This is fate update Sunday 17 September 2023

This is fate 17 September 2023: Kritika informs Karina that this was the game plan of Preeta, she wanted their family get insulted while they should be blamed, Preeta has achieved both these things, Dadi says that Mahesh did not hurt Rakhi but it was Preeta, Kritika exclaims she is really smart as Preeta today proved that Mahesh is permanently mental and he was once again thrown in the basement even when he was calling her as his daughter, Sameer sees Preeta crying outside the door, she rushes to the basement,

Preeta sees Mahesh locked in the room, but is stunned to see the lock on the door, Preeta apologizes to Mahesh papa for all the claims which she made, she vowed that she will make sure he comes back to the normal life but she was not able to do anything and is a failure, she exclaims he would have hope that his daughter will

stand with him, she will make sure he comes out of the basement but she has ruined all of his hopes since she was not able to achieve anything, she could not save him from Prithvi who wants Mahesh to live in this basement, she thought she would win from him but in reality he defeated her, she was not able to do anything, she feels there is even someone else who does not want him to be stable, she did not win this war, and he is in this condition because of her, She is sitting when Sameer comes to console, he says that she will wipe off her tears but what about the words which he heard, the emotions he saw her, he knows that she cares a lot for the family and not as the owner, he is glad she came back to this house, Preeta questions what could she do after coming since she was not even able to take Mahesh to his room.

Sameer informs the path on which she is walking will cause a lot of problems since it is not easy, Sameer assures that he will always going to stand by her side and if she needs anything he will be there, Preeta explains she was not able to do anything, she came to help the Luthra’s but is constantly being defeated, Preeta informs that Rakhi maa is crying and eve when she wants to make sure everything happens for the good but she is not able to do anything worthwhile, Shristhi comes revealing that Preeta is standing against the family for their own good and Dadi says that even Krishan Bhagwan said that it is the time for her test otherwise there is death, so one must always fight, a person loses when they accept their defeat but only win when they accept they will surely win Shristhi advises her to stand fast with the hope and will to fight and win, Shristhi reveals her sister is a fighter and they need to keep trying, she knows Preeta has struggled a lot for them all but they can take even a step ahead, everyone knows that she will surely win but Preeta must promise her to keep fighting, Preeta promises she will not stand back with this defeat but will fight for Mahesh, Shrishti was right since the war has not ended and she will fight.

Sherlin questions what is going on, asking what is he trying to do when Prithvi reveals that he has done it asking if she didn’t see that he defeated his enemy, Preeta was trying to bring back Mahesh to his family, she even arranged a birthday party for him but he did what he desired since Mahesh was once again sent to the basement just as he desires, Sherlin is shocked seeing his attitude, he turns back to her with a tissue informing that she should give it to Preeta who would be crying in some corner of the house.

Bi jee is sitting drinking water, Preeta is walking down the stairs when she goes to Bi jee, she advises Preeta to not be worried since everything will be sorted but she immediately changes the statement seeing Sameer, when he says that she must not make stories but he knows the truth, Bi jee blames Shristhi mentioning that she might have said it, Shristhi reveals that Sameer himself heard Preeta talking, Preeta says that she did not know who would stand by her after two years but she knows Sameer has always stood by her, Shristhi explains Preeta is right since he even stood by his brother side two years ago, Bi jee getting frustrated questions if they have not patched up, but Shristhi replies both of these fights are two different situations, Preeta says they must calm down as someone might hear them, Preeta advises them to go back home since no one should suspect them.

Sherlin walking over to Prithvi exclaims he needs this tissue more then Preeta, he asks if she has gotten mad since she saw what happened to Mahesh, Sherlin replies she is saying this because his tears of joy will not end, Prithvi replies then he would need these tissues everyday, Prithvi exclaims that Preeta doesn’t even know how he defeated Preeta with the help of someone from the Luthra family, Sherlin getting tensed questions who is it, Prithvi reveals it is a top secret, he explains she can guess the names of those who would help him but if she is incorrect then he would just say that this person did not help him,

Prithvi asks what was the song on which Preeta was dancing, they both start to dance when Preeta enters the room exclaiming that he might not under estimate her since no matter what they plan she will always stand in front of them because they can never be trusted, Preeta says that she once trusted Sherlin saying that she must stay loyal with Rishab jee but she is still standing with Prithvi, he says that he loves Sherlin and it is the truth so she can do whatever she desires, Preeta questions if she doesn’t have any shame since the entire Luthra family trusts her because Rishab left her but she is deceiving them, Prithvi asks her to not play this emotional card since his relation with Sherlin is like any other, while the relationship of Preeta with Karan is not as strong since they are always fighting or trying to mend their relation, Preeta warns him to not speak of her relation with karan, he questions why is she so worried about the Luthra’s when she said she doesnot have any interest in them.

Preeta responds it is because she respects Rishab jee as he has always respected her but she made a mistake by convincing Rishab jee to marry a girl like Sherlin, it is the biggest mistake of her life. She feels sorry for being the one who arranged his marriage.

Preeta reveals she had to convince Rishab jee to marry Sherlin, it was a big mistake because she is not a good girl, Prithvi replies it is nothing to be worried about because since Sherlin got married to Rishab, he got to live in this house with her, Prithvi threatens Preeta that he will make sure to end any love which even a single member of the family has for her, after which he will make sure that she leaves this house like she did two years ago, and not come back to the Luthra Mansion.

Preeta advises him to see all the dreams which he wants to see as they will surely end in the morning but she promises to make sure that she will be thrown out of the house but this time she will also throw Sherlin along with Prithvi.

Sameer stops the car, he rushes to open the door for Bi jee who steps out, she explains that she really likes him but cannot leave her boyfriend so has a suggestion that he should search for some other girlfriend when Sameer replies he does not know what to do since he cannot find anyone else when Bi jee advises him to keep looking since this is the only way because of which he would not lose, she leaves as it is getting late for her medicine, he takes her blessing.

Sameer opens the door, Shristhi apologizes that she kept sitting in the car after which she runs away thanking him for dropping them back to their house, he thinks she will not come back but Shristhi calls him from behind, she standing in front of him reveals how she liked the video which he sent seeking apology. She rushes away when he thinks this means she has forgiven him, he in excitement leaves.

Preeta is entering the room when she sees Karan leaving so questions where is he going, he replies he is going outside to sleep and knows that she does not need him here but has what she desires, Preeta questions what is he saying, he informs she has the money which she longs for so must stay with it, Preeta rushes to lie down on the bed exclaiming that she only wants his support, he does not even know how much it means for her but this fight is really hard when she is alone, she sits up thinking if this war has started then she will fight, Prithvi is wrong to think she came back for the love of this family as she only wants them to understand his true nature, she stands thinking that until she is in this house then would not let him win, he would not be able to do anything, she vows to do anything she has to do in order to save her family from him, she will not let him win in any case.

Prithvi while pouring the drink is singing, Sherlin in anger asks him to stop questioning how can he celebrate like this, she reveals Preeta left after threatening them as they had convinced her that both of them were not together anymore but now she saw them both with her own eyes, Prithvi question what is her problem since they have won today and it is her defeat, Prithvi questions if she heard what it is said as the mothers tend to warn their children that Gabbar is coming. Sherlin questions why is he enjoying because he just took something small from Preeta because she has everything,

Sherlin explains that he is not like the old Prithvi who had all he power, she warns him to recall the first time when he sent Mahesh to the basement even then no one was able to say anything since he had the power, Sherlin advises him to take back what is rightly his, she advises that he cannot lose from Preeta since they are so close to their destination and she doesn’t want to lose from her, Prithvi throws the glass mentioning she is right as he got excited because of winning but he will make sure they also win in the bight fight, he will do something because of which Preeta will lose, Sherlin leaves assuring she trusts him, Prithvi throwing the bottle exclaims the power which she has belonged to him but he will do something that he once again gets the power, he thinks what can he do to get the power which was his in the past, he is constantly thinking.

In the morning Mahesh suddenly wakes up, he hides warning them all to not come close to him, Preeta reveals that she is his daughter but will not come close to him, Preeta explains she knows that some people are wrong as they give him wrong medicine because of which he is not recognizing his own daughter but the medicines cannot cause them to be away from each other, she is his daughter and he loves her a lot, she also loves him and can even give her life for him, she asks if he remembers that yesterday he ate his favorite sweet, he liked Firni a lot so today she thought of bringing his second favorite sweet, which is the Laddo she asks him to see that she brought the box of his favorite laddo, she will eat them all with him.

Preeta sits on the other side of the bed assuring she will not say anything and he can eat the laddo which he likes the most, Mahesh tries to reach them but he steps back, she says he is thinking if something is mixed in them but he must be relieved since she hands not mixed anything, she eats one in front of him, he also starts taking them one by one, Preeta starts crying when she apologizes to him, she knows she promised that she will take him to his family, and he will get healthy really soon but it is taking her a lot of time, she is living with the family members even then they do not support her, and since he is not healthy so she doesn’t have his support. Preeta assures him that she would surely win since he knows that she does not accept defeat, she will take him back to his former and true life, after which she will get back the strength since he is her strength, he must wait for some time. Preeta replies she even has to complain to him because she does not care if anyone else supports her, but Karan is really difficult to understand, he sometimes says that he loves and cares for her but the other times he does not even listen to her, Preeta asks Mahesh to give her the box but he insists on eating them all, she is forced to snatch the box from him.

Karan is walking when Natasha reveals that her old phone has the Mantar which will make Mahesh feel nice, Preeta is snatching the laddo, he questions why is she doing but Preeta thinks if she tells him that he is diabetic, Karan would realize she cares for him, Preeta leaves revealing she also wants to eat them. Natasha tries to instigate karan informing she knows Mahesh is not well but Preeta has no feelings anymore since what was wrong in letting Mahesh eat some more ladoo, yet she had to snatch it from his hand, and if he was her father then she would have broken Preeta’s hand, karan leaves in anger while Natasha smiles that her plan is working.

Preeta is in her room, Karan questions what was the reason to do what she did in the basement, Preeta replies because he was going to eat all of them and even she wanted to have a few, Karan questions what is wrong with her, she knows how much he likes the laddo, so what was wrong in letting him eat them, Preeta tries to explain with an example stating they would not give fire to a child if he insists on playing with it, Karan does not understand, Preeta replies she is trying to explain with an example that Mahesh papa is diabetic and if she had allowed him to eat all of those laddo then his sugar levels would have spiked, they need to take care of him. Karan warns her to stop giving such examples advising that she should stop doing all this if she does not know how to do it, he questions how is she managing such a large business empire when she cannot even do these chores, Preeta gets shocked.

Karan questions how can she manage such big business empire of his father when she does not even know how to perform such simple tasks, Karan questions why is she giving him such examples when he doesn’t have any interest, he doesn’t need to understand them, she says he is really irritating, Karan informs he gets irritating after seeing who is standing in front of him, preeta asks if he meant that he gets irritating when she is standing in front of him, karan explains she is no that important and warns her to not snatch the laddo from his father anymore,

he tries to leave but then turns back saying that it is said people get fat after eating laddo, Preeta asks him to think before speaking as she has gotten slim, but Karan insists she got fat, she asks how does he know it, Karan informs when he was dancing with her he tried to hold her but was not able, she forcefully makes him hold her, revealing that he is able to hold her now without any problem, she realizes they both are really close, Preeta tries her best to get away from him but he does not let her leave even when she is constantly trying.

Natasha slowly enters the room while Mahesh is eating, she sits on the bed asking how does he feel she looks with karan, she sits down when he yells at her so she runs away.

Sherlin is working in the hall, Prithvi comes from behind and is smiling, she asks if he found a way to ruin Preeta, Prithvi replies that he has found a way to make preeta feel jealous since she got so angry after seeing them both in the room so he feels they should also show her the telecast in the living room, Sherlin reveals Preeta has seen them both together a lot of times so it doesn’t affect them but what would happen if someone else sees them both, she warns him to make a plan about their desire to ruin Preeta, she says that he does not know what he is doing but she is well aware, Sherlin leaves with the tray.

Prithvi sees Preeta walking in the balcony, he thinks now he is going to give her such a shock that she will once again lose, and that thought of wining from her is something else, he asks her to see what he is going to do now. Prithvi calls Karina and Rakhi who are standing at the table, he shows his desire to speak, karina allows him when he informs he knows what happened yesterday was wrong and it occurred because of one wrong decision of Preeta, Mahesh uncle also suffered a lot, even their family got humiliated but they would take care of it but Mahesh should not be troubled, Prithvi reveals that he is in constant touch with the doctors who warned him that no one should go to meet Mahesh uncle, and that he must be served two times and nothing extra,

Prithvi suggests Karina can give the medicine but Rakhi will not go there since she get emotional and it is wrong, Rakhi requests him to allow her since she desires to do it, Prithvi disagrees explaining that Rakhi might think he is wrong and strict because Preeta allowed her but she cannot go, this all is happening because of Preeta, Karina can go to him and even Kritika but not Rakhi, she insists that she needs to go and meet him as she will not cause him any problem but Prithvi makes Karina believe he is telling the truth and so when she tries to convince Rakhi, she gets tensed and leaves. Prithvi is exclaiming that he is sure Mahesh will get fine.

Preeta thinks that Mahesh is not that ill so no one can meet him but Prithvi would not be the one to tell anyone who can meet Mahesh, she vows to teach him a lesson.

Prithvi walks into the room while Sherlin is smiling, he says she asked him the reason he was smiling but now he is going to ask her why she is smiling, Sherlin explains she found a solution for the reason which she was really worried, as she said that Sherlin would also be thrown out of the house but Prithvi once again questions what is the plan as she is smiling, Preeta hides behind the door when she hears them talking, Sherlin mentions that she talked with her lawyer who said that if they are able to get the property papers from Preeta then can replace her name with that of Prithvi and so he would once again be the owner of this empire, she asks what does he think of her plan, Prithvi replies it is completely wrong planning, he thought that she would have some brains but never knew that it would such a heinous plan, he says does she think it would be really easy to get the papers from the bank because no one would give them the permission to open the locker.

Preeta while walking in the hall thinks that she got a great plan because Prithvi and Sherlin are fighting because they think that she does not have the papers in the house but what if she brings them to the house, this will give the chance that she needs since when they both would be planning to transfer the ownership, she will file a complaint against them to get them arrested. Preeta wonders how can she transfer this news to Prithvi, if she says it directly then he would become suspicious. Preeta sees Ganesh who informs her that she is being called to the breakfast.

Preeta sits on the table when Karan also comes asking where is Ganesh, Preeta informs that she sent him outside, Karan replies he did not ask her but his family, Preeta replies she is also just informing them, when Sameer also says that they both look really cute, Karan questions what is he saying as he doesn’t like when anyone says he is looking cute he just hates that word, Karina advises them both to have their breakfast, Dadi also asks Rakhi to have breakfast with them but she replies she is not feeling well so would go and rest, Rakhi asks Preeta for her permission, she at first replies Rakhi doesn’t need her permission but then realizes she needs to act like the owner, she feels bad Rakhi had to ask her for the permission and assures everything would be the same as before really soon, she sees Prithvi coming who sits down thinking he know Preeta is really angry to see him in this house, she wonders where is Sherlin since she wants everyone to hear her call.

Preeta receives a call from the bank manager, she questions why is he calling her during the breakfast hour, she is shocked to hear the news regarding the renovation and reveals it cannot happen like this since the locker contains her important documents because of which she is the owner of this property and without them she will be nothing, she advises him to only allow her lawyer to access the locker, and he alone would be the one to give her the papers in her house, she going to the table thinks now Prithvi will surely try to steal the papers, and would surely get trapped in the trap which she has set for him.

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