Lost in Love update Sunday 21 August 2022

Lost in Love 21 August 2022: Virat enters Sai’s hospital ICU room and feels disheartened seeing her condition. Sai calls Aaba. Virat closes the door and walks to her. She remembers his high octane drama seeing him and turns her face around. He apologizes her and says he told her repeatedly to stop, he shouldn’t have shouted, but she wasn’t ready to listen to him; they should have sad down somewhere and set things right. She repeats set things right, what kind of a man who he is to expect her to speak to him after she alleged her characterless He says he didn’t call her characterless. She says she would have left his house after he got well, but he stopped her to allege her character and trouble her. He says a few things happen by themselves like her accident, he tried to stop her many times and this time he can’t as Pulkit will take her to his home, he really wants her to return to his house as he is her husband. She says he cannot be her husband after questioning her character and lost his right, he without thinking once alleged that she and Ajinkya are having an affair. He requests to forget this issue. She says how can she when he alleged her characterless. He says he didn’t. She says his act did even if he didn’t speak, did he realize how it feels when their dear and special ones allege them; her friend brought a notes for her without his mistake; Virat’s thinking is toxic, wrong, and full of hatred; what can she expect for him. He says he couldn’t control his anger and became possessive for her. She asks are they real husband and wife. He asks why can’t they, he really wants their relationship to be like other husband and wife. She says only his wish doesn’t matter, even her wish matters.

He pleads her to give him once chance and promises not to repeat his mistake. She frees her hand and says she doesn’t want to return to his house. He thinks its their house and says he just wants to be with her and cannot stay without her, so he was requesting her not to leave him and his house and if she thinks his request is forceful to her, its his bad luck. Doctor enters and asks him to go out as they need to perform Sai’s checkup. Virat says he was about to go as his wife doesn’t want him to stay here. He walks out crying.

Ashwini asks Virat how is Sai and if she regained consciousness. Virat says she is conscious, but she is deeply hurt both physically and mentally. Ashwini more concerned forcefully enters Sai’s room and seeing doctor injecting her pleads him to be gentle. Doctor asks her to leave and let Sai feel comfortable. She says a daughter can be more comfortable under her mother’s care and requests to let her stay for 5 minutes. Doctor agrees and leaves. Ashwini then feels sorry for what Virat did with her. Sai asks her not to cry as its not her mistake. Ashwini says Virat is repenting for his heinous act, he is wrong and she is not supporting him, but she should think why Virat couldn’t tolerate seeing her and Ajinkya together and why he showed his right on her. Sai asks if one gets possessive, does he get right to hurt other and hold other’s collar. Mohit says she is right, but Virat is repenting for his sin. Sai says Virat doesn’t. She gives her phone and asks her to call her brother if she needs anything. Ashwini prays for the darkness to clear from her life and replace it with happiness. She and Mohit walk away.

Shivani asks them if everything is alright. Virat asks Mohit to take everyone as he will stay back for Sai. Pakhi says doctors are present to take care of Sai, so he need not stay with Sai. Virat angrily says he doesn’t need her permission or opinion to stay with Sai. Ashwini says even she will stay back. Virat requests her to go. Mohit asks him to call him if he needs anything and takes family away. Ninad returns to Virat and informs that it was not Sai or Ajinkya’s mistake, but it was his mistake that he didn’t stop Ajinkya from entering Sai’s room; Ajinkya didn’t want to visit Sai’s room and wanted to give notes from outside and leave, but Pakhi insisted him to go and give notes to Sai personally. Virat reminisces Ajinkya and Sai’s words and asks if Pakhi insisted Ajinkya to meet Sai in her room. Ninad says he didn’t mean that. Virat says he understood what he meant and sends him home.

Sai looking at Virat peeping from glass door remembers Ashwini telling that Virat is repenting for his act. Virat thinks he shouldn’t have got angry on her and lost control. He reminisces the quality time spent with her and rest of events till now. Hamari Adhuri Kahani.. song plays in the background. Sunny reaches and asks what happened to Sai. Virat says Sai’s condition is because of him; Sunny told him many times to propose Sai, but his jealousy and possessiveness. Sunny says they can’t change whatever happened, he should tell Sai how much he loves her. Virat says that is the mistake he did. Sunny insists him to stop feeling guilty and try once to express is feelings for Sai. Virat always hoped Sai sees love for her in his eyes and hoped she never leaves him. Pulkit enters saying false hope only gives pain and Virat knows that Sai will not accept him again after what he did. Virat says he knows and would accept his fate. Pulkit asks him to go home as he is here for Sai. Virat says he will not go. Sunny asks Virat to take care of himself and Sai and call him if needed.

Pulkit enters Sai’s room and says looks like she wasn’t waiting for him. She says she wasn’t waiting for anyone. He serves her food while Virat watches from glass window. She eats food looking at Virat. Ghum Hai Kisike Pyar Mein.. song plays in the background. Sai falls asleep after having food and once she wakes up in the morning, she sees Virat holding tender coconut in front of her. He asks how is she. She tries to move, but falls down. He helps her and requests to rest, he came here seeing Pulkit going to bring breakfast for her and brought her favorite tender coconut. She says she doesn’t need it. He says a medical student knows benefits of tender coconut and if she doesn’t want to have his brought tender coconut, he will call nurse. She says its okay, she will have it later. Pulkit notices it and walks away. Virat asks if she will return to their house. Sai says neither his nor Pulkit’s house is hers and she doesn’t have her own house. He requests her to return home with him, he cannot change the past, but will correct his present and future mistake. She asks if anyone can correct his/her each mistake. He says he believes that one can try. She says she doesn’t believe his belief and asks if he stayed here overnight to take her home. He says yes. She asks him to attend his duty as its important for him. He says he will not go anywhere until she gets well and if something had happened to her, he wouldn’t have.. She asks what.

He says sorry to disturb her and walks away. Sai thinks why he was jealous with Ajinkya when she is no one to him.

At home, Virat reminisces Ninad informing that Pakhi insistently sent Ajinkya to Sai’s room. Pakhi noticing him knocks room door and calls him, but he doesn’t reply. She walks to him and asks why didn’t he come down for dinner, should she bring food for him here. He angrily says she knows family rules and restrictions, but she insistently sent Ajinkya to Sai’s room while Ajinkya requested to call Sai down to give her notes. Pakhi says she didn’t have any bad intentions and did just.. He says she didn’t want to befriend Sai and wanted him to see Sai and Ajinkya together and get angry. He congratulates her that her plan succeeded and says he didn’t now her thinking can be so low, she can stoop low but cannot interfere between him and Sai. She says he is misunderstanding him again and does same to her always. He asks her to stop her drama. She asks if her tears look fake to her, her life is getting worse because of him. He says its because of herself and he is not responsible for it.

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