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Mohit says i will marry Sonal only, Balwant says lock him in room, he is going mad. Nehal says he is not wrong, he is doing right. Kanta says Mohit you dont love Sonal, you re favoring her, relations dont work like this, Mansi says marriage happens for life long.

Ravi says Shetal wont let this marriage happen and you dont work, you dont earn then why anyone will give you girl? Jeevan says dont ever say this again Mohit, we are with Sonal but you wont marry her, Mohit says i will not listen to you, Jeevan is about to beat him but Ravi takes him away, Mahek cries seeing all that.

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Shaurya is in his restaurant and sees very less customers, he recalls how investors warned him to bring people to restraurant otherwise they will end deal, he has to give reason to people. shaurya calls for coffee.

Shaurya asks receptionist how much billing happened today? she says bearly 10,000rs.
Mahek says to Mohit that i know Sonal is important but you cant go against family like this. Mohit says how can you say that when you went to Shauya’s house against your family for man who doesnt love you but i know Sonal since childhood. Mahek says you wont understand my reasons, i know your emotions, i will be happy for you and Sonal but you cant marry against family’s wishes, you cant marry without their blessing, i went with Shaurya because my mother in law blessed that relation but if you marry Sonal then our family and Sheetal aunty wont accept it, you have to move ahead with your family, i will set everything right but promise me to not do any mistake.

Mahek comes to Sheetal. Sheetal says Mohit was behind Sonal? since when this affair was going on? your whole family has affair going on, i dont like kanta at all, i have grudge against her, i wont make her my inlaw. Mahek says you saw how Rohit beat Sonal then why you are marrying her? Sheetal says he is MBA and earns 25lacs annually, Sonal used to roam around with him, he just beat her, but i cant break marriage for that, i wont get good guy like him, my daughter will not get husband like that, once daughters start aging, nobody is ready to marry them, i have talked to Rohit but make your brother understand that dont come near Sonal or else i will beat him to pulp. Sonal hears it and cries.

Mahek comes to Kanta’s home. Kanta says have you gone mad? sheetal would never become our inlaw, Mahek says what should i do? i cant let Sonal’s life to destroy, if Mohit and sonal have decided to marry then i will be with them. Mansi says we will not go to request Sheetal. Mahek says then i will go to police, i cant alone make Sonal and Mohit marry but i cant let Sonal marry Rohit. Ravi says dont you know what police do? they locked me Jeevan without any reason, Jeevan says police dont take any action, you keep playing that. Mahek sadly leaves.

Shaurya is sadly sitting in restaurant at night and recalls how his food is not serving good because it lacks Mahek’s taste, how Karona asked him to involve Mahek in business, how Mahek requested him to let her work there. Mahek comes there and sees Sharya sitting alone. shaurya says you? he gets angry and asks what are you doing here? Mahek says i came to meet you, i need your help. Shaurya says you wanted me to bring on right path, wanted to make me good man from being animal, that person needs her half husband’s help now? you wouldnt come to me without any reason, bloody middle class.

Mahek says stop taunting me, i didnt come for myself, Shaurya says then you would have come for your family. Mahek says i came to take your help to stop sonal’s marriage with that animal rohit. shaurya says i have to deal with my problems, i dont have time to solve your daily life issues, i helped her once and what did i get in return? even if i help her again, what will be my gain? Mahek says what? shaurya says you say that i dont help even myself without gain so tell me what will i get by helping Sonal?

Mahek says Sonal’s life is going to be hell and you are thinking about gain? you went to beat Rohit but now when its time to help her for real so you are backing away? your businessman woke up? bloody high class. shaurya says hello.. i went to beat Rohit, and what did Ravi chacha do then? Mahek comes closer and says did you feel truth bitter? Shaurya looks away not able to answer and says go away, i wont help. Mahek brings chair and sits on it, she says i will not go anywhere till you call police and stop Sonal’s marriage. shaurya tries to drag her but she says i wont go anywhere, Shaurya says keep sitting here, die here and i will make your grave here only. Mahek says i will become ghost and roam here, i will not leave you alone even then.

Shaurya sits on other seat and huffs in anger, he looks at Mahek and she mischievously smirks at him. Mahek gets up. shaurya asks where are you going? Mahek says i am hungry, i will cook. Shaurya says this is my hotel, not your dhabba. Mahek says these are my mother’s recipes, you stole them you thief, Shaurya says how dare you call me thief, he tries to drag her but she hits him with pan. Shaurya grabs her arm and says go away, she says i wont go anywhere. she goes in kitchen and throws veggies on him, Shaurya starts throwing vegetables on her too, Mahek takes watermelon, Shaurya says dont but Mahek hits his arm with it, Shaurya hits her head with tomato, they throw knife stand on floor too.

Mahek throws flour on shaurya. Shaurya takes water jug and throws at Mahek’s face, she starts nudging and pushing him away, they both pull and push each other, fighting like kids, they slip and falls on floor with Shaurya lying on top of Mahek, Mahek tries to push Shaurya away but Shaurya pins her hand on floor and looks in her eyes, yeh ishq ha song plays, they are lost in each other. Shaurya laces his fingers with Mahek’s finger, pinning her hand to ground. Shaurya leans into her, Mahek closes her eyes anticipating kiss, Shaurya closes his eyes to and is almost about to kiss her but Mahek opens her eyes and looks away, she says what were you doing? shaurya says what did i do? Mahek says dont take advantage of chance, first accept this relation, make me your full wife infront of all and then kiss me. Shaurya says i will kiss you? you look like fat cow, your face is like aloo paratha, Mahek huffs and pushes him away but Shaurya falls on her, Mahek’s necklace gets stuck in Shaurya’s shirt’s button, they try to free it, Mahek says let me do it, why you are in rush? are you scared? Shaurya says why would i be scared? Mahek says scared that you may not accept with words but heartbeats tell everything. Shaurya jerks her necklace away and says go for treatment of your brain, he gets up from floor. Mahek gets up too.

Mahek comes behind Shaurya but she slips and cuts her foot with knife lying on floor, she screams and sits down, she cries. Shaurya sees her foot bleeding and says you are a problem yourself and attracts problem. He sits down and holds her foot, hr brings chair and helps Mahek to sit down on it, he holds her foot and says it will pain a little but i am bandaging wound. He brings dettol and applies on wound, Mahek screams in pain, Shaurya says dont cry, Mahek says i am not crying because of wound, please listen and help my friend, you have connections, please save Sonal, that Rohit shouldnt marry Sonal, Sonal loves Mohit, they should marry each other. Shaurya says Mohit? Mahek says Sonal and Mohit love each other, they want to marry, Shaurya looks on.

Shaureya says when your half wife is injured? Is it allowed to pick her up? Mahek points at her slippers. he gives her slippers. Mahek wears them. He says can we go home now? She says you will take me your home? He says don’t you live there? Lets go. Shaureya helps her stand up and walk. She can’t walk. Shaureya picks her up.
They come home. shaureya lays Mahek in bed.

Mohit calls Shaureya. He says I have to save Sonal. Tell me what to do? Shaureya says nothing. We will have the bride.

Sonal is getting ready. Pami says hide these bruise marks with makeups. Where are the mehndi girls?
Mahek comes him. Dada says you complained in station? Mahek says I didn’t go to police station. I went to meet Shaureya. He will help us. Ravi says he will ruin things like he did before. PD says no he is better. We can save her from a woman like pami with shuareya’s help.

Shaureya and Mohit come in veil’s at Pami’s house as mehndi girls. Pami says come in. Why are you so late. Pami takes her to Sonal’s room. Pami says why you have so much hair on your hand? Shaureya says in woman’s wife my husband likes it that way. pami says why are you hiding your face? We are only women here. She says no we don’t like to. Pami leaves.

Sonal says I don’t wanna marry please save me. Shaureya says that is what we are here for. Sonal is dazed. She hugs Vicky. Shaureya asks sonal to wear the veil and get out with them. They are going out. Sheetal says to them please take sweets. They sneak out. Pami comes and tells Sheetal sonal has ran away.

Pami and everyone come to Mahek’s house and say where is sonal? you hid her here? They ask their men to look for her everywhere. ravi says you can’t enter our house like this. Pami says its action time. Mahek says what are you saying? Sonal was in farm house? Pami says she ran from there.

They look everywhere. Sonal is no where.
Ravi says what is this sheetal? I told you sonal is not here. Mahek call the police. Rohita says Sonal is not here mom. PD says now get out of here. Dada says jeevan and ravi kick them out. Pami says if I find out Sonal ran away with your help I will not leave you. Jeevan says get out of here.

Nehal says there is a bad news please open the news. They see the news. Reporter says this girl was lost. They are stopping this girl from getting married to her lover. Ravi says what the hell is this. Mahek calls shaureya. Shaureya comes there on TV.

Rohit says to his mom I won’t leave them.
Shaureya says to media love can never be erased. Lovers can never be parted. Look at these two. they love each other but they can’t be one because their families don’t agree. But their brother shaureya is alive. Sonal is in bridal dress.
Shaureya says two lovers jist need each other and shelter and food. My restaurant is open for all lovers. This girl is getting married to Mohit now. And they are here together now.

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