This is fate update Tuesday 19 September 2023

This is fate 19 September 2023: Karan is rushing after hearing the cries of Rakhi, Sameer stops him questioning what happened but karan rushes away so he also follows him, Preeta is running in the balcony when Kritika requests Mami to not come forward and also stay calm, she is constantly yelling the name of Karan seeking his help,

Prithvi enters questioning what happened when Karna also enters, he is not able to reach Rakhi, Prithvi question why was there so much stuff in the kitchen, Ganesh reveals he brought it because of the party, Sameer brings the fire extinguisher, Prithvi manages to bring the rod, giving it to Karan who starts pushing the burning boxes away from it, Preeta also helps Rakhi assuring that everything would be fine when they take her outside, Preeta asks Kritika to rush and bring the first aid box, she assures Rakhi that everything is fine, she must just sit down without any worry, karina and Dadi also enter questioning if everything is fine and what happened to Bhabhi, Dadi questions what has Preeta done this time when Sherlin replies she did not do anything but instead saved Rakhi, as there was a fire in the kitchen.

Preeta assures Rakhi maa is fine she even checked the Blood pressure and there are some burns but they will heal when she applies the ointment, Dadi asks why is she crying, Rakhi explains she was just working in the kitchen when the fire erupted and she thought she would die, but then prayed to god that she be saved since she cannot leave her family in a situation like this as before there was Rishab who would always stand by him, and even Mahesh but now everyone knows his condition, she thinks that she would have to live for her children since they need her support, she cannot leave her family which is when both Preeta and karan came beside her,

they managed to pull her out of the fire, Preeta has given her a new life, she saved her for Karan so she can be his strength, Rakhi thanks Preeta when karan gets emotional and hugs her, she even hugs Preeta who assures there is nothing to be worried about, Prithvi comes to them all coughing, he assures that the fire has ended and there is nothing to be worried about. Karan asks if the doctor has arrived since he called him, Preeta assures that she has perfumed the checkup and Rakhi is fine, she just needs this ointment for her burns. Prithvi looking at Preeta thinks she would be wondering why did he not steal those papers even when she brought them to her room.

Ganesh is cleaning the kitchen when he sits down crying, Preeta enters questioning what happened, Ganesh explains he is worried about if this might be his mistake and he is the reason behind it all, Preeta assures there is nothing to be worried about since everyone is fine, Preeta wonders if someone did it on purpose to cause some injury. Ganesh informs the induction was faulty so he went to bring gas from the store, she assures everything would be fine and goes to bring water for him.

Shristhi is trying to call Preeta but wonders why is she not answering her calls as Preeta knows whenever she doesnot reply it tends to make her worried, Shristhi decides to call Sameer but he wonders what she would say if he doesnot answer, Shristhi hesitantly asks if everything is fine since she was trying to call Preeta di but she is not answering her calls, Sameer informs her that there was a fire in their kitchen and Rakhi mami got hurt, everyone was with her including Preeta Bhabhi, he rushes to give her the phone. Preeta answers it when Shristhi reveals the paper got stolen, Preeta replies she told her in the morning that they were not stolen but Shristhi explains it is her mind, Preeta rushes to her room and is stunned, when Preeta explains that she feels they would be stolen and it s her mind, Preeta asks her to not get so happy since she will search the entire room,

Preeta is searching when she explains that she cannot find them anywhere, Sameer reveals that he has the phone, Preeta explains that the papers have indeed been stolen, they all start rejoicing while Shristhi also starts dancing on the street, they rejoice, Preeta explains she feels they are the few who are smiling even after their belonging has been stolen, Preeta ends the call exclaiming she is now going to start her drama.

Preeta is with Sameer when she asks him to go downstairs since she doesnot want them all to hate him like her, she is herself going to play the game and end this drama, everyone is waiting when Karina asks where was he but he replies he went to attend a business call. Preeta comes out of the balcony, while she is calling the police officer explaining that her property papers have been stolen, so they must come and arrest the culprit.

The entire Luthra family starts thinking suspiciously about each other Dadi blames Sherlin when Prithvi also thinks if Karan has stolen them, Kritika replies why is she announcing it all because had she kept it hidden then no one would have stolen them, Preeta asks Sameer if he would have also stolen her papers when he replies that he has not given it a thought but might consider it since it is not a big thing, Sherlin also asks Preeta to not blame anyone of them since they have no interest in stealing her papers, Preeta replies she doesnot have to talk with anyone of them but must wait for the police to come since they are going to interrogate them all and find out the truth.

Shristhi enters the house while dancing when Janki angrily questions where did she go, Shristhi asks why is she so frustrated, Janki replies because she got worried when she saw her leaving the house and even went her calling her name but Shristhi did not answer her call, Shristhi asks what happened when Janki replies she knows there is someone waiting for her in the house, Shristhi reveals her mobile was busy, Janki questions why is she always acting like a child since she has grown up, Sarla is not in the house and has given her all the responsibility but Shristhi doesnot tell her anything about where she is going, she must at least inform her.

The Luthra family is waiting when the police enter the house, they question what papers were stolen, Preeta reveals that she called them and her papers were stolen, since there was some maintained going on in the bank and so she had to bring everything from the bank, including some very important documents the those are treating to the property, she because of those documents has become the owner of this Luthra mansion, she knows that no one here wants her to remain the owner which is why this morning the papers were stolen from her room, she wants them to search this house and punish the culprit, Sherlin explains she knows who stole the papers as she saw him coming out of her room, she reveals that it is Karan, he gets shocked hearing this and even Preeta turns to look at her with tension, because she is blaming Karan.

Kritika is not able to believe her ears, Dadi also questions what the hell is she talking about, questioning why would Karan steal those papers, Sherlin mentions she is saying what she saw, Preeta explains she is thinking that the stick is in the beard of the robbers because just as she took the name of robbery, Sherlin blamed it all on Karan, Sherlin replies if she has gotten mad since she only revealed what she saw and nothing else, she says that Preeta is trying to defend karan, he says she is not defending anyone otherwise would not have called the police, Kritika also explains she just needs her papers and doesnot even care for anyone else,

Dadi mentions this will cause a lot of drama, she requests Karina to give back the papers, everyone is shocked, Kritika and Prithvi get shocked, she orders him to shut up questioning what is wrong with Mummi jee since she didn’t steal those papers but instead asks Dadi, Prithvi once again asks her hearing which she gets defensive. Prithvi advises why are they blaming each other since when the police have arrived, they should at least allow the police to search Luthra mansion, Preeta also agrees to his advice but explains they should start the search from Sherlin’s room while would search her room the last.

Sherlin immediately gets frustrated questioning why is she blaming everyone when she has not stolen, he papers, hearing this Sherlin once again questions why is Preeta blaming her and they should not search her room, Preeta replies they have to start the search from someone’s room, Natasha is shocked to see the police standing so she questions what is going on, Prithvi advises her to observe and see since it is a long story. Preeta and Sherlin are still arguing, Karan gets frustrated ordering them to shutup, he advises the police can start the search from his room, they all leave upstairs when Preeta is standing beside Prithvi, she is sure that Karan is innocent and it is Prithvi who is behind it all she vows to make him pay for his actions.

Janki is scolding Shristhi questioning if she the slightest idea how worried she got when Shristhi left, she even ran after her but was not able to catch her, bi jee also comes out of her room, Shristhi questions why is she crying since she is fine, Bi jee also questions why is she doing this emotional blackmailing to Shristhi when she accepted to always call her and in form when she leaves the house, Janki gets shocked asking if she indeed said it but Shristhi is confused however agrees to every order that Bi jee said, Janki rushes to bring the food for her, she thanks Bi jee for saving her form Janki, Bi jee demands that she hug her and she reveals they have ended it all but Shristhi should also bring the thing which she likes the most from the market, Shristhi doesnot understand and then getting tensed asking if she has once again started drinking and is blackmailing her, Bi jee replies she is going to keep on doing this until Shristhi learns her lesson, and informs them before going out of the house.

The police enter Karan’s room, the inspector directs the constable to go and search the other rooms in the house, Rakhi is shocked while walking past the room, she enters questioning what is going on, the inspector asks if Preeta also suspects her, hearing this Preeta immediately refuses explaining that she was trapped in the fire when this happened and was resting, Rakhi asks Sherlin what is going on, Prithvi reveals that Preeta has blamed that someone from this family stole the property papers hearing this Rakhi also starts questioning her.

The inspector asks if this is the same file, Prithvi also asks Preeta to check revealing the blame that Sherlin put on Karan is true. Karan asks Prithvi to stop talking rubbish since he did not steal anything, inspector says the file was found in his room and so he must come with him to the police station. Rakhi tries to stop them from taking her son but Preeta also gets tensed so she takes out the papers and is shocked to see newspaper cutting in it, Preeta reveals that this proves someone else stole the papers and then placed the file in Karan’s room so that he can take the blame, she makes the police know the fact when they all advise the family to stay in the house since tomorrow the professional team would come and they will also need the CCTV cameras, he advises no one should leave the house till tomorrow morning when the team arrives. The entire family is looking at Preeta with immense anger and she is not able to bear it so leaves the room.

Shristhi questions why is Preeta crying since it is nothing to be worried about, Preeta reveals that her plan will be ruined and she was not present when the entire family was looking at her with anger, Shristhi asks her to come since she should tell the entire family how she met Mahesh papa in the clinic and he asked her to come back in the Luthra house, Shristhi advises Preeta to not be worried if the family knows about her plan then would stand beside her, Preeta replies she is right but if they tell the truth then her plan would be left in vain,

Preeta mentions that she vowed in front of Mata rani to fulfill her mission, Shristhi explains that she will have to feel the pain. Preeta in anger questions if she could not say that she must keep her hopes high and she should also work towards her mission so she should stand up with renewed desire to fulfill her tasks, Shristhi exclaims she herself face the lecture, Preeta exclaims she told the truth and she has revealed what was right, but Shristhi made her speak it. Shristhi informs she is also human so has a heart and when there is one, then it also suffers., Preeta thanks Shristhi since she is always acting childish but she can make sense from her childish talks, they both hug each other.

Shristhi explains on a serious note she is saying that prithvi is behind stealing the papers when Preeta replies the police searched the entire house but were not able to find anything, Shristhi asks if she can requests Karan to keep an eye on Prithvi, Preeta replies he is that smart so would himself keep an eye on him, Shristhi reveals she thought she was the only one who is smart.

Shristhi exclaims she should leave now since Janki is always curious about where she is going and even tends to scold her, Preeta reveals she is missing everyone, Shrishti advises she should solve this problem after which they all would also go on a trip. Preeta thinks it was never easy to tackle Prithvi but this time she will surely tackle him and win, he should just wait and watch.

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