I do update Monday 22 August 2022

I do 22 August 2022: Ahil instinctively turns around, but saanam turns away just then. he walks past. She eyes him tensedly. Shashi eyes shaad and wonders how did he reach here. the security personels ask the people to hurry up and streamline themselves. Sanam walks past in the veil too. the new bride meanwhile is eyeing the shoes. Shashi comes and puts the bomb laden jacket in one of the packets. The shopowner asks them to hurry and evacuate the campus, as there are rumous of a bomb floating around. He hands the new bride those packets, which contain the bomb too. She moves out. Ahil too waits in line. sanam comes past him, and stands in the adjacent line. he sees her and again greets her nicely, and she is tensed.

They both turn to see a baby, crying, and their hands meet and old sparks revive, as they eye each other weirdly. The mother meanwhile comes and takes the baby away, leaving them alone. They both then get back to their lines. Shashi stealthily makes her escape, but a security lady guard follows her. She hides herself, and then tranquilizes the guard, and exchanges dresses with her. In the queue, the new bride asks ahil to come and join her, while he says that he shall wait by the other side of the gate. she complies. shashi too comes with the guard dressed as an airhostess in a wheelchair, while she is disguised as a security personnel. She eyes the new bride handling the bomb laden jacket, and is tensed.

shashi gets clearance, but is tensed as the indian security official stops her along with shaad. She is shocked. Meanwhile, the bomb detector sets off the alarm, as it grazes past the new bride’s packet. he calls other guards too. the new bride is tensed. Shaad finds jannat in one of the lines. shashi is amused and smiles. the new bride scaringly tells that she doesnt know anything about the bombs. The officials ask her to be arrested. She desperately asks ahil to speak up, as they are going for their honeymoon, and that she doesnt have any bomb. Ahil remembers her torments put on him, and thinks that this is payback time, but then thinmks that his sanam wouldnt do this to even her enemy. he identifies her as his wife, and that there must have been some misunderstanding.

shaad intervenes, and then asks everyone to step aside. He asks for ahil’s help, who is shocked to know that the bomb is activated. They both take it out of the bag, and then they try to find a way to defuse the bomb. Sanam watches tensedly. Ahil thinks that even if he dies today, he would want to see sanam one last time. finally, with much anticiaption, they cut the wire and successfully defuse the bomb. shaad and ahil thank each other, and move onto their counterparts, and hugs them. The indian official tells shaad that shashi managed to escape, but shaad is determined that now with her face exposed, it wouldnt be hard to find her, and he wont leave till he does so. Then the officials ask him to spend time with his wife, as they have planned holidays for her. the officials then ask the new bride to come with them, for some interrogation.

She says that there’s a flight. The officfials says that its a formality and she needs to be questioned. she is tensed and scared and asks ahil to wait for her, right here, while she just returns. they take her away.Meanwhile, the announcement for boarding of flights to Paris and Dharamshala at different terminals. He is in a dilemma thinking that one road leads to his destruction, and the other towards possible salvation. he hopes that his dcision is accepted by the lord. he proceeds towards the dharamshala terminus, wherein ahead of him, walks sanam along with shaad.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
The new bride is furious that ahil left without her, and how she was embaraassed and mortified in front of everyone. latif points out that razaak also isntg seen, and they get into a rant, while the new bride asks them to shut up. Gazalla tries to soothe down the new bride who is visibly upset, that ahil is nowhere nor his phone is reachable. She says that she doesnt understand how ahil ran away like this, as she is a magician after all. she gets angry and says that she isnt. Gazalla asks her to try it once more, as maybe the phone is on now. the new bride is shocked and enraged. The screen freezes on her and ahil’s face, walking behind shaad and jannat.

Ahil gets the new bride’s phone, whi calls him insistently, and he cancels it, and throws the phone away, in the hills of dharamshala. the taxi fella with him, asks why he threw the expensive phone, and ahil responds that it wasnt a phone but someone’s life trapped in it, and he didnt need it. The punjabi fella tells him that he knows the perfect place to find rest and peace of mind, and ahil has come to the exact right place. Meanwhile, the new bride thinks that she wont lament and ahil is mistaken if he thinks that she shall, and instead she shall spend away all of ahil’s money, while he is on the run from her. she then calls saif, and lures him seductively into coming over, for a dinner outside. saif is reluctant andf angry at her, but tensedly complies nevertheless.

Saif arrives and finds a gift, an expensive Rolex watch, along with a letter, saying that these gifts shall trail his way to her room, and she wants him to discard one piece of clothing with every gift, so that when he meets her, he is just the way she wants him to be. He finds a limited edition French perfume next, then a nother gift. when he reaches her, he is in a vest, and romanticises her with poetry. she says that she has one last gift and asks him to open his hand. She presents him with a key of his new imported car. He hugs her overwhelmingly. she then closes the door, and asks if he remembers the rules of the game. She then comes close to him, and throws him on the bed, as they eye each other luringly. Just then, the doorbell rings, and when it does insistently, she begins to leave, saying that she would be back in a minute. She leaves. He eyes her evilly.

Scene 2:
Location: Hotel, Dharamshala
Shaad and sanam check in a hotel, and as they proceed towards their room, ahil checkes in just then, along with the punjabi fella. he looks around, and he too is given the same traditional drink, that sanam and shaad were offered. Obliviously, he places his glass right next to sanam’s glass. He is about to fill the details, when he thinks that he cant give his real name. he then fills out a fake name, Sahil Qureshi. He takes a sip, from sanam’s glass accidentally. Its pointed out that its someone else’s glass. The punjabi fella says that its a ritual, that if the same two people drink from one glass, they get married. But ahil wards it away saying that he already is, and the manager says that the lady too was. he then asks the attendant, to take ahil to the adjacent room.

He pauses for a moment, and then walks in, just when sanam too walks out instinctively. She too eyes the adjacent ahil’s room, and is curious to see who is there, but isnt able to see him, as the attendant stands in the way. Then before she can see further, shaad comes and asks why is she standing outside, and then takes her in. Ahil meanwhile closes the door. she tells shaad that she feels her past is around her in the present, and that someone close to her is very near to her. Ghe gets tensed, and then says that when one is restless for their loved ones, they start hallucinating, but they have to be real, and the reality is him. he asks her not to think much. She says that she is okay, and then expreses the request to go to the market. he asks her to change and then they shall leave.She complies, but is still tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Dharamshala market
Sanam chooses a black scarf for him, but he says that he has many of those. they move onto another section. As sanam walks around in the shop, ahil enters too just then. At a souk, sanam and ahil are oblivious of the other’s presence, while ahil is picking up the exact same scarf to her liking. he is boggled instinctively. Sanam meanwhile is boggled too. the screen freezes on ahil’s face.

People arrive at the new bride’s doorstep, demanding for money while she is boggled, as she had already paid for the items. they say that card she sent wasnt working. She asks how is this possible. gazalla reprimands them if they know who they are talking to. She is tensed and says that she would just get the money. But she gets a shock of her life, when she finds the safe completely empty. She is distraught as she deduces that this is ahil’s attempt to insult her, as if leaving her stranded on the airport wasnt enough. She fumes with rage. Downstairs, gazalla and latif get into a scuffle, while the new bride hollers for gazalla. She rushes to her room. the new bride demands money from her, and she says that she lost all the money. when the new bride warns her, she blurts out that its in the kitchen, from where the new bride retrieves it, and pays two people an installment and the third person a cheque of ten lakhs. The new bride finds that she wasted a lot of time. they wonder how did she fall short of money.

In the room, they have a romantic dinner, while saif asks her finally. he asks her to tell the truth why she didnt go with ahil. she says that she missed him seductively. before they can proceed, the doorbell rings insistently again. She goes irritably while saif is frustrated. As she opens the door, the new bride is shocked to find that its nazia. meanwhile

Scene 2:
Location: Dharamshala
Shaad finds sanam least interested in shopping and a little lost, and he tales her away. just behind them, ahil walks with the scarf that sanam had selected, oblivious of her near presence. he goes into a restaurant, and finds a local band singing. ahil takes the guitar and starts singing himself, and his voice attracts sanam, wandering nearby. shaad asks whats the matter. She says that she feels that she knows this voice. She rushes towards the cafe. All clap for ahil. sanam comes in just then, but is again unable to see ahil, as he is surrounded by people. shaad rushes after him. when she clears the way, sanam asks the guitarist if he was singing, and is told that it was a customer who went downstairs. She goes to the restaurant, and is told that he sat on this table, but maybe went away.

As sanam and shaad sit down at the same table, he asks the waiter to clear it up. Sanam keeps one of the napkins. he is boggled. She shows him the napkin, on which sanam’s name is written multiple times, but she doesnt remember, and says that this shows that this person loves someone intensely and is fervently out to search for the love of his life. She says very few people are so fortunate and such things should be cherished. She keeps it in the purse. Shaad eyes her tensedly. She asks if she behaves weird sometimes. He says that she is hers in whatever way she is. he eys a sketch artist, and then asks him to draw his wife’s pic. He gets angry and leaves, asking if he is joking and how can he suggest this. She and he are boggled. Outside, shaad asks sanam to stand for a while, while he just comes back in a couple of minutes. he spots the artist walking at a distance.

shaad meets the artist and asks whats the matter. the artist tells that he doesnt make two sketches of the same person in the same day, and the girl with two different people at the same time. Shaad says that the girl is his wife. But he is shocked when the artist shows him an earlier already drawn sketch of sanam. The screen freezes on the trio’s face, ahil, shaad and sanam.

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