed with her for not replying his Hi. She was upset because he didn’t complement her. What if he now tells her that she is very beautiful? They share an intimate eye lock. Preeta runs away from there.

Everyone gather for the rounds. Rakhi gets the thaal to Sherlin while Sarla hands hers to Preeta. Dadi instructs that boys would walk ahead of girls. Rakhi says every single can also be a part of the rounds, but be careful the couples don’t part. Sherlin looks towards Prithvi while everyone was praying. Prithvi takes a chance during the pooja to disturb a log from fire. The couples are instructed to hold hands with each other and enter the round with prayers for each other.

Preeta holds Prithvi’s hand but steps over the burning log. Karan and Rishab run to her help as she screams. They help Preeta to a seat. Kareena stops Kratika from going towards Preeta and tells her to complete the pooja. Rishab sends the waiter to get ice.
Janki spots Prithvi smiling and was shocked. Prithvi was conscious about her piercing stare and wonders if she saw him place the log in the way.

The waiter brings the ice that Rishab rubs at Preeta’s foot. Mahesh thinks about Rishab’s concern and likeness for Preeta. He thinks Rakhi and Sarla can’t see what he has been able to. Preeta tries to withdraw her foot from Rishab’s hand saying its fine. Rishab shouts at her to stay silent for a while, atleast he can help her for once. She got her skin off all the place. He was cautious, looks towards Mahesh then goes inside.

Karan gets the ointment but hands it to Shrishti. Shrishti applies the ointment on Preeta’s foot. Preeta assures Dadi that she if fine. Rishab had brought more ice for her. Dadi tells her to only do the pooja now. Karan and Rishab go to help her for pooja.
Prithvi was stopped by Janki. She says she is aware Prithvi doesn’t like her, and it’s because of him that Preeta’s foot was burnt.

He must have seen the burning log of wood, and could have removed it. Prithvi excuses himself for a glass of water. Janki senses something wrong, but doesn’t understand what. Rishab and Karan help Preeta as she struggles to walk. Sherlin was curt that the two brothers are so careful for Preeta; she wonders where her Punnu is. Rakhi sends Rishab to take the rounds with Sherlin.

Preeta taunts Karan if none is with him for the rounds, she suggests him to call a girlfriend of his; if he is left with none? Karan whispers ‘lets take the rounds together’. Preeta fumes over Karan for calling her his girlfriend which Janki also heard.

Sherlin gets her foot burnt by the same log while taking the rounds with Rishab. Rishab takes her aside and goes to get the ointment. Prithvi comes to Sherlin and asks if it was a deliberate act? Janki was staring at them and has a recollection from the past where she had seen them together. She gets unconscious.

In the room, Preeta calls the doctor to Luthra house. Sarla, Shrishti and Prithvi were in the hall. Kareena was cursing Arora’s again because they spoilt their party. Mahesh says Kareena needs to change her thinking about Preeta, as they owe her and her family a lot. Preeta comes downstairs with Karan and Rishab.

Bee ji says there is some connection between her memory and the fire. Prithvi speaks if she would remember everything then? Sarla nods. Rishab says her brain must have got under pressure being close to this fire, Shrishti says she might also remember now how Kumkum Bhagya hall got the fire. The doctor arrives. Dadi notices Prithvi was tensed and was sweating badly. He smiles that it feels a little hot here. Bee ji gets a cough, Preeta goes to get water.

Karan comes to Preeta in the kitchen and finds her a water bottle. He taunts that Preeta can’t see what’s easily visible. Preeta tells Karan that he is an alien and came from an outside world. Rishab comes in the kitchen and again finds them arguing. When Preeta has left, Rishab tells Karan that sometimes we aren’t able to express our love to our loved ones because of the circumstances. Karan says he always hear what his heart says; being thoughtful is only Rishab’s department.


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