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Thursday Update On This Is Fate

Rithwik says to him that he is doing things that are wrong, Prithvi says to him that she cannot help him because she is paralyzed and can do nothing, he did his to her because she wanted to tell everyone the truth about him and that is why he did this to her, he also makes Rithwik realize that he will do the same to him.

Janki is thinking that when someone will realize that she is not there then will come looking for her and see he truth of Prithvi. Rishab is very worried and talking on the phone, Sarla comes and ask him why he is worried he says that she is the only one who can understand that he is worried, he says that he is like this because he cannot understand what his family has done wrong to anyone and why is that person after him, she says that he and all of his family are very good people so nothing wrong can ever happen to them, he gets very happy, they both hug eahdothr , then Preeta comes and asks what is happening,

Sarla says that she is having a hug filled with love with Rishab, they start to joke when Sarla says that if Shrishti had come then she would have gotten jealous of both of them, She start to tell an incident and remembers that she has to go and get Janki. Preeta says that’s he will go, when she leaves Rishab is continuously looking at her Sarla thinks that she is looking at Shrishti, he leaves after this.

Dadi ask Karina if she can do something for her, she ask if her feet are hurting and if she ca massage them, Dadi says that has she ever do that , she orders her to go and get a new pair of slippers for her. Preeta comes to the hall but is not able to find Janki she wonders that she will be with Dadi ,when he is about to leave she sees Sherlin going away from the hall, just then she falls her.

Prithvi is holding Rithwik ,and threatening him to back out from the deal, he almost agrees just then Manisha comes and also pus a knife on his throat they both threaten him that if he does anything that can harm then they will take the charge back, she says that she was fighting with Rithwik to not change ides but concerning hats he has seen just now she will not do anything of the sort and they will take the deal that Rishab has offered, Manisha and Rithwik leave, Prithvi is left standing confused.

Prithvi says to Janki that she will be really happy to see him in this position but she must not be too happy because he is the only one who is capable of destroying, Janki thinks that he has done a lot of wrong and so will go in jail. Prithvi says that he will not go to jail and he doesn’t give up, he will make them both like her. Preeta is looking for Sherlin and bumps into Rishab, they both start to apologize to each other, he asks her who was she looking for, she ask him how she know it, he says that he cannot take his eyes of her, she takes it as a joke, she says that she knows him and whoever marries her will take his work as a burden, he thinks that he has even said what he feels to her face and what more can he do to make her realize.Rishab scolds a waiter, both the Dadi are having a lot of fun they both are talking of their past event and remembering their past events,

Sarla comes and ask them about what they are both laughing, Sarla says to Dadi that she trusts her but does not trust her own mother, they start to crack a joke, Karina sees her mother from the balcony and wonders when her mother will realize to not sit with middle class people, she sees the reports and wonders to go and pick them up, Manisha comes and stands near them, Karina thinks pf a plan and acts that her feet twisted, everyone comes to her aid and takes her to the room, Preeta helps her.

Shrishti gets worried and asks Sarla to not scold her, Sarla says that she knows Shrishti did not do it on purpose and she will forget it but Karina will never forget it. Preeta and Karina reach the room, Karan comes and asks her if she is okay, Preeta explains the situation, Karina says that she saw the reports and tried to pick them up but lost it, Preeta asks her where she saw it and goes to get the reports, Sherlin hears this and follows Manisha. Manisha is walking in the hallway, Rithwik comes and asks what happened she says that she has decided that they will no longer help Prithvi but will be with the Luthra’s, they both agree and decide to move away at the end of the path. Sherlin hears their takes and decides o tell Prithvi.

Rishab is with Mahesh and Bi Jee, they come and asks him if he has some feeling for Preeta, Rishab does not understand and asks them to explain it, Dadi comes and taunts Bi Jee, they both decide to talks about Rishab, and Mahesh tacks Bi jee away. Rishab asks Dadi if any of them are drunk, Dadi says that she will teach him a lesson, Rishab taunts her and leaves to get the papers.

Bi Jee asks Mahesh why he brought her away, he says that they must keep it a secret from his mother because she will tell everyone, they both must be sure about what they have thought to be true and otherwise they will not talk to anyone, Bi Jee agrees to his plan , they both head towards the party. Sherlin calls Prithvi, she tells him that they both must get the reports before the Luthra’s, he is not able to understand but then remembers and ask her where the report is, she says that she saw it underneath Manisha feet, she starts to asks him about the plan, he says that he has already a lot of work and she must do it herself as he is busy, she also say that she has to go and handle Preeta and because also knows of her reports.

Preeta walks towards Manisha and asks her to give the document because it is of immense importance, she at first agrees but then after blackmailing tears it, Preeta seeing this gets really angry and is about to scratch her face, she is topped and sees that the paper is still underneath Manisha feet. Preeta tries to calm her down but saying that he was just trying to keep the mosquitoes away, Manisha says that she is the center of attraction in the party, Rithwik also comes asking if everything is alright,they says that there is no problem, eh leaves.

Prithvi bumps into Rishab, he is about to yell but then calms down seeing that it is Rishab, he says that does Prithvi do it on purpose, he picks up the papers and sees that they are really making Rithwik their partner. Rishab asks him to hand the papers. Karan comes and says that he really looks tensed and what the reason is as who is bothering him, he says that it is Rithwik. Karan asks Prithvi who is the one disturbing him, he says that it is Rithwik, Rishab asks him to say it with some thinking as Rithwik is a good person and cannot do anything if this sort.

Prithvi says that he is only worried because they might face some sort of loss but Rishab stops him saying that he knows how make a deal work and will not do anything that can hurt the reputation of his company. Rishab says that they always feel that he wants to fight them but today he is changed and they do not know why. They leave and Prithvi thinks that he feels Rithwik has not said anything to them.

Shrishti hits Manisha with a vase, she starts to fight with her blaming that she did this on purpose, Shristri denies this and then says that she only stopped because Preeta stopped her, Sherlin is trying to take the paper but is not able to, Preeta asks her to stop but she does not listen and leaves, Preeta wonders how Manisha cannot feel that she has a paper underneath her shoes, but thinking what might happen thanks God.

Rishab calls everyone to the hall and says that as soon as his father will come then they will sign the contract, Karan sees that everyone is standing with Manisha and there is something wrong, Prithvi thinks that as soon as they both will sign the contract he will run with Sherlin. Mahesh comes with the pen and giving praise to his son he asks him to proceed, They both start to sign the papers., Karan is thinking what Preeta is doing, they get confused, Rishab is also very nervous when he does not see Preeta coming to stop the signing, he sees that he is doing something and can’t understand, he stands up but then what was not supposed to happen happens, Manisha comes to congrulate him.

Karan takes Preeta from the hall and starts to yell at her for not doing anything, she is not able to say anything and starts to cry, he is still yelling saying a lot of bad things to her and blaming that she might not want to have this deal signed. He asks her why she was distracted, she say that she saw these reports and once even had them but then she moved and was not able to take them, he apologizes to her by saying that his brother’s life is more important then the deal and she has done what was right.

Sherlin is walking in the hall, Preeta also comes after her, she turns and thinks of what Preeta will be thinking regarding, they look at each other in anger, Sherlin say that she did wrong because she has always fought with her for wrong purposes and she being even a middle class people has come to a very strong part of the Luthras.

Sherlin tries to degrade her but Preeta gets very angry saying that she herself is really degraded and has done nothing right I n her life, she knows that Sherlin is pregnant with someone else’s child, she tries to give Preeta money but she is not at all convinced, Preeta say that she does not have the worthiness to be the family member of the Luthra’s, Sherlin hands her the reports saying that’s eh got them from Manisha, Preeta sees them and says that they are not the reports and she has changed them, Sherlin tries to act really smart.

Preeta says that she cannot change her mind because she knows her truth and will in no case let her marry Rishab as she is not a good person and cannot be trusted, She will not let her become the family member of the Luthra’s. In the morning, the doctor say that there is a lot of improvement in Janki’s condition, Preeta comes in hurry and asks Sarla and Dadi regarding what the doctor said, both Shrishti and Bi jee fight over who will tell the news, Sarla says that the doctor feels that Janki will soon be able to walk, he explains that it is because she wants to walk and someone in the family is the reason for it.

Prithvi is at the door and seeing the doctor feels that Janki has got another attach and will die, Sarla sees him and tells him that Janki will soon be able to walk, he really gets scared hearing this news.

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