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Dasi coming to kitchen to take Dadi’s breakfast. Pragya asks her to go and says she will bring breakfast in 5 mins. She thinks thank god. Purab is going to office. Raj and Dadi ask how is he? Purab says he is fine. Simonika thinks today one of the family member will die, and thinks she has to find some way. She gives file to Purab. Disha asks Purab to come to side and says Pragya made all the food for Abhi specially for him and may be she wants to surprise him and might tell her truth. Simonika hears them and thinks she got chance to kill Abhi and Pragya in kitchen. Pragya thinks of Abhi, Sanam Re Plays…Simonika decides to wait until she goes. Tanu comes and asks her to bring their breakfast. Simonika gets angry.

Pragya says even I dislike her and asks her not to spoil her health by getting angry. Simonika says I am not great as you. Pragya says this is wrong. She asks Simonika to give them food and says I shall not ask you to do this. Simonika says it’s all right, I can give my life to you. Pragya says she is making special lunch today and don’t want Aaliya and Tanu to come here. Simonika thinks what is special? Pragya says whatever she do for him is special. Simonika says Abhi loves you a lot. She thinks I will give you a special treat and will make this day as last day of your life.

Abhi and Purab are in car and talking. Purab sees Sangram Singh posters and shows to Abhi. Abhi says he got his posters pasted on the walls and says once I come infront of me, I will beat him badly. Purab thanks him for the car. Abhi jokes and asks him not to say thank you or sorry. Purab says I love you bro. Abhi says it will work best with kiss and says love you bro. Purab asks him to drive car.

Tanu tells Aaliya that Pragya gave off to all Servants and says last time she made us do all the work. Aaliya asks her to think herself fool and says she is trying to figure out why Pragya is hiding her truth. Simonika comes there and taunts Aaliya. Aaliya asks her not to mess with her and says she will get her kick out of house. Simonika says one shall not threaten others, who has no home and food. Tanu asks her to give food and leave, not to argue. Simonika says I am trying to make you understand, but it is useless. She asks them to have breakfast and thinks what to do with Pragya. Aaliya gets angry. Tanu is upset. Pragya serves food to Dadi. Dadi and Dasi feed her food. Tanu comes to get ketch up, but she goes back as Aaliya calls her.

Simonika comes to kitchen and thinks Pragya made kitchen as hotel. She wants to send love somewhere and says it will not reach there. She says my plan is more special, I will send you up before Abhi. She thinks she will cut the gas pipe and will see her ashes. She hears Disha coming and hides. Disha checks the food and thinks Pragya made yummy food. She thinks to go to Dadi and check. She cuts the wire and says good bye Pragya. She thinks what to do to make gas smell go.

Pragya stopping Disha from going to kitchen and asks her to talk to Purab, says she is making food for Abhi today. Abhi and Purab are in the meeting with Mr. Sethi. He tells about the album and says Alka will tell you about it. Abhi asks Alka Yagnik. They say no. Alka tells about the situations in which the song which will be sung. Abhi reminisces Pragya. Alka shows video. Abhi imagines dancing with Pragya and tells Mr. Sethi that he is missing his valentine and needs to go. Simonika takes room freshener from Tanu’s room.

Tanu catches her and asks what is she hiding and says her necklace is missing since 3 days. Simonika shows room freshener and tells that this is your necklace. She says bad smell from your loo is coming and spoiled the air. Tanu gets angry. Simonika comes to kitchen and sprays the room freshener in kitchen so that Pragya don’t get smell of gas.

Pragya comes to kitchen. Simonika thinks light the gas and die fast. Abhi comes to shop and asks to show clothes for Pragya. He does poetry. A woman comes and introduces herself as Dolly, she reminds him that she is from NGO. Abhi says she is from NGO. Dolly asks if he is buying for Pragya and says he shall be thankful to them for bringing back. Abhi asks if he shall gift her saree. Dolly calls him naughty kid. Purab tells Abhi that he will buy something for Disha. Abhi asks him to tell her that it was his idea. Sales persons show him saree. Abhi buys it.

Pragya searches for the lighter. Simonika gets worried Pragya’s phone rings. Purab is on call. Pragya tells him that she is waiting for Abhi and will clear his complaints, ask purab not to let him enter kitchen. Pragya searches for lighter again. Simonika is hopeful.

Pragya thinking to bring lighter from the storeroom. Simonika gets upset, thinks they are so rich, but they don’t have lighter. Pragya goes to kitchen searching lighter set and gets earring. She thinks how did this come here and gets happy. Sanam Re plays…..She thinks to keep it in room and then go to kitchen. Abhi returns home and tells Purab that he wants pragya to confess that she is Pragya. Purab says I wish that I could see it. Abhi says no. Disha comes. He asks where is pragya? Disha says she is making food in kitchen since morning.

Abhi says I wanted to see how excited she is. He says I will go to kitchen, but Purab tries to stop him. Abhi says I will go. He goes to kitchen, but she is not there. He gets smell of gas and checks from where it is coming, but gets diverted seeing kheer, paneer, chole etc. He thinks it will be best moment of his life when she feeds him with her hand and confesses her feelings.

Abhi waits for Pragya in the kitchen happily. Pragya is going to room, but Simonika stops her and asks her to go to kitchen and make food. Pragya asks her to keep the earrings and says it is precious. Simonika says your life is in my hands now, I will keep it.

Pragya asks her to keep the earrings and says it is precious. Simonika says your life is in my hands now, I will keep it. Abhi checks the kheer and says it is half cooked. He thinks to keep it on low flame and searches for lighter. He gets it, but couldn’t light it. Pragya hears Purab and Disha talking about Abhi and asks when did he come. Purab says he came just now and Abhi went to kitchen. Pragya asks why did you tell him that I was in kitchen. Abhi tries to light the lighter, but don’t feel the smell.

Abhi continues to light it and checks the lighter. Lighter sparks and the gas in air catches fire. Abhi jumps seeing the flames. He is shocked to see the kitchen on fire. Pragya is coming there thinking about Abhi. Abhi opens the gas cylinder cabinet, it bursts. He moves back and tries to get up, but oil can falls down and it catches fire. Abhi gets up and shouts pragya, Purab..Simonika gets happy hearing his voice. Everyone is shocked. Pragya reaches there first.

Pragya trying to go inside, but Purab stops her and says if anything happens to you. He says I will go and save him, but the fire increases. Simonika thinks my revenge is completed now, abhi will die. Aaliya blames Pragya for the fire. Pragya goes from there. Aaliya tells that Pragya eloped seeing him in danger. She says Pragya conspired to kill Abhi. Purab asks her to stop the crap and think about saving him. He brings water and puts on fire. Pragya comes wearing blanket and asks Dadi and Dasi to let her go inside. She runs inside. Dadi shouts pragya. Abhi sees her covering with blanket and thinks if she is a ghost. He asks her to leave him and says he needs to surprise his wife.

Pragya says I am your wife. Abhi hugs her happily. Purab comes to know that Pragya has gone in side. He says he will go, but Dadi and others stops him. Raj thinks he has to act, else he wants Abhi to die. Abhi and Pragya have a hug and a song plays. Abhi says you have increased my load, now I have to save you also. She asks him to think something big. He asks if she did this, wanted to save me and become heroine.

Pragya says I don’t want to be. Purab says I should have gone. Tanu says Pragya always takes credit. Aaliya says she don’t like a structure like you as she loves abhi. Tanu says even I love him. Aaliya says ofcourse not, you loves his money and asks her to go and save him. Tanu asks her to go. Aaliya says I don’t do the work which I don’t know. Tanu asks if I was born in fire.

Aaliya asks Purab to call top official of fire brigade. Abhi sees wine bottle and says we have to drink it to end it else it will catch fire. He asks her to drink it and decide if she wants to enjoy before death. Pragya drinks it too. Abhi says I have no kids.. Pragya says I also don’t have kids. Abhi says I can fulfill your wish. Pragya says she means she is not old. Abhi tells Pragya that he had saved her when snake had bitten her. Pragya says snake had bitten you, and I had sucked out the poison.

Abhi and Pragya were drunk, sits right behind the fire. Abhi boasts about being everything in the hospital till morning, he served her. He says he will now show her man-fire brigade. He walks towards the fire, then sits back saying he is really hungry right now. Pragya says she had prepared kheer for him but notices it burnt. Pragya begins crying. Abhi accompanying her. Pragya finally pours some food from a pan.

They were happy they won’t need to warm the food. Pragya feeds Abhi with her own hands. She looks towards his face but his expressions show it’s not good. Abhi asks her to taste it, Pragya smiles over the good taste of the food. Abhi takes the next bite and says it’s better now. They share some good moments with each other.

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