This is fate update Wednesday 10 November 2021

This is fate 10 November 2021: Preeta thinks of how Prithvi mentioned that his betterment was to be near her, and he can no longer live without her so he is coming to the Luthra house, she remembers how Prithvi mentioned of suffering the pain when someone leaves their side then another takes it.

Preeta gets a call from Shristhi who asks if Prithvi has arrived, when she says that he has indeed come, Shristhi explains how she should say all this to Karan and then he would show Prithvi what it means to tease his wife, Preeta is constantly trying to ask her to listen when she explains how Prithvi has married Kritika,

Shristhi is not able to accept that Kritika has really married Prithvi, Shristhi exclaims how she would come and try to convince Kritika as she would surely listen to her however Preeta stops her mentioning how she should not come out of the house as the situation is alot worse and Karan is also really angry, Shristhi inquires how can she marry Prithvi because he is not a right person and did she only find him, Preeta explains how Karina is not angry and Dadi as she knows always worries for Kritika.

Preeta says how he also asked that Preeta take all the responsibility of the functions as she and her family have a lot of experience in weddings as they also own a wedding hall and Shristhi is also a professional while he was actually trying to make fun of them. Shristhi asks why are they getting married once again, Preeta scolding her inquires if she is not listening properly as she already mentioned how Karina wishes to have the wedding once again,

Shristhi responds how she understands her feeling as a mother and also knows what kind of a situation Kritika would be going through as Akshay left her alone in the Mandap and this causes her to accept the person who is in front of her just like Kritika is accepting Prithvi as he would be feeling really great, Shristhi asks when is the wedding, Preeta explains how the function of Sangeet and Mehndi while after one day gap there would be Barrat, Shristhi exclaims how she has given her a really bad news, Preeta asks her to end the call as she would have to calm down Karan as he is really angry.

Karina is taking out the jewellery when she asks Bani Dadi to help her asking why she is watching television when Karina also sits and explains how there is a new musical show coming, Rakhi also comes saying how she also saw the promo of the show and knows how there would be six teams and all the big musical stars of their nation would be present, Karina says how Rakhi’s favourite would also be present, Rakhi is amazed to see that Salman Khan would be present and Dadi also exclaims how Shraddha would also be a part of the show, Rakhi exclaims how the opening ceremony would happen on twenty fifth of February so she should set the reminder.
Karan is really angry in the room and is hitting the stick,

he in anger calls Rishab who mentions how he knows Karan would be really missing him, Karan exclaims how he did not call him because of the reason however he would get a shock after hearing the news that Kritika has married Prithvi, Rishab is also shocked when karan asks him to come back immediately as he is the only one who can talk some sense into Kritika as he cannot handle this family politics, Rishab after ending the call asks Karthik to cancel all the meetings as he has to immediately leave for India, when he says how cannot then Rishab mentions how his family is most important.

Rakhi enters the house exclaiming how she has head all the conversation of him with Rishab, she orders him to not do anything that would hurt the feelings of Karina, Karan exclaims how he can never accept the marriage, Rakhi pleads with him however he exclaims how he cannot accept as Kritika is his sister, Preeta is also hearing the conversation when Rakhi after standing goes to Preeta then exclaims how they should at least try to not ruin the function of Kritika once again.

Prithvi is with Kritika, he asks how is he looking when she says how he is looking really handsome, he sits down with her when she exclaims how she is really happy that he came into her life, he also thanks her saying how he saw that she fought with her entire family just for her, Prithvi says that he loves her when Kritika mentions that he is the best thing that has happened and is really happy, she mentions how everything turned out to be alright even when he was really scared before coming to the Luthra Mansion, Prithvi says how till now Karan has not accepted their relation, Kritika mentions how nothing would happen when she has accepted him, Prithvi thinks how Sherlin would be really angry so he must try to calm her down before she reveals the truth about him.

Janki exclaims if she has gotten mad, Shristhi says how she has not married him, Janki responds that she is talking of Kritika and did she not find anyone other than Prithvi because he is really not a good man, as when she got to know of his truth relating to Sherlin, he tried to kill her. Shristhi mentions how he has not ever harmed the Luthra’s so they think that he is actually a nice person, Janki exclaims how he can never be honest however wonders how can Sherlin let him get married to Kritika, they both conclude how their relationship was just time based and there was nothing serious.

Prithvi enters the room calling Sherlin however she immediately starts beating him with anything that she can find and even gives him an electric not caring for anyone outside, he is throwing her on the bed holds her hand pleading her to stop and just give him five minutes, they both lie on the bed completely exhausted.

Preeta while walking in her room exclaims that no one can ever think what Prithvi is up to because he is really clever, she recalls when she got married to Karan, he still was really nice with her, she never believed Karan who saw what kind of a person he really is, she exclaims how the worrying situation is that Kritika also feels the same and that they both have been married now, she is sure that Prithvi would have some other motive behind everything and she would have to find about it.

Sherlin sits up on the bed, exclaiming she would once again beat him, Prithvi responds how she is his only true love, Sherlin still starts beating him, he asks her to at least listen why he was forced to marry Kritika, Prithvi tries to make her recall all the crimes which they have completed together still she thinks that he doesnot love her, Prithvi explains that she also loves him otherwise would have left him knowing how much he loved Preeta, Prithvi asks her to remember what was their original mission, she is not able to answer, he says how she got her married to Rishab so that she can help him ruin the Luthra’s however she has diverted from their plan so he had to stab her in the back. He explains how he did not want to tell her that he has married Kritika because he knew she would react like this, Sherlin once again asks why he married Kritika, he holding her neck exclaims how she must never say anything of the sort ever again.

Preeta enters the room when Kritika asks her to come inside and even hugs her saying how she has also forgotten Akshay because she has realized how he was not worthy of any respect because he left her in the Mandap and also that she was emotionally broken after the incident however doesnot have any regrets because she would not have gone to Chandigarh and met Prithvi,

Kritika explains how he is a really nice person and they mis judged him because of the differences however he is not the same and did not even say anything when everyone was scolding him only because he loves her, Kritika pleads with her to at least give him another chance, she asks why did Preeta come to her, Preeta says she came to give Prithvi the contact numbers of their guests so that he can invite them, Kritika advises her to come as she knows where he has gone.

Prithvi closes the window, Sherlin throws a cushion at him, he questions what she thought would happen to her if someone came to know about their relation as sometimes it is better to leave certain things in the past, he says how they both must leave their love story in the past, Sherlin orders him to stop as he is the biggest mistake of her knife because he married Kritika and loved Preeta, while has just made her pregnant, she says how Rishab is better then him which angers him and he is about to slap her.

Preeta asks Ganesh if he saw Prithvi however he has not seen him, Kritika exclaims that he might have gone outside as he went to talk with her mother, they both go out to look for him.

Sherlin questions why he stopped as he should hit her while on the other hand, he has realized whatever she is saying is the truth or he is even a greater cheat, Prithvi says that the only reason he stopped is because he still loves her, he tries to touch her face but she bits his hand asking if he can still say that he loves her.

Prithvi coming behind her exclaims how he still loves her as he is mad for her because of her bite as she is his mad lioness and he is the lion, Sherlin while hitting him says how he is just a cat.

Prithvi says how he is her lover, and she needs him and it is because she loves him, Sherlin pushing him says how he is right and she needs him but desires to kill him and throw him from a cliff, she sits on the other side of the bed, Prithvi exclaims that he would speak the truth after which she can punish him, he says how they both have gotten married but none of them knew about it, he wished to inform her of his marriage as he knew otherwise she would get really mad which is why he revealed it because she requires someone to calm herself, he swears on anyone that he has still not touched Kritika because his heart only beats for her, he after sitting beside her consoles her apologizing for being so rude with her and even then she starts crying.

Preeta and Kritika both go outside of the house however they are still not able to find Prithvi, the guard also comes, and they ask if Prithvi went out of the house however he says how no one left the house, Kritika gets a call from her friend who is from Chandigarh and so she starts trying to call her, Preeta leaves.

Sherlin then asks why he not wished her for the Valentine, he is not able to say anything, so she thinks how he is just trying to fool her, he gets up when she exclaims that she is no longer the same Sherlin, she is sure he is just trying to fool her.

Preeta wonders where Prithvi might have gone, she thinks he might be in Sherlin’s room, both of them get in a fight while Preeta tries to open it however is not successful, she then calls Kritika asking her to come to Sherlin’s room, Sherlin opens the door where she finds both Preeta and Kritika standing, Preeta exclaims how she heard Prithvi’s voice in her room however she explains that Preeta might be mistaken then Kritika sees something so enters the room and is followed by Preeta, they are not able to find him, Kritika suggests calling him. Prithvi gets worried thinking how if they hear the ringtone then his truth would come out, Sherlin sees his mobile so throws it under the bed, Kritika suggests Preeta to come with her as they would wait in her room, Sherlin closes the door then and Prithvi comes out of the bed, she questions where he was, he refuses to say anything while promising to explain everything when they meet out of the house.

Prithvi calls Kritika asking where she is as he had to check some important business papers so was not able to attend her call, Kritika reveals that Preeta thought he was in Sherlin’s room, he responds how Preeta might be mistaken then asks her to wait in her room as he would come straight to her, Preeta questions where he was however Kritika doesnot tell her.

Prithvi wonders why Preeta always tries to follow him and feels that Preeta might be better with karan, he realizes how he is saying it wrong because if Preeta is with Karan then he might get frustrated as only Mahira looks nice beside Karan.

Karan is packing his sports bag in his room and is in a hurry however as soon as he lifts the bag, he gets a cram in the muscle of his shoulder, Mahira comes in the room asking what has happened, he asks her to call Preeta but when she insists on helping him, he refuses and orders that she call Preeta.

Mahira after walking in the hall wonders why she is calling Preeta then she is heading back in the room exclaims how she was not able to find her, karan asks her to help him and pass the ointment, he is also not able to apply it then asks Mahira to help him, she at first is hesitant then agrees to help him while also laughing.

Preeta and Kritika enter the room, Prithvi is following them, he prays to god that his fourth marriage should happen without any problems the only reason he can stay in the room is because of his marriage with Kritika.

Kritika asks Preeta to wait as Prithvi would come really soon, Prithvi comes asking why is she so worried about when Preeta questions why is he lying because she heard that he was with Sherlin, Prithvi asks her to not be jealous, he mentions that he only came into this house because of Preeta, she orders him to never talk with her like this, then Prithvi says how his new relation with her is a joke and he only loves her which is why he has come for her. Kritika comes out of the bathroom and Prithvi mentions how he was just joking with Preeta, but she got mad, he insists on apologizing with her, Kritika mentions how he doesnot have to do anything of the sort, Preeta mentions how she requires some contacts from him while would give him some contacts of their relatives, he explains that he would text her, so she leaves.

Prithvi is constantly looking out when Kritika asks what has happened, he says that he felt something when Preeta was talking with him, he explains how he saw that Preeta is still not able to move on because as soon as he came in the room, he witnessed the spark in her eyes which made him feel that she is not happy with Karan as he doesnot take care of her the way she deserves, Kritika is tensed and doesnot believe him.

He asks her to sit then mentions how Sherlin and Ganesh told him that they were searching for him so when he came to her room Preeta was standing alone while she was in the bathroom and he knew that she still loves him because had Karan not married her in deception she would be his wife, he feels she knows he is a much better husband than Karan, Kritika gets irritated pleading with him to stop talking like this as she knows Karan and Preeta both love each other, Prithvi once again says how he knows that Preeta only wished to meet him and whatever she said about taking the contacts was just an excuse.

Kritika then sits, Prithvi thinks how he has played a game with his temporary wife so now Mahira would be able to marry Karan after which Preeta would become his wife, he thinks that Kritika would now help him in getting what he desires.

Preeta is shocked to see Mahira applying the ointment so she pushes her away, Karan says she should not act like this as Mahira was just helping her, Preeta asks why he not called her, Karan responds how she should not be so jealous and apologizes to Mahira who also apologizes before leaving, Karan asks Preeta to not be so worried and jealous asking if she doesnot trust him.

Sherlin asks Prithvi to meet him at the backside of the house, Mahira comes down the stairs and is really happy, she thinks of not using her old tactics anymore as she was successful and so would have to be at the right place in the right time, because then Karan even took her side.

Prithvi is walking, she stops him however he asks her to hurry up as he doesnot have much time, she exclaims how she thought of him as a stupid person however he has proved her wrong, Prithvi turning to her reveals he is the only one to decide the time weather it is loosing or winning, Mahira reveals she used his tactic of emotional drama which led to a small victory, Prithvi reveals that if she follows him then would get what she desires, Mahira says that their desires are adjoining however he is about to leave but is stopped by Karina.

Karina inquiries where he is going, he explains that he is going to bring his parents, Karina responds how she also desires the same as even though they both have married, the families should meet, he says how he would come really soon, Mahira asks Karina if she thinks that Prithvi is better then Akshay, Karina leaves explaining how she has some work.

Karan asks her when Preeta mentions that she should not have reacted like this and is sorry however was not able to stop herself when she saw Mahira near him, he asks her to not apologize as she has a history with Mahira so there is nothing of concern, then he is about to life the bag mentioning that the coach is really angry with him, she helps him lift the bag and is about to leave, he says how she should remain angry as he feels really nice when she is possessive about him before leaving, Preeta thinks that Mahira is really clever as she was only in Kritika’s room so why did she not see her.

Shristhi and Janki are both thinking of the reason Prithvi came back into her life, Janki exclaims that he might have come because she hit him with a bat when Shristhi says that she first saw him with Sherlin because of which he tried killing her however when she survived, they once again attempted to murder him. Janki says that she is not able to thinks so Shristhi should sit down, Shristhi exclaims how they both have their own heads but Janki responds she is not able to concentrate because of her movements,

Shristhi advises her to look the other way and think of an idea, she exclaims why did Prithvi once again came back into her life as he had left her but would now once again create a lot of drama, they are taking when Sarla enters the house, she asks what has happened, Shristhi exclaims how Prithvi has married Kritika, Sarla is not able to bear it, Shristhi helps her sit down, Sarla questions why do these problems come in the life of Preeta as she always has to prove herself, she mentions how Prithvi has chosen as sensitive relation as the family would surely believe Kritika.

Janki gets a call from Preeta, she asks about Shristhi as she was not attending the call, Janki hands the phone to her, Preeta advises Shristhi to not tell Sarla that Prithvi has come back to her life as she would get worried about what is happening in her in laws house, Preeta doesnot know that the mobile is on speaker, Sarla says that she knows the truth about what is happening saying how she thought he would not come back in her life but she would not do anything that might harm her marriage with Karan so would always take their advice, as she has not forgotten what he did to their family the last time. Shristhi then immediately ends the call, she seeks permission from Sarla saying how Preeta has called her to the Luthra house. Sarla advises her to be careful and also take care of Preeta.

Karan is coming down the stairs when he sees Mahira crying, he asks what is the reason so she explains she is feeling bad as she caused problems between him and Preeta, Karan tries to explain how there is nothing of the sort however Mahira mentions that she should not have applied the ointment however as because of her actions Preeta and Karan started arguing, karan says how there is nothing of the sort so Mahira pleads with him saying how she wishes that their relation should be the same as it was before, Karan gets startled hearing his wish.

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