His mistress child update Wednesday 22 November 2023

His mistress child 22 November 2023: The Episode starts with the Rakhi seller asking Krishna to take the Rakhi from him and tells that the guy (Babu ji) have sympathy on him and asked him to give rakhi to him. Krishna refuses to take Rakhi and says he will make Rakhi on his own. He thanks Babu ji for his thought. Yashoda sees Babu ji and touches his feet. Babu ji blesses her. Nupur asks Krishna if he is makng rakhis for them. Krishna says yes, for you and badi baby. Aastha says I don’t need it, my Dada ji is buying it for me. Yashoda goes from there. Babu ji asks Aastha to go and talk to her mother.

Aastha goes. Ustad ji buys rakhi from the rakhi seller and says may be even I will get it. Sonu asks until when I will hold this pillow and says Mami will make him mad, and asks if this pillow os baby. Kamini asks him to bear for sometime.

Sonu asks until when this will go on. Bansal asks her to say until when this will go on. Kamini says just I tie rakhi to Arvind, I will ask for my gift.

Aastha comes behind Yashoda and asked why you are running. Yashoda says if you can run then if I can’t run. Babu ji asks Yashoda not to talk to her rudely. Yashoda sees him and asks him to come inside. She then requests her not to interfere between Aastha and her. Krishna asks yashoda to agree. Yashoda tells that she has come here, as you showed her on video call that her mummy is crying. Aastha asks her to agree. Yashoda asks her to come to Manoj’s house at 11 am mahurat time. Aastha thanks her. Yashoda says but you have to tie rakhi to Krishna, before tying rakhi to me. Aastha says why I shall tie him rakhi, he is not my brother. Nupur tries to make her understand. Aastha says you don’t need me as you got a brother now. Yashoda asks Babu ji to take Aastha from there. Aastha throws rakhi on the floor. Babu ji says your behavior is not right with Aastha. Yashoda in her heart asks if Aastha’s behavior is right for me. Krishna asks Yashoda not to cry today. Yashoda asks Krishna and Nupur to get ready to go to Manoj’s house.

Kamini shares her plan with Bansal. Bansal says Amma is not here, I will call Mahua from the room downstairs. Amma comes there and says you are in a hurry to tie rakhi and says mahurat haven’t come, Aastha, Sonu are not at home. Bansal says Nupur, Krishna is also not here, so if we shall cancel the celebration. Amma asks him not to tell her. Babu ji and Aastha come there. Aastha is angry and breaks the toys. Amma asks her if Mummy vent out anger on you or break stuff infront of her, and says she is bearing everything alone. Aastha says this is happening because of her, she shall vent out her anger. Amma scolds her and asks her to go to room and realize what she said. Aastha says sorry Dadi, don’t get angry. She says I want to tie Rakhi to Mummy, but she said that she will let me tie rakhi to her, if I tie Rakhi to Krishna. Kamini asks why she will tie rakhi to Krishna. Amma says let Aastha decide. Babu ji asks her not to force Aastha. Amma asks him to take bath as mahurat will start now. She asks Aastha to get ready too. Bansal says atleast Aastha is rebelling from Yashoda. Kamini says we might not Yashoda cry, but Aastha will not let her live peacefully.

Randhir calls Gayatri and asks if the work is done. Gayatri says let Yashoda come here first. Randhir says he is waiting eagerly. Gayatri asks him to get rakhi tied by his sister and ends the call seeing Yashoda. Yashoda, Krishna and Nupur come there. Gayatri calls Manoj. Manoj apologizes to Yashoda for not fulfilling his duty of a brother. Yashoda says lets not talk all that, and asks him to sit.

Kamini does Arvind’s tilak and does his aarti. Arvind smiles. Yashoda also does tilak and aarti of Manoj. Kamini then ties rakhi to Arvind while Yashoda ties rakhi to Manoj. Krishna takes out rakhis for Nupur and Aastha. Manoj asks where is Aastha? Nupur says Aastha might be tying rakhi to Sonu. Nupur ties rakhi to Krishna after the rituals. Krishna gets emotional. Sonu offers sweet to Aastha, but she says that she will have sweets after tying rakhi to Mummy. She asks Dadi to take her there. Babu ji asks if you remember Yashoda’s condition.

 Aastha telling that she remember, but she has to tie Rakhi to Mummy anyhow. Arvind says Krishna is not part of the house, you shall not accept him as your brother. Amma says truth will not change that Krishna is Ashok’s son. She asks Aastha, what matters to you, your love for your Mummy or hatred for Krishna, and asks her to decide if she wants to tie Rakhi or not. Aastha says she wants to tie Rakhi to Mummy at any cost. Nupur asks Krishna to forward his hand. Krishna forwards his hand. Nupur ties him rakhi. Gayatri takes the medicine bottle. Aastha comes there and says she has come to tie Rakhi to Mummy. Yashoda reminds her of her condition and says you have to tie rakhi to Krishna first. Manoj says she will tie it. Krishna says leave it. Yashoda says everytime her stubbornness

will not work. Aastha says ok Mummy, I will tie Rakhi to tie Rakhi to you. Amma is about to give rakhi to her, but Yashoda stops her, as Krishna’s hand made rakhi is already in the plate. Aastha takes aarti and does his aarti, and then she pretends to tie rakhi to him and leave it without tying.

Yashoda thinks Krishna got the first right from his sisters today. Krishna offers her sweets. She takes it. He realizes she has not tied rakhi and understands, when it is about to fall. He then gives chocolate to both Aastha and Nupur as the gift. Amma records it. Nupur says now we will tie rakhi to Mummy. Aastha says everyone must be thinking that I have accepted him as my brother, but I didn’t tie him rakhi. Yashoda sits. Aastha ties rakhi to her and hugs her. Gayatri is tensed about mixing the poisonous medicine. Nupur follows the rituals and ties her rakhi. She then hugs Yashoda. Krishna says Madam ji…I want to ask something from you today. Yashoda asks him to ask. Krishna says since you met me and my mother, you have taken care of me and protected me. He asks her to give him the right to tie her rakhi, along with Nupur and Aastha. Aastha objects. Amma says even Krishna has right on Yashoda. Yashoda nods her head. Krishna does her aarti and then ties her rakhi made by him.

Arvind gives raksha bandhan gift to Kamini. Kamini says she don’t want. Arvind says it is a saree from the costly saree shop. Kamini says she don’t want. Arvind asks if she wants cash. Kamini says she don’t want it either. She says she wants their happiness, and nothing else. Sonu comes there and asks Mahua to come with him, as he wants to show her something. Mahua goes with him. Arvind says I am trying to make everything fine, but don’t know when it will be fine. Kamini asks him to make everything fine.

Arvind says he can’t see any way out. Kamini asks him to adopt Sonu. Arvind is shocked. Kamini asks him to listen first. Bansal comes there and says Mahua stays happily with Sonu, she laughs and smiles with him, and we have thought that if she stays with Sonu then she will be fine. He says one day she will forget this pillow and will regard Sonu as her son. He asks what is the problem, if this will make her better. Kamini says seeing Mahua’s condition, if she will get pregnant again or not. Bansal says you know how the family members are behaving, today Aastha has gone to tie rakhi to Krishna, tomorrow she will regard him as her brother. He says if you don’t have children, then the property of this house will go to illegitimate Krishna. Arvind is shocked and goes out. He sees Mahua happy with Sonu. Kamini says Mahua is good with Sonu, and that boy Krishna will rule in this house. Bansal asks him to adopt Sonu, so that wealth doesn’t go to Krishna.

Gayatri asks Manoj to take kids to kitchen and make them have something, and also make tea. Yashoda says she will make tea. Amma says she will make. Gayatri asks Yashoda to bring dry clothes from outside. Yashoda goes. Gayatri then mixes the poisonous medicine in the water. Yashoda comes back. Manoj is in the kitchen with the kids and Amma. Gayatri asks Yashoda to sit and thanks her for her help. She then recalls Randhir’s words and says I want to make you have sweets today. Yashoda refuses to have it. She forcefeeds sweets in her mouth. Yashoda coughs. Gayatri asks her to drink water and gives the poisonous water. She thinks drink this water, then your life will change. Manoj comes there and takes glass from Yashoda’s hand, says he is thirsty. He is about to drink water. Gayatri asks him to drink water from some other glass and says it is of Yashoda’s glass. Manoj says it is just water.

Yashoda asks what happened? Manoj says I will drink water from this glass. Gayatri shouts that he will not drink water from this glass. Amma, Krishna, Aastha and Nupur come out of kitchen hearing them. Manoj asks her to say, why he shall not drink water from this glass. Just then Randhir’s call flashes on her mobile. Randhir thinks pick up the call Gayatri. Manoj sees the call and throws phone on the bed. He tells Gayatri that he is a lawyer, though he is not famous, but can come to conclusions by connecting links. Amma asks what is happening. Manoj says I was doubtful when Randhir had come here last night. He says after you slept, I checked the room and found the medicine bottle. He says you couldn’t keep the bottle away from this room, as you have pain in your leg. He says since then I was doubtful on you, when you sent me to kitchen with kids, my doubt became stronger. He says when I came here, I caught you. He asks what is that in the bottle. Gayatri says nothing. He asks her again. Gayatri says Randhir had given her medicine which makes the person mad. They get shocked.

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