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Rishab was shocked to hear that Preeta is celebrating her engagement date fixing ceremony today. Sherlin returns and notices the tension. Rishab explains Karan’s mood was off because they spoilt his date. Sherlin was happy and asks Karan to sometime join them as family as well. She takes the menu, but Karan asks Rishab to order. Rishab makes the order, and says he wants to try every variety in food.

Sherlin turns to find Prithvi and Preeta enter the hotel. Sherlin suggests about asking them join in. Karan turns his face away. Prithvi and Preeta come towards them and greet each other. Karan stands up and curtly asks Rishab why he chose this restaurant for his dinner date.

Rishab recalls that Rakhi wanted him to clarify the misunderstandings between Prithvi and Karan and had arranged for the meet up. She understood that Preeta was a girl who would never go against the wish of her husband, and if this misunderstanding persist Preeta won’t be able to meet them after marriage. Rishab wonders why Rakhi handed the responsibility to him. He welcomes Prithvi and Preeta to join them. Karan interferes that Prithvi would like to sit outdoor, he likes greenery. Rishab asks Karan to change his point of view, its important for them to sit together for dinner. Prithvi disagrees with Karan about liking water and greenery, he likes mountains – tall and confident.

Karan laughs. Preeta asks if someone cracked a joke. Prithvi joins for dinner and gives the news about their engagement in next three days. Rishab and Sherlin congratulate him, but Karan asks why so late. Rishab says Sarla would need time to prepare. Karan asks if Prithvi had high demands. Prithvi dislikes and explains he didn’t make a single demand. Karan tells Rishab that he has begun to enjoy now, and asks Preeta what she would wear. Preeta says the dress Prithvi liked for her, she loves it. The waiter brings the soup that Karan spills over Prithvi deliberately.

A man in washroom hear Prithvi curtly speaking against Karan. He confronts the man staring at him and gets rude to him. Karan comes out to save the man and says Prithvi is burnt. Prithvi says he is sure Karan spilt the soup deliberately. Karan says he only came to inquire if Prithvi was burnt much. Prithvi deters to destroy Karan, he knows best how to play against his enemies. He says Karan is jealous of his happiness and his engagement with Preeta, he understands Karan is badly burnt. Karan rejects the idea as he has a standard and doesn’t care about Prithvi’s life.

Prithvi says he has an interest in Preeta’s life, he has noticed how Karan looks towards Preeta; his wish to dance with her and always around her. He deters that once they are engaged he would end Preeta’s friendship with Karan.

Karan says he won’t let this happen. Prithvi challenges him to break their engagement now, and go to Sarla right away. He tells Karan that once before as well Preeta’s engagement was broken, the society will now blame Preeta. Karan shouts he can do anything in any situation. Prithvi challenges him to go right away, and deters that Karan can’t harm Prithvi. When Karan is lost, he will have to fell into his feet and apologize. Karan now takes Prithvi’s challenge and says he isn’t interested in Preeta, but wants to save her from a devil like him; Prithvi better understand this. Prithvi breaks the vase in washroom out of rage.

Sarla serves sweet to Mahesh. Rakhi stops her from offering some more. Mahesh was genuinely happy and offers Sarla any kind of help. Sarla tells Rakhi she is a beautiful person inside out, she understand their love for her daughters. She assures to come to them if she has any help to ask for.

Rishab comes to Karan and asks about the reason of his anger. Karan tells Rishab that Prithvi is a worse choice for Preeta. He was determined to break his relation with Preeta, and he has challenged him openly today. Rishab was angry and says whatever Karan had to do must be silently. Karan wasn’t ready to listen. Rishab says they will now see, and takes him along. Sherlin hears the conversation and was worried, she was sure Prithvi must be fuming and she should calm him down. She decides to give him a hug.
Preeta was waiting for everyone and felt strange being alone. She goes to check for them, the waiter brings their dress serving. Karan takes a sip from glass of water.

Rishab asks him to go inside. Karan says he would bring that Prithvi, because that bitter Preeta is still inside. Rishab goes to join Sherlin and Preeta. Karan was happy to read the message of Malishka. He hears Prithvi speaking to a girl and was alert whom he was talking to. He tries to peek behind the wall while Prithvi stood with Sherlin, but Karan couldn’t clearly see the face. Karan wonders if it’s Prithvi’s girlfriend. Rishab joins Preeta and asks why he didn’t eat anything.

Preeta says she couldn’t eat alone, then asks about Sherlin. Preeta says she went to make a call. Prithvi also didn’t return. Rishab asks Preeta why she didn’t mention Karan. Preeta says she doesn’t understand about Karan. She wonders what he does, and why. It seems he doesn’t want her to get engaged. Rishab says that is true.Rishab tells Preeta that Karan doesn’t want her to marry Prithvi, he is doubtful of Prithvi and wants her to remain happy. He is a soft hearted person and wants his beloved to be happy. He only plays with girlfriends, but he doesn’t take anyone seriously.

He only takes Preeta seriously, and holds a special place for her in his heart. Preeta agrees that Karan has a pure heart, thought she fights with him but he is a nice man. Rishab asks if Preeta can’t see anything good in him; both laugh together.

Karan cherishes catching Prithvi red handed. It wasn’t Sherlin but some other girl whom Prithvi hugs. He compliments her eyes, her innocent face and her cute smile. He recalls he was crazy after her smile. The girl complements Prithvi’s beard and says he seems like a movie hero. She asks
for Prithvi’s mobile number, and takes his cell phone to save hers in it. Karan thinks Prithvi seems to be happy meeting the girl, she is giving him attention. The girl hugs Prithvi as he bids her a farewell. Karan thinks he got a key to some secret lock.
Kareena stops Sarla and taunts that Sarla knows well how to makes good profit without investment. She must have gone to her son in law for invitation, but she deliberately came to Luthra’s house.

She knew well that her son and sister in law will be emotional for Preeta. She and her daughters know well how to be friends with rich guys for their gains. She married that Pragya to a rock-star with a lot of plans. She is happy at least Rishab and Karan are booked here, but they might still attempt. Sarla asks if Kareena is done, or something is left. Whatever she thinks is wrong, Kareena is blinded by her richness.

She will return double of love and blessings to Karan and Rishab on their weddings, she only came for this in the house as well. She once blamed Preeta for theft. Kareena also lives at her brother for free, and judge other’s intentions as well. She deters Kareena not to point at her again, her daughters are her pride. She is disgusted at Kareena’s thinking even when she has a daughter of her own. Kratika had come to the door and overhears this conversation. Sarla says she respects everyone, but values her daughters the most. She won’t spare anyone who tries to hurt her daughters and warns her to think well before saying a word against her daughters.

Kratika tries to stop Sarla, then questions Kareena for thinking negative about Preeta and Shrishti. At least she must value Arora’s now. Kareena scolds Kratika and leaves.
Sherlin comes looking around for Prithvi. He calms her down. Sherlin complains that he didn’t receive his call. Prithvi says his phone was silent.

Sherlin senses he was with someone else as she could smell her perfume from his clothes. Prithvi explains he met someone from old friends who hugged him. The person is a little abnormal and wore lady’s perfume. Sherlin inquires about his tension with Karan but he was calm. He says there won’t be anything Karan can do against him in the next three days to break their engagement. Prithvi goes to join Rishab and Preeta first. Rishab finds him happy. Prithvi explains he met some old friends. Sherlin also arrives explaining a call with her client. She asks about Karan. Prithvi says Karan must be trying to calm his anger down somewhere. He suggests Rishab to get Karan into yoga.

Rishab says Karan is an athlete. He doesn’t need yoga, Prithvi might. Rishab was fuming out of rage and thinks its only for Rakhi’s promise that he is silent. Prithvi repeats his advice, Rishab politely says he must be sensible enough not to say this again. Preeta asks Rishab to call Karan once, they must leave after dinner now.

This is fate March teasers

Karan finds a way to speak to the girl. He picks a stroller from the way and brings it to the girl. She hugs Karan out of disbelief, and calls herself his biggest fan. She recalls each of his sixers. She introduces herself as Sakshi, asks for his autograph on her neck. Karan happily gives an autograph on her neck. Prithvi sat on a nearby table with Prithvi.


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