This is fate update Tuesday 12 October 2021


Twist of fate 12 October 2021: Rishab mentions that Sarl is not just a relative of their house but like a mother to them so he cannot bear that they are in jail, Sherlin explains that this means she should give her the right to kill their son however

This is fate 11 October 2021

Rishab says that when he gives someone the right to be like a mother means that she cannot even think of doing anything like this, he further mentions that even then if she desires to not have any relation with her he would not force her but she should take back the FIR which she has filed against her but Sherlin refuses and leaves the room.

Preeta is in the hall performing the pooja of the Karwachot, Karan seeing her exclaims that she is a remarkable person because she is still performing the pooja when her mother is facing such extreme situations and this proves how kind a person she is, when they end the pooja Ramona exclaims that the daughter in law of the family should seek the blessings of her mother in law, Preeta seeks the blessings from Rakhi who blesses her and prays that she lives the rest of her life with her husband, Mahira seeing this gets angry so turns to Dadi and Karina who both bless her.

Rakhi seeing them calls Karan to her explaining that there is a ritual in their family and since it is the first Karwachot of Preeta then he would have to gift her something but it should be of her choice and not his, she asks her to seek anything which she desires, Karan also asks what she wants, Preeta starts to think then exclaims that she wants her mother,

Preeta mentions how she is the one who taught her everything which she knows and knows she cannot do anything of the sort because she always cares for everyone and if her mother is not with her then she desires that Sarla be with her and also that she is really happy, Rakhi also explains that she knew Preeta would desire the same thing because she knew how Preeta is and that she has taught both of her sons that they should never stand with those who are false so he should fulfil his responsibility and make arrangements to get Sarla freed, Karan also exclaims that he will soon bring Sarla and get her freed.

Sherlin exclaims that she is doing wrong with her by ordering Karan to free Sarla, Mahira even mentions that she is taking sides between both her daughter in laws, even Ramona exclaims that she is not at the right side of law but Rakhi exclaims that this is not right as she knows Sarla cannot do anything like this and he should go, Karan is about to leave when Karina stops him explaining that he should not do this as the police would take care of the case and if Sarla is innocent then would be freed, however Karan leaves after thrashing her hand. Preeta thanks Rakhi and hugs her who says that it is nothing of concern because she is the daughter of her family.
Karan and Rishab both knock at the door of the lawyer, he refuses to come explaining that his wife has kept the fast for him however both karan and Rishab explain that it is an emergency and they need him to come, they both forcefully take him without even letting him change his clothes, Karan says that he can change them in the car.

Sarla orders Shrishti to leave but she is adamant to stay until Sarla is released, she then orders Janki to take her. Shrishti warns her that if she touched her then It would create a lot of problem because she is not going to leave her mother alone, Janki responds that she will never do anything of the sort as she is also not going to leave her, Sarla gets irritated then tries calling the constable or the inspector however is not able to find anyone.

Preeta enters the police station demanding to meet her mother, the inspector mentions that already two visitors are meeting her and their names are Shrishti and Janki, she orders the constable to inform them that the visiting time is over, Preeta however pleads to let her meet her mother as her husband is trying and they are hopeful to attain the bail papers for Sarla but the inspector mentions that it is unlikely because all the lawyers would be with their wives and she also has to leave as her child is in the hospital, they are talking when Karan comes explaining that it would not take much time, Rishab shows her the bail papers.

Preeta starts weeping, Karan inquires why she is crying at which she responds that they are because of the happiness as she did not think that they will be able to get Sarla freed, Karan says that if she is happy then should smile and not start crying as it is not right, Preeta says that otherwise Sarla would have to spend the entire night in jail, Karan exclaims that he is The Karan Luthra and she should not worry.
The inspector agrees and orders the constable to release Sarla, Preeta thanks Rishab who mentions that she should thank the lawyer who exclaims that they have forcefully brought him, Rishab explains that it was an emergency and they are thankful for his help, he warns them that the problem has not been solved because Sarla has been charged with a heinous crime and she can be arrested at any given time, they all get really worried.

The constable come to the cell, Sarla asks her to take Shrishti and Janki away as they are not leaving, the constable exclaims that she is letting Sarla go as she has gotten a bail, all of them are in shock over who attained her bail.

Preeta inquires what is it that they can do which would prevent her from being arrested again, Rishab explains that she is inquiring about the precautions which they can take that would prevent her from being arrested, the lawyer explains that since the case has been filed the police can not anything and they would have to fight it in the court.

Sarla comes out, Shrishti seeing Preeta hugs her and then exclaims that they knew she would get her bail, Sarla even hugs her, then thanks Rishab and apologizes explaining that she never desired to harm his unborn child, he says that it is not the case as he knows she is a mother so would never hurt them, Preeta then mentions that she did not do anything and Sarla got the bail because of Rishab and Karan.

Sarla takes the hand of Preeta and Karan, she mentions that they both must leave as it is the time of the pooja, she exclaims that the first Karwachot is something which would prove that their relation would remain strong, she even gives them her blessings and showers her love on them, Karan assures her that he would protect her daughter. The inspector asks her to sign the papers, she orders them to leave.
Ramona is trying to console Mahira who mentions that there is nothing wrong,

Sherlin comes mentioning that Sarla has gotten a bail, Mahira gets worried inquiring how is it possible because she assured that Sarla would not be able to get a bail, Sherlin mentions that what can she do if her plan has failed, Ramona comes consoling them that if Preeta has won a fight then they should prepare for the next step and try to take the revenge from her.

Rakhi prepares for the pooja, Preeta also helps Rakhi she asks her to not do this as she has been keeping a fast and should not work like this as they all are working, Preeta also says to Rakhi that she has not also taken any rest at which Rakhi exclaims that she has been keeping a fast for a very long time but it is her first time so she should go and call Karan as even the guests have started to arrive, Preeta agrees to leave but takes a promise that Rakhi should also rest after the fast.

Preeta is about to leave when Mahira stops her exclaiming that she has played the emotional card and freed her mother from the jail but she would not be able to do anything as Karan would break her fast first and she will never be able to do anything, Preeta exclaims that she should paly the mind games with herself because she has not interest and will not play, Mahira mentions that has she got scared, Preeta replies that she got scared because of her mental illness and has some important work,

Mahira mentions what is more important than the fast, as she challenged her and Karan would break her fast, Preeta would just be able to see her face. Preeta explains that the fast is a game for her and she can play but if it causes any problem to her family she would stand like a sword in front of her and cut her entire plan, Mahira mentions then what would she do for Karan as he would come with her, Preeta mentions that her relation with Karan is not so weak as he would never leave her but if he willingly goes after another girl then it would not be the love, she leaves after saying that her relation with Karan is not so weak. Mahira thinks that she will make sure her ego as Karan would break her fast.

Sherlin is in the room when she gets a call from prithvi who asks where she is and when she explains that she is in her room, he jumps from the window and seeing him she gets scared, she closes the door inquiring what is he doing, he explains that he came t break her fast at which Sherlin explains how she informed him that she did not keep the fast, they are talking when they hear Rishab coming so he hides,

Sherlin gets really worried which makes Rishab nervous and he inquires what has happened. Sherlin explains that there is nothing of the sort, they both sit then he asks he advises that she should rest as she has not kept the fast, however Sherlin assures that she is taking good care of the child but would come with him to the terrace as the work is more important.
They leave and Prithvi comes out of hiding explaining that there was a time when he was with both Sherlin and Preeta but now is left alone and would go to Goa to relax and think of an important plan.

Mahira reaches the terrace and the guests explain that she is looking so fresh as if she has not even kept the fast however Mahira mentions that she is only feeling hungry because that she is also dizzy and would break the fast as soon as the moon is sighted, Mahira inquires why is it not coming at which Karina responds that the moon was sighted however till there time they all came the clouds covered it.
Dadi calls all of them, Rakhi asks Preeta to come and then Dadi explains that she feels there would be rain so everyone should perform the pooja. Rakhi advises that she look for the moon and inform them as soon as she sees the moon.

Mahira acts as to be unconscious and doesnot open her eyes, everyone gets tensed and Karan orders Ganesh to bring some water however he on his way drops the glass of water, so runs to get another glass meanwhile Mahira keeps her eyes closed, Rakhi seeing the moon calls Karan to come and break the fast of Preeta however he refuses to do so but is forced when she assures that she would look after Mahira, Preeta starts the pooja seeing which both Karina and Dadi are worried,meanwhile Ganesh brings the glass of water for Mahira and she drinks it from his hands without knowing that it is not Karan, everyone is shocked when they see that he broke her fast.

Rakhi turns to Preeta and Karan who are performing the pooja and Karan finally makes her drink the water with his own hands, then also gives her food to eat seeing which Mahira is left in tears and leaves the terrace. Rakhi takes the thali from them, Preeta seeks his blessings then even takes the blessings from Rakhi who mentions that she prays they both live a happy and contended life.

Mahira enters her room in anger and starts thrashing it, Sherlin enters asking what the matter is and why is she doing it, Mahira mentions that her fast should have been broken by Karan however Ganesh broke it and it is all because of her because she made the plan of her acting to be unconscious.

Everyone leaves the terrace after performing the pooja but Karan and Preeta remain, he exclaims how beautiful the moon is looking, Preeta exclaims that It is looking beautiful then ever before. They both look into each other’s eyes after which he hugs her, and she rests her head on his shoulder while looking at the moon.

Mahira exclaims how she challenged {Preeta that Karan would break her fast in front of Preeta but what has happened and she saw how Karan broke the fast of Preeta in front of everyone, she starts thrashing the room, Sherlin inquires what is she doing, Mahira mentions that she listened to her plan even when her mother told her that this plan would not work and it is entirely the fault of Sherlin.

Sherlin however mentions that it is the fault of Mahira as even when she pleaded with her to open the eyes, Mahira did not listen to her which caused their plan to fail, Sherlin exclaims that Karan has broke the fast of Preeta with his own hands and even made her eat the sweets, she thinks of how romantically he was looking at her then she exclaims that Preeta has gotten an opportunity to prove that she is always going to win however it would not happen as the day belongs to her and she would give poison to her ending the story once and for all.

Rakhi is in her room performing the pooja with Mahesh Luthra, she starts crying after seeing him in the bed, going towards him she places the thali on the sofa then taking his blessings wishes him Karwachot, she exclaims that she has kept the fast for him and would he break her fast with his own hands, she mentions that he should make her drink the water from his own hands thereby fulfilling her fast, she places the sweets on his hand and when she is about to eat them, she places them refusing to eat saying that she will not eat until he gives her the present which he gives to her for the fast, she remembers how the previous year he misbehaved with her and refused to mend his ways, when he was about to make her eat the sweets he joked of how he forgot the present explaining that he would bring it for her on the next Karwachot, he tries to explain that he would bring it for her and that she doesnot need the necklace because it is required by those who are not beautiful but she doesnot need her words and he made her take his blessings before pulling the necklace explaining how he would always bring the gift which she desires as it has never happened and would not happen again.

Rakhi exclaims that Karwachot has come once again so she needs the present and wants him to wake up because it is the responsibility of the wives that they keep the fast and he must present her with the gift which is her right, Preeta thinking of the love exclaims how blessed she is to be a member of this family. Preeta enters the room exclaiming that she was not able to perform the check-up so if Rakhi doesnot mind can she perform it now,

Rakhi gets up however Preeta asks her to sit down, Rakhi exclaims that the present which she desires for her fast is him, she exclaims how she asked him to open his eyes but he is not listening, Preeta exclaims that he might be saying by his closed eyes that he wishes to fulfil her desires and he even looks really happy, then she asks if Rakhi asked him to break her fast so she should move forward with it, Rakhi then breaks her fast.

Sherlin is walking after Mahira trying to stop her but Dadi calls her from behind explaining how she has thought of tieing a black ribbon on her hand to protect her from any bad omens, she takes her away.
Mahira is walking when she sees both Rakhi and Preeta together, Preeta calls her Rakhi maa but Rakhi asks her to not refer to her as Maa as she never follows anything which she says as daughters listen to their mother and even she was ill she kept the fast, Preeta explains how her mother told her that the fast strengthens the relation amongst the family members,

she responds how Rakhi also kept the fast even when she was ill, Preeta explains how she knows that the family has a high regard so she kept the fast as she is also a member of the family, Rakhi exclaims that she has gotten really happy after hearing what Preeta has said as she kept the fast even when Sarla was ill, she hugs her, Preeta is happy to see that Rakhi has hugged her with such love and got it she was yearning for, Mahira thinks that she would make sure Preeta is not able to get in the hearts of the family members.

Rakhi asks Preeta to go back into her room and eat the dinner as she has sent the food to her room and that she should also eat the sweet dish which she will send with Ganesh. Preeta leaves after taking care of Mahesh.

Sarla ends the call, she explains that Rakhi was going to the kitchen to prepare the dish for Preeta, Shrishti exclaims that she heard everything and knows that the ritual of Preeta was fulfilled without any problem, Sarla explains that Karwachot is very important for a daughter especially when it is her first and she is glad Preeta was able to fulfil the entire ritual even after so much problems.

Ganesh is in the kitchen preparing the dish for Preeta when Mahira comes to the kitchen door, she comes close to Ganesh who is lost in his dream and is looking at her when she inquires what he is looking at he refuses to move, she orders him to replace all the water bottles in the room then orders him to leave, he turns and is still looking at her when he finally leaves Mahira takes off the cover from the bowl and remembering how Preeta exclaimed that she is a member of the family.

Mahira thinks that the ladoo had very little poison but she will now put the entire bottle so Preeta is not able to survive, she mixes the poison in the sweets then thinks that no one in the family would eat this dish except Preeta who would eat it and then die.

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