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King calls Pragya and tells that someone from the Indian Embassy came here, asking to show them their passports. Pragya says who does this in India! King says I also told them it’s same everywhere, and says someone might have sent them as I am a celebrity.

Abhi is waiting to know the truth about Pragya and speaks to Purab. He tells him that he recalled the day that he proposed to Pragya. Disha asks when? Abhi says if they do their work nicely, then he will propose to her again infront of them.

Pragya tells King about her passport. Abhi sees Pragya talking on phone. Mainu jogi hona plays… Abhi says your handkerchief. Pragya says it is an old trick to flirt. She says I can see your face and tell that you are making stories! He calls her double battery. Pragya says she is not a double battery!
King’s Aunt brings water and snacks. Purab’s beard gets removed a bit. Disha signals to him and coughs aloud. King’s Aunt hits her back. Disha runs.

King asks his Aunt to go to the room. Disha and Purab see Pragya’s passport and asks King to show their marriage certificate. King tells her that they are not married and Pragya is just his Manager. He tells that some years back, Pragya needed his surname due to some reasons which he can’t tell. Purab and Disha get happy, and tells that his papers are all clear!

Kiara scolds Sunny for forgetting the lines and tells that she accepted his proposal before he proposed to her. Abhi asks them to always say the truth. Pragya asks Kiara to come. Disha and Purab comes to the Car. Purab thanks Disha as it’s all because of her that King told them the truth. Abhi hears them and tells that his Pragya is his wife and he will bring her back! Disha asks him not to argue with her or confront her doings. Abhi says no, and tells that he will not fight with her. He says he will go to Pragya. Allah Wariyan plays…

Abhi tells Sunny that he is very very happy. Sunny asks him to thank God. Abhi asks him to come with him! They come to the school temple area. Abhi folds his hand and thinks he believes him even though he doesn’t believe in him.

Pragya comes and says she is happy to see that he has started believing in God. Abhi says I can’t pray like you, but I want to do it like you. He tells that this has happened because of you. Kiara says you want to do aarti and says she will bring flowers from outside the school. Sunny shouts and asks her not to go out! Abhi and Pragya get shocked. Abhi runs behind her.

Disha and Purab comes home. Purab holds her closer and says today, I am very happy! Disha asks why? Purab says I kissed you just now, today you made my nose bigger by 5 ft 3 inches. Aaliya sees them and thinks they start anywhere, and thinks to ignore their romance. Disha asks him to let her go. Purab says whatever he says, he says it with feelings and asks her to check his shirt, and says my heart is bigger than Abhi. Aaliya thinks where is her phone and walks back. Purab and Disha talk about Pragya and Abhi. She says Abhi will be happy when he comes to know that Pragya isn’t married to King. Aaliya hears them and she’s shocked. She thinks Tanu would have committed suicide if she comes to know this and thinks why are they not married, as Abhi will want to bring Pragya back into his life.

Kiara goes out to get the flowers. Abhi, Pragya and Sunny runs behind her. Kiara takes the flowers in her hand. Abhi and Pragya stops and smiles. Some construction work is going on there. Abhi sees the workers throwing the bricks by mistake and signals at Abhi to move from the way! One of the brick falls down on Kiara. Abhi and Pragya run towards her. Kiara gets injured. Abhi asks her to open her eyes! He lifts her and takes her in his Car along with Pragya and Sunny. Pragya cries.
Abhi tells that he won’t let anything wrong happen to her. He asks Pragya not to cry. Sunny tells Pragya that Abhi is her Superman. Pragya asks if he promises not to let anything wrong happen to Kiara? Abhi promises her.

Aaliya thinks Tanu should know this and calls her, but Tanu is not picking the call. Aaliya thinks to do something, else this storm will take away everything!
Abhi brings Kiara to the hospital. The Nurse calls the doctor and says he will see your Daughter. The Doctor asks him not to worry. Abhi says my daughter? The Doctor asks the Ward boy to take her to OT for operation. Pragya asks if she will be fine? The Doctor asks her not to worry and says nothing will happen to your daughter. The Nurse asks Pragya to fill the form. Pragya cries and couldn’t fill the form. Abhi keeps his hand on her shoulder.

Pragya asks him to fill the form. Maula mere lele meri jaan plays… Abhi fills the form and writes her name as Kiara Abhishek Mehra. Pragya sees that and gets emotional. Abhi gives the form to the Nurse. He hugs Pragya as she cries. Pragya breaks their hug and goes to see her. Abhi asks Sunny to come!
Aaliya tells Disha that she was wrong about her and thought of her as a middle class woman. She says middle class people don’t insult any relation as they value it a lot. She says but you are not middle class, but low class! She says you want to take advantage of Tanu’s situation and trying to make her leave when she is away?

Disha says Pragya is Abhi’s wife and the Daughter-in-law of the house and she should be here! Disha says you said that I am low middle class and then said that I want to break the other Daughter-in-law ’s house, and now saying that I am not the Daughter-in-law of this house? She says I have relations with Pragya and Abhi, and she will unite them and sacrifice her happiness for them! She asks her to think of what will happen if Pragya returns and asks can you stay then? Aaliya shouts Disha’s name and points finger at her! Disha asks her to keep her finger down! Aaliya says you can argue or fight with me, but you can’t insult me!

Disha says you can’t win from me as someone happiness lies in my happiness!
The Doctor operates on Kiara. Pragya looks at her from the window and cries.
Sunny thinks Aunty and Chucks are tensed, and thinks to ask someone to give him a phone. Abhi comes to Pragya and asks her not to cry. Pragya recalls Kiara telling him that she will bring the flowers for him. She then blames Abhi for Kiara’s accident! Abhi asks what? He asks what do you mean? Pragya says she went to get flowers for you and met with this accident! Abhi says I didn’t send her. Pragya says she went so that you could do your prayers! He gets upset. Pragya cries.

Abhi says you could have stopped her, but you didn’t, and asks her why she didn’t teach Kiara not go out alone! He calls her careless and says whenever I meet her, she’s always alone! Pragya says last time, she met with an accident when she was with you! She asks him to tell that she will be fine! Abhi says she is careless like me, but strong like you. Pragya asks him not to cry and says you are her Superman. Abhi says I couldn’t protect my daughter.

Aaliya calls Tanu. Tanu says I saw your missed calls. Aaliya says she has bad news. Tanu says you didn’t ask me about my Mum and giving me bad news. She says the bad thing could be that Pragya isn’t King’s wife, but this is not true. Aaliya asks when she will change? Tanu says she will
hear her bad news later after coming home. Aaliya tells her that Pragya and King are not married! Tanu drops the phone in shock and picks it. Aaliya says it was all true and asks her to come back!

Sunny takes a lady’s phone and calls Disha. Disha picks the call and asks if he is fine? Sunny tells her about Kiara’s accident. Purab comes there. Disha takes Purab with him.
Abhi prays to God to save Kiara. He tells that he started believing in him and asks why are you purnishing Kiara! He asks God to listen at least to Pragya if not him? He says if something happens to Kiara, then he will stop believing in him and break this temple! He cries and begs infront of God to save Kiara! He promises not to do mistakes and asks God to save Kiara!

Purab and Disha hear him along with Pragya. Purab tells Abhi that his voice and prayers will be heard by Kiara. Pragya hugs Disha while Abhi hugs Purab. Jo mere dil ko plays…

The doctor tells the Nurse that they need blood and asks her to talk to her family. The Nurse comes out and tells that Kiara’s’s organs has slowed down and says they have to give her blood. Abhi says our blood group is the same and goes to give his blood.
Abhi prays to God and asks him to save her. Disha says she will be fine. The Nurse takes Abhi’s blood and asks him to tell if he feels weak. Abhi asks her to take even the last drop of blood for his daughter. The Nurse says Kiara will feel proud of him!

Abhi blames himself and tells Purab that Kiara went out to get flowers for him. He says God is doing this again and again with Kiara.

Purab thinks to get Kiara and Abhi’s DNA test.

Pragya tells Disha that she forgot to call King. Disha asks why haven’t you called him yet? Pragya says everything happened so fast and says I am calling him now! Disha says you are not attached to King and neither is he. She tells that Kiara is also attached to Abhi and asks her to just accept it! Pragya goes to Kiara. She thinks of Disha’s words and thinks I wanted to tell him when she was pregnant. A fb is shown, Pragya recalls watching Abhi on TV giving interview to the media. He tells that he has dedicated his album for Dadi. Pragya thinks Abhi is still angry with her as Abhi blames her for Dadi’s death.

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