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This is fate 11 December 2023: Arjun warns this time he would not use a women but is saying in front of them that he is going to snatch away the pride of Rishab from him and these seven days would not be easy for anyone as he is going to take away his house, family and everything that he holds dear, Arjun threatens to take the Luthra empire and the house where he is standing today would have just one owner whose name is Arjun Sooryavanshi and in his hands he would control the strength of Rishab and her name is Preeta, he taking the Sindoor applies it on the forehead of Preeta,

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she is shocked while the entire family is also stunned at his actions. Preeta takes the Sindoor in her hand in despair, she is stunned staring at Arjun. Rishab not being able to control is anger starts pushing Arjun around the house he is beating Arjun with all his might but he is just staring at Preeta, Rishab turns him over while constantly punching him along with Mahesh and even Sameer as they start hitting him with their legs, Arjun is just staring at Preeta, she also feels tensed why he is staring at her. Arjun hits his head against the door, so he even starts bleeding, but Sameer exclaims he made a big mistake. Mahesh mention they always forgot him thinking that he is just a child,

but he made a crime today, Arjun mentions he ijs going to invite her to the biggest wedding of this century and it would be of them both, Mahesh and Sameer throw him out of the house, Arjun vows to come and take her.Rishab slowly walks to Preeta who rushes to her room after getting tensed, Rishab sits down in tension, Mahesh explains their family has never seen him angry but he must make this anger his strength because they have to win the war which Arjun has started and they need to make him understand that he cannot be protected all the time, their family has showed him tremendous love but he doesn’t deserve anything.

Anjali is trying to call arjun when she hears the doorbell ringing so rushes to open it, she is shocked when Arjun is bleeding so brings the first aid box, she asks what has he done after going to the Luthra’s that he threatened Rishab saying he would snatch everything from him, Anjali asks if the Luthra’s did this to him, he just thinks about what happened there. Anjali asks why he is not saying anything, Anjali mentions if this is his decision then she is also going to make sure that they are sent to jail. Arjun snatches the phone, she asks what this behavior is when he informs, he filled the Mang of Preeta, he knew she would not be aware of the entire truth and he has challenged Rishab that he would take away his entire belongings including his daughter and wife.

Anjali asks if he has lost his mind because he is engaged to her sister, Arjun replies he cannot forget what happened to him and wants everything back in his life including the love of hiss mother, Dadi and everyone else Anjali says he just wants Preeta back in his life.Preeta runs to her room when she is standing in front of the mirror is crying thinking about when Karan filled her Mang during their wedding and now Arjun did the same to her without her consent, Rakhi and Shristhi also reach the room, they both are shocked to see Preeta trying her best to remove the Sindoor. Rakhi tries to walk close but is terrified seeing Preeta so tensed,

Preeta exclaims it is not coming out and asks them both before running into the bathroom.Anjali asks Arjun if he filled her Mang, Anjali questions what hass he done when he knows he cannot fill the Mang of any girl, Arjun explains that when he was filling her Mang he felt as if he was once again attached to her and this time he filled it to prove to the world that a girl like Preeta is not worthy of love, Anjali in anger exclaims even then he filled her Mang without thinking what would happen, Arjun replies he has thought about everything and he just needs to get married to her but this time the feeling would be different because she would understand that someone deliberately wants to marry her, he is going to snatch everything from Rishab and Preeta. Arjun informs Anjali that just as she assured death in his life, he has made sure she only has the Sindoor of his name in her Mang.

Preeta stands under the shower to wash off the Sindoor, she is crying and even Arjun is standing so he can wash off the blood that is flowing from the injuries, Preeta picks the towel to wash off the Sindoor from her Mang, she is constantly thinking about Karan and how they both were married, she is crying wondering what arjun did today as it ruined everything. Arjun is furious standing under the shower with just one aim in his mind. Preeta finally closes the shower, she wipes of her face. Arjun clear the mirror welcoming Preeta once again in his life, he exclaims the injuries have not been hurting because the pain in heart got the bandage,

he vows to not let anyone get hurt because he was injured due to love however there is no love. Arjun exclaims she exclaimed there was no love and it was just pertaining to their should which is why she did not even recognize him today even when he filled her Mang with Sindoor.Preeta comes out of the bathroom after changing but she realizes the Sindoor is still in her Mang, she asks Rakhi maa why the Sindoor is not coming out when she has tried a lot, Rakhi assures this is just the color, Preeta agrees exclaiming she is right as this is the color which such a person has applied who does not have any connection with her Bhagya.

Rishab comes asking her to sit down he explains that nothing has happened, he immediately starts removing the Sindoor assuring everything would be fine. Rishab kneels in front of her explaining is wiped off.Shristhi mentions there is nothing to be worried about as Rishab jij would never let Arjun come between them, Rishab assures he is always going to stand beside her in every walk of life, Preeta asks if he is also with Kavya, Rishab mentions he would bring her back from school and she must rest assured that until he is with this family nothing wrong can happen to them, Preeta going to the mirror checks her Mang,

she turns to see Rakhi who calls her so they both hug each other. Rakhi assures everything is fine, Shristhi hugging them explains they all are standing beside her, Rishab is furious.Arjun comes out of the bathroom throwing the towel on the bed, he starts searching for something. Anjali entering asks if he is going to answer her questions, she asks what was the need to give the open challenge when all of their plans have worked, Arjun replies he has vowed to fight from the front so now it is up to her to decide if she would stand by him, Arjun replies he will fight them and only needs to know I she is going to stand with him, Anjali explains he dared to take such a big step without even consulting her, Anjali agrees to accompany her.

Arjun starts looking at the photo, Anjali asks the reason when he explains he is checking the calendar as his seven days start from today and nothing can stop him from achieving his desires, he exclaims he will make Preeta realize that their wedding day is coming near, she would suffer the same fate as he did and then he would make Rishab feel the pain of defeat, he asks if she would stand by his side, Anjali in return question if he would back out from his plan if she asks him, he agrees so she vows to help him.

Rishab standing in the Luthra Mansion thinks about all the moments they interacted with Arjun, and he exclaimed they both were not the suitable parents for Kavya, he even protected her when she was about to get in an accident. Rishab thinks when Preeta jee raised her concerns about Arjun, but he was not ready to see the truth. Rishab vows to make sure Arjun is not able to harm Preeta je.Arjun knocks on the door of Anjali’s room, he asks if she called the reporters and who will be going to the hospital, she asks what he is planning to do. Arjun explains they tend to get busy in work and if someone accidentally harms that same business, they cannot live without it. Arjun reveals people tend to make their respect and even if the losses occur,

they just worry about their reputation. Arjun vows to destroy his business empire and ruin the reputation which he has created, he leaves explaining this is his plan.Rishab is busy checking he business files, Mahesh and Sameer come asking what happened when Rishab instructs Sameer to double check the files, Rishab reveals he doesn’t want any sort of trouble and give someone a chance to raise question on them, Mahesh explains they have not made any mistake to cause the problem, Rishab replies he cannot leave any stone un turned so is double checking.

Rishab explains he knows Arjun would attack on their business as he knows it is their reputation and business empire because of which they are able to live in peace. Mahesh asks how he can be so sure, Rishab replies because he has understood Arjun and knows what he can do to harm them, Arjun has however not seen their side because he thinks they are just innocent people who would never retaliate but now it is time to give him an answer.Arjun standing in front of the mirror thinks this time he would do all those things that make him win this race, he is going to do each one of those things.

Preeta is sleeping when she dreams about the moment when Arjun applied the Sindoor, she wakes up and is about to drink water when Rishab enters the room asking if she is fine, he sits beside her when Preeta is really tensed. Rishab assures he knows why she is tensed because of Arjun, he mentions he knew about it but did not say anything, he might be at fault as he refused to accept her concerns. Preeta explains he must not blame himself as bad things tend to happen and they need to forget it, Rishab replies the good thing is that they have understood the truth about him so have thrown him out of their family, he just wants her to be calm and fine otherwise the entire family would also get tensed, he asks if she wants anything so starts pouring water.

Arjun marks the calendar when he explains that today is tenth of December, just after one week he is going to marry Preeta, he is feeling calm thinking both Rishab and Preeta would pay the price for what they had done to him, as they will be punished in the next seven days during which they both would lose their sleep and peace of mind.Rishab turns off the lights in the room, they both go to sleep wishing each other good night.Arjun staring at the moon is glad he is not the same person otherwise he would have asked him to take care of Preeta but he is neither the same person nor does he care for her.

Preeta staring at the moon prays that Karan should be happy wherever he is and exclaims she really misses him.Arjun wonders why is the tear coming out of his eyes even when he is not crying, he wonders who is crying.Preeta apologizes for being late, Karina asks if she did not bring the juice Preeta apologizes when Karina leaves to bring it. Rishab asks if Sameer is ready so they would leave but Preeta requests him to at least have breakfast, Mahesh also agrees to go with them informing they have to execute the plan of Rishab as they have to be cautious. Dadi questions if she is saying they all should fear them when Preeta suggests they should indeed remain cautious of them both, Karina suggests if they should hire a team to inform them about the planning of both Anjali and Arjun.

Dadi suggests what if they should attack them first, Rakhi replies that no one is going to attack him.Priyanka asks Anjali if she is not angry with what Arjun did, Anjali assures she is fine when Priyanka informs if anyone had done to her what Arjun did, she would have gotten really and. Anjali explains that when Arjun revealed his point of view to her she decided to accept it all and stand beside him. Arjun knocks on the door, seeking permission to enter when Arjun informs that their team is going to reach the Pharma department of Rishab and now there is going to be a very big scandal which is going to cause hiss companies share to fall and she needs to instruct Tarun to buy all the shares in the market,

Anjali asks how is she looking in this dress, Arjun leaves explaining that just as she was looking yesterday.Priyanka suggests Anjali to make sure that he doesn’t marry Preeta no matter the situation, Anjali explains that he would never marry her with love as it is of hatred, Priyanka says she must not lie to herself as they both might fall in love, Anjali is worried what the people would think about him when he comes in front of the world.Rakhi explains no one is going to attack him first because she wants to see what he would do and his limit which he will reach, she explains she wanted to slap him after what he had done to Preeta yesterday but still if they do not be the first one to attack then it will be easy for her to remove him from her heart, Rishab exclaims this is what teaching is called as she is their mother so knows how to show love,

Rishab explains however the world is not like this and if he cared for her love then would not have done anything of the sort, Rishab questions why should they not attack him first even when he did it all standing in their house, Preeta is tensed.

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