Naagin update Thursday 1 September 2022

Naagin 1 September 2022: Episode starts with Jai and Bani attacking each other. Veer hits Bani and she falls down. Tapish tells Balwant that Veer’s last location is this. Meera sees the broken star and shows them. Jai shouts and says he is not an ordinary Naag, but Maarkaat. He is seen with an iron rod stabbed in his stomach. He asks them to run. The thunder storm falls on the ground. Bani and Veer run away. Bani gives the good news to Veer that she is pregnant. Veer hears baby crying.14 hours before: Bani attacking Jai. Jai pleads infront of her to forgive him. Bani asks him not to act infront of her. He asks how did you hold me? She holds him in her tail and hits on the tree. Jai says he is Maarkaat and nothing will happen to him. Bani says she is also not just Aadinaagin, but the naagin who was betrayed. She puts him down. Jai takes out some liquid and pours on Bani.

Bani becomes frozen. Jai says I didn’t think of this, thinks how you will bite me now, even your lips have become cold. Veer is coming in the car. Jai says Veer and moves back. Veer sees frozen Bani and thinks this might be my imagination, but not bani. He hits her with his car, and falls down on the road. Jai sees her eyes open and tells that he will win and when he wins then everyone will cheer for him. He asks her to wait for the time. He brings bani to the house and tells that very soon she will freeze completely and then will become dead naagin.

Balwant and Tapish get worried for Veer. Balwant says Veer must have gone from here as he was troubled here. Meera tells that something is related to Bani. Shukla brings a chart and tells that someone did wrong with the nakshatras to bring destruction. Balwant asks him to do Anusthaan Puja and threatens him not to do anything wrong. Shukla says he will not do anything wrong now and goes. Jai is indisguise of Shukla and tells that he will do fake Anusthaan and fool them to get more powers. Bani thinks who will take out me from here. Shukla asks everyone to sit inside and not to be outside the black thread.

Meera says this seems to be dangerous and tries to talk to Shukla, but he asks her and everyone to sit closing their eyes. He (Jai) thinks nobody can help Veer and Bani. He takes 2 rounds as Shukla and then thinks to take the rounds in his real avatar. He becomes Jai. Meera opens her eyes and sees him.. She closes her eyes again. Jai takes round as the snake then and then becomes Shukla. He says you all can open your eyes, but can’t open as you are in deep sleep. He says nobody can save Veer and Bani. He goes from there as snake. Meera stands up and thinks it is good that I had thrown my bangle out, now I can go out and save Veer and Bani. Veer reaches the jungle and hears baby cries again. He follows the voice and comes to the house, where Bani is lying frozen on the bed. He asks what happened to your magician, checks her and finds her cold

. He says why am I hearing baby crying now? He says you are stalker, if you are not stalker then who are you. Jai sees the thunder storm and the nakshatras coming closer. Bani asks Veer to help her in her heart. Veer says I can’t go away from you and asks her to come back to life again. He kisses on her forehead and asks her to return fast. His tear fall down on her and she comes out of the frozen state. Veer comes towards his car and becomes eagle. Bani gets up and says you have made me back, and runs out. Jai stops her and asks how did you become fine? Bani says Veer had come here. Jai tells that Raja came here and woke up Rani…He says Raja fell down and died. Bani shouts…no. Meera thinks how to go out and burns the thread. Everyone comes out of the trance. Balwant asks where is Shukla? Meera says he was not Shukla, but Jai and tells that he made you all get in Samadhi. She says we have to go Bani and Veer.

Bani pushes Jai. Jai says you will die then your love for that eagle will end. He says Shani is going reverse with a fast speed, and says when it stops then you will die. Bani recalls Farishta telling her about the mrity yog. Bani says you have killed Sapera baba. Jai says I have killed Pandit, Panditayan, Sapera baba, your husband etc. Bani shouts asking him not to take her husband’s name. He asks her to sit and cry and says I will think about you after your death. Bani cries for trusting him and tells that Bholenaath wanted to tell me that Devil is you and I shall take revenge from you, but I didn’t understand. Jai says I will go out and asks her to think. Bani says she will give him death. Jai says you can’t do anything and this Jai is Maarkaat. He becomes Maarkaat and attacks her. He asks if you will kill me? Bani says yes, as Devil will die. Jai says story is changed this time, Devil will win. Bani says never.

Jai opens the door and finds the grahs coming closer. Bani becomes half naagin. Jai says it seems you want to die with my poison. Bani says Jai bholenaath and hits him. The rod gets stabbed in his stomach. Bani runs out. Veer is hanging holding the cliff and couldn’t become eagle so that he can fly to safety. He is about to fall down, when Bani comes there and holds his hand. She pulls him up and tells that she is not the stalker, but…Veer takes her somewhere and says you asked me to remind you that you love me. Bani says I love you Viranshu and hugs him. Veer gets back his memory and hugs her.

He says I have given you so much pain and says sorry. Bani asks him not to apologize. He asks her to change her clothes. Bani asks how did you get your memory back, as farishta told that you will never get back your memory. Veer says everything is possible in your love and asks her to change her clothes. They come out. Jai comes there with rod stabbed in his stomach and tells that just as the grah unite, you both will die. Tapish, balwant and Meera are coming there with others. Tapish says last location of Veer is this. Meera stops them and shows the broken star. Jai tells that the stars will break and fell down and then you both will die. bani says even you will die. Jai says I am not an ordinary Naag, but Maarkaat. I will not die, but you both will die. The stars or the fire balls fall on the ground. Bani and Veer run. They hide under the tree. Veer hugs Bani. Tere Sang Pyaar me….plays…..Veer asks Bani to climb on the tree and says I will help you. Bani says until when we will run and tells that she knows what will happen. Veer says what I shall do then, I can’t accept this defeat. Bani says we are together and love each other. This is our victory. She says she wants to give him good news and makes him hear baby sound. Veer says she/he was troubling me at first and hugs her. He tells that I have to save you, nothing shall happen to our baby. Bani says nothing will happen to baby and tells that Farishta blessed our baby that he/she will not die.

Bani says we love each other even though we are from snake and eagle clan. Veer says he was her stalker since last birth. Bani smiles.Meera, Tapish, Balwant, Daksh and Ponky come there. Balwant shouts Bani and Veer and try to go there. Veer stops him and asks them to go back. Meera asks her to come to them. Veer hugs Bani. Balwant tries to become eagle, but he can’t become eagle. He asks Tapish to do something else his son will die. Meera tries to go to Bani. They see the fire balls falling on them. Veer says if we have a girl then we will name her Vibha and if boy then we will name him Bashu. Veer says I loved you so much. Bani says even I loved you so much. The fireball fall on them. They die. A baby is shown on the ground, half covered with Bani’s saree. Veer’s soul says she is very beautiful. Bani’s soul says we will be with you always. Their souls leave.

Jai comes to the baby and gets shocked. He says now I will get all my powers, I will win. He takes out the rod from his body and laughs…He hears baby crying and says when I kill you, I will get all powers of your parents. Baby raise his hand and Jai falls in the lava. Farishta tells that the baby will be extraordinary, will stay with human, but will not like them, will like darkness and hate light etc.



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